Comparing Deer Antler To Other Hormone Boosters

There is currently, although it has died down a little bit, a big wave of deer antler products coming out. I, for one, have tried a kind of this spray before and I was less than happy with the (lack of) success I had with it. I am not alone, as this seems to be the general consensus for most of these antler spray products. First off, the whole thing just seems just a little weird to me. However, I have heard of some people swearing by it. After seeing the shape that those guys are in, I could see that it could work for some, more than others. Where I start to go crazy when I hear talk of the antler spray is when people mistakenly call it a prohormone. This becomes a case of comparing apples to oranges, it just doesn’t work, they are two far different kinds of things to be comparing. That being said, if you look around to find information about the details of these items, this is where you will see the most comparisons being made by various men and women.

First off, the delivery system for any of those deer sprays, are just that, always in spray form. The method of spraying something to get it to take full effect is the way that the antler compound has to be delivered. When we discuss any kind of hormonal compounds, these are usually administered by taking a capsule, or two. Next, you will be getting a vast amount of varying results with a prohormone, but one area will be taken care of with the antler sprays. This is because the spray products are aimed to combat low testosterone. Testosterone is just one of many areas that any kind of prohormone could cover, as well as being able to offer more benefits for the user. A spray will usually contain ingredients that have been combined to raise IGF-1 levels in the human body. At the end of the day, both things can help you give you more effort to put into your exercise sessions. It is only when these things are looked at closer, that we can see the many small differences. The smaller details, when discussing prohormones versus antler spray, is where things really begin to stack up. You will be limiting the different kinds of benefits that you can have, if you choose to use spray. However, since most, if not all prohormone products have been removed, you don’t really have too many options.

One victory that those sprays can now claim is that they are still available and have not been banned. I do not know if any bad side effects have been reported with the sprays, but if there have been, it must not be enough to raise any major concerns. I have to admit, that is something that I really like to hear, a product not causing any bad things to happen to those who use it is very comforting. I know for a fact, that on some forums that I frequent, some of the people have reported using sprays as way to transition into supplements that are not being removed, as of this writing. If this means that people are getting the muscle gain that they need with a spray, that is great by me. Even though what I got out of the spraying products didn’t quite live up to my expectations, I am glad that others have found success with them.

Always Check the Supplements You Are Getting

This is not going to be made to be some crazy scare tactic, this is made to inform you. With all of the bans that you have heard of by now, a select few have been trying to capitalize on those still upset that some of their favorite compounds were removed from being able to be sold. I have been seeing all kinds of crazy things about companies trying to skirt this ban by putting false labels or promises on the stickers of their products. This not only leads to growing confusion among consumers, but also creates a bad reputation for the entire supplementation industry. After that, many people just wanting to get better results become so confused that they feel like the person in the picture below.

didntgettherightsteroids93Even going to my local supplement shop, you would think that there was nothing done to get the more dangerous stuff out of there. This is not due to any wrongdoing on the part of the shop owner, it is certain companies that are trying to trick people into getting something that is not what it says it is. To help not become a victim of this kind of trickery, read up on anything before you go to get it, this is especially true with anything you take before, during, or after a workout. When discussing workout products, there is no real regulation (although that is starting to change) in place right now, which kind of gives the shadier companies free reign to say whatever they want to, within reason. It is amazing just how sneaky some of those products can be, regarding the promises that they make or what this product will do for you. I recommend seeing a number of different reviews before you even think about getting your hands on the latest and greatest weightlifting nutritional product.

There are many different places that are still reviewing prohormones, even though they are not readily available anymore. Some of these will be reviews of products that they have had before the ban ever occurred. Although, sometimes you won’t be able to actually have a way of getting the product, seeing how it was rated is still interesting to read about. One site has been reviewing different steroids and, I have to say, they do a great job of it. There was stuff that I had never even heard about before checking out their site, I was amazed. There is another side to this ongoing struggle and that would be the alternative supplements. Did you know that there is actually something out there that is widely available that is a legal version of steroids?

That sounded so odd to me that I had to read more of their review and check out the company, just to make sure that I had the information processed correctly. I didn’t want to do something wrong and end up like this guy. Sure enough, somehow these products can be called what they are and they don’t get into any trouble. I have been fighting with myself, over the past couple of days, as to whether I wanted to actually grab a bottle. I am just not sure enough yet and will have to wait until I hear some more information about the supplements themselves. Still, you can check it out above, if you want to head over there. Apparently, the products do work well, but I still have to take it all with a grain of salt, until I can try it myself to see how it works on me. Anyways, I hope that this will help you, as we all need some guidance with everything that is going on right now and more things are coming under fire for containing things that they shouldn’t.

Super Mandro: Silly Name for A Great Alternative

Before I jump on the hype bandwagon, being that this is a popular alternative to prohormones, Super Mandro actually has some research behind it. There were a series of test performed in an actual university study that determined that this one will actually bulk you up, without making you fat. It was also shown that people who used this product, were able to really raise their old personal records. With all of that in mind, I got to give this bad boy a shot and was impressed. The name of this supplement is not something that I like that much, at first. However, I guess that I have grown used to it and actually think that it is kind of clever.


I do have to say that I love the packaging for Super Mandrol, it just hits you right in the face and looks super cool. There are some claims by the makers of this product, that you get over 300% more ingredients per serving than any other product like it, whether that is entirely true or not, they do make a strong case, due to just how effective Mandrol was. It has been a really long time since I was able to pack on more mass in just around thirty days. It honestly felt like when I first started picking up the weights. You know how great those newbie gains felt, but as you keep training, those big jumps in muscle become harder and harder to come by.

Even worse, some people assume, albeit incorrectly, that you can get big simply by eating more and training harder. That might make a great motivational poster to hang up in your room, but it doesn’t mean that it is entirely accurate. By following the previously mentioned diet and workout plan, you are only going to watch your pants fit tighter with that new gut that you develop. This is why dry gains hold such an importance over any kind of other ways to add more muscle onto your body. To simplify the somewhat odd phrase, gains that are dry mean that that is actual muscle that you are gaining, and not fat.

1-AD and Bergamottin are the two main players in why Super Mandrol is so effective at allowing you to build muscle at a much faster rate. Interestingly enough, Bergamottin is something that I had to read more about, as I had not seen it used in anything before. These two ingredients combine to provide you with, not only a better rate of absorption, but you will notice water retention not being a factor. If you have tried something before that made you appear chubby or you felt like you were bloated out, you might have been only adding on water weight. As weird as it sounds to someone inexperienced with what side effects come with bulking, this is one of them.

While not seen as something that would hinder the average user, people who are going to be onstage could be devastated by retaining more water than normal, it will actually work to hide the muscle over the extra water that is in the body. By not having to worry about the bad things that can occur when trying to gain weight, Super Mandrol is a big help in that process. You won’t be packing on a spare tire or feeling like the human equivalent of a waterbed, like other kinds of gainers would make you feel. If you don’t mind setting a somewhat strict schedule (this one should be taken three times a day), you will probably love the time that you spend with Super Mandrol bringing you what you want, mass gains all day!

Great Information for Anyone Wondering Where to Start

Here is some awesome info that covers some basic information about prohormones. This is something that is great for anyone who might be new to them and wants some basic information. There is so much confusion between prohormones and steroids, this infographic aims to clear up the misconceptions between the two. There is some great info concerning the Steroid Control Act of 1990, something that brought an end to steroids being able to be used by just anyone.

One big thing that sets these supplements apart from the others, was that they were always seen as a safer choice. Luckily, you will only have your own hormones amplified, nothing will add actual hormones to your body, that is a whole other thing. Although this is great as a basic read, if you are looking to get the Alpha Drol 1000 or the Msten Extreme Mass Builder, sadly, they are no longer available. While the Steroid Act of 1990 effectively put an end to most people being able to obtain any kind of steroidal items, all was not over. This was not the last time that we would see another act like this one end up being passed. In 2004, another act was created and was aimed more for prohormones, this time around.

While this Act was able to remove a large percentage of the supplements they wanted gone, this has only lead to companies becoming more and more creative. This Act even caused new kinds of prohormones to be made, in order to slide under the radar. This infographic even talks about the whole baseball home run race. As you probably remember, if you were old enough when it happened, Mark McGwire was one of the first baseball players to get busted for using performance enhancers. I want to give you all a chance to look through this awesome infographic, as there is a ton of useful information here. I want to give full credit to Black Diamond Supplements, who made this awesome thing. This is required reading for those of you who want to learn more about what you are taking. Here is the awesome infographic below, loaded with information, be sure to give it a look!


What You Get is Always What You Put In

This is not just a nifty title but also something that I learned in many important ways throughout my life. This is common core philosophy and something that I always remember when it is time for me to accomplish something. I wanted to share something with all of you about this lesson has never proved to me more true than when a friend told me about his recent New Year’s Resolution gone awry! My pal is quite a lucky guy, he has a great family and an awesome job. Even though my buddy has been blessed in many different ways, he wasn’t always the brightest bulb, if you catch my drift. So, my buddy decides that he wants to cheat the game that him and his wife came up with. They had a challenge to see who could reach their goal weight the fastest. Things were beginning to get pretty serious (they are both very competitive) so I knew that, as their friend, the games were really about to begin. Well, the man in that relationship was actually my co-worker, so I knew that I was going to know more about what he would do to win this challenge.

As it turns out, the madontskipliftsn had done quite a bit. With his awesome paychecks that I grew to be so jealous of, he went out at lunchtime and stocked up on nearly every good supplement that he could find. I mean he had a giant bag filled to the brim with anything you could imagine. After being in disbelief that some store would actually sell one person that much, I asked him what the goal of all of this madness actually was. His plan was to take all of the stuff to avoid going to the gym to actually put in any work. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this. I legitimately wondered how this person was able to get up and go to their job in the morning.

I had to tell him the error of his ways before he seriously put himself in jeopardy. We made a trip after we left work to go and return what we could. I made a plan for him and his wife with ingredients that they each preferred in order to better help them. To the wives credit, she was much more agreeable about the thought of having a meal plan than the husband was. I congratulated them, as the time of final results approached, and as they weighed in, seeing the happiness on their faces was a great reward for my time spent working with them.

I had to sit down with them and speak with them about the lesson that I had grown up with as a child. It has always been a universal truth that has stood the test of time for me. If you plan on reaching your goals, you are going to have to put in the work to get there. You might not always have the finish line in full view but as you keep working, you will see there. Once you cross that finish line (accomplishing your goal), you will feel one of the best feelings in the world, victory! Keep your head up and plow through whatever is stopping you from having that goal right at this very moment.

Should You Try an Estrogen Blocker?

For people that are starting, or have used prohormones in the past, they might have some experience with using estrogen blockers. These kinds of products are seen as something that can be very useful when combining them with a run of your prohormone supplement. Why is blocking estrogen such a big deal for your body? I will do my best to give you the information as to why this has grown in popularity. One reason that you want to make sure that your estrogen levels are in check, is because this is a hormone that is primarily found in women.

When men use these prohormones, there is a chance that you might end up producing higher levels of estrogen. If you are working out, the last that you will want will be more estrogen. You see, this hormone, something that is found in women, will wreak havoc on the progress that you have made during your cycle. If this happens, there are going to be some signs that you will want to look out for.

The first sign will be in how your body looks. You will notice that where there used to be harder muscles, this tissue will start to end up getting softer and will look more like fat than anything else. You will want to do everything that you can possibly can, in order to help your body avoid triggers to produce more estrogen. An easy way to stop any problems that would require using an estrogen blocker will be stopped, if you do your best to keep your diet in check. Making sure that you are getting enough servings of vegetables and avoiding alcohol are two great ways to keep the body from storing an excess of estrogen.

I might also recommend, if you don’t want to get a specific estrogen blocker, that you look into getting a grape seed supplement. These are a bit easier on the wallet and can be found in most of the big stores. Another tip is that you can also find enough of this ingredient in certain supplements that you take before a workout. Just be sure to avoid picking this up, if you are already getting enough in your intake with other supplements.

I would definitely suggest that you look into getting one of these before taking any kinds of prohormones, if possible. The reason that I say this, is if you notice the signs of higher estrogen production, it might be too late to stop it right away. This happens because the anti-estrogen product will need a couple of weeks to be in your system before it is able to work to its full effect. If you notice that you might be behaving a bit differently, this is often a telltale sign that you might be suffering from an estrogen imbalance.

There are different ways that you can raise your testosterone, and when you do this, there will always be an increased risk of your body reacting badly. In the mind of your body, it increases the production of estrogen. This increased production is used to combat the major increase in testosterone. So, really, the body is only trying to help you by adding estrogen into your body, but we know that this actually ends up hurting your results. The body can sometimes be a funny thing!

Why Green Tea is A Great Muscle Builder

I have been an avid tea drinker for quite some time. In the past, I was unaware of all of the awesome benefits that this super drink can really provide someone who lifts weights. I had seen a couple of supplement companies that I follow releasing some green tea products a while back, and I wasn’t sure how to process this. I mean, I love green tea as much as anybody but I wasn’t sure what the connection was between bodybuilding and drinking green tea.

To me, it seemed like it would be equal to someone selling water and talking about all of the ways that it can help you in the gym. Beyond hydration, my mind was drawing a blank. It was only until recently that I began to look into this issue. Since so many of the products that revolve around our lifestyle were removed in 2014, we must all try to find replacements. I wanted to know more about just how green tea was able to be so good for all of you gym rats out there.

green teaandprohormoens

One huge perk that comes with drinking green tea is that it really does help your immune system. If there is one thing that you do not want to happen when using the more expensive pro-hormones out there, is that you get sick. This can completely derail a good streak of working out. I have had it happen to me before and, honestly, it was devastating. Mentally, you want to say that you can get up and get in a big lifting session but your sick and tired body just will not let you!

While green tea can help you avoid getting sick, it also has benefits that can stretch into the long-term. Drinking this product can also help you greatly reduce your cholesterol levels. Lowering these levels is a big part of keeping you healthy. Considering that most people looking to get buff are going to be putting away all kinds of protein (depending on how clean they decide to do it) will all definitely benefit from having those cholesterol levels drop away.

By drinking green tea regularly, you will also end up having stronger bones, studies show. When putting your body until all of that physical stress, it is good to know that green tea could be in your corner. For anyone who has ever suffered a broken bone, you know that it is not a fun experience. I remember when mine happened years and years after it had. I was walking outside of my house during a snowy day and I fell suddenly. Next, I heard a snap and thought that something might have been broken. After getting it looked at, it was revealed that, when I had fallen, I ended up breaking my wrist.

If you think that dealing with working out and still being sick is bad, you should think about how bad it would be when dealing with a broken wrist. I was forbidden from going to the gym for many months and that was another time that I lost a lot of progress. Sure, green tea is not going to pack on muscle to your frame overnight but it is one of the best preventative measures out there. Even better, it is so much safer and well-known than a lot of the other stuff that would offer you the same benefits. So, head to whenever you can get it from and grab some green tea. Not only does it tastes great, but for all of you extreme weightlifters out there, it just might save you from an injury or two and keep you feeling healthy!

Avoid Taking the Supplement Called Mass Destruction

It is that time of year, the time where most of us are doing some cleaning around the house. For the people like me out there, you are probably going to be looking at your supplements and cleaning them out as well. I was actually going through mine and had reached the last couple of bottles when I saw something called Mass Destruction. It had long since expired but I had a complete bottle completely sealed left right there for me. Maybe I wasn’t thinking about it, but I decided to look and see what I could find out about this product. It was when doing that, that I read about some horrible reports concerning what this supplement has done and why it isn’t around anymore.

This horribly named product was made as a prohormone product designed to give the user more strength. UI am glad that I let this one sit back on the shelf, for whatever reason, after hearing about what it did to somebody. There was a man who took it who is around the same age as I am, when all of the sudden. things had started going badly. Within weeks, he had to be in the hospital and he actually had to have a liver transplant. Let me reiterate that point, this was only caused by taking this prohormone type product for a couple of weeks. That seems so crazy to me that such damage could occur so quickly. I am very thankful that I did not start taking this product when I first got it. Now, liver damage is something that can be commonly associated with prohormones and the usage of them over time. I have never seen something where that much damage occurs in three weeks.

I, of course, threw this product away after reading about all of this. Any slight temptation I had to use this stuff was immediately swept away after reading all of the bad press around it. It is so good to know that there is currently a new sort of department being made specifically for looking into dietary supplements. I cannot apply this decision and will be an avid supporter of it, as long as it continues to prevent things like this from occurring and such a widespread fashion. It turns out, that everything that had happened with Mass Destruction was not just an isolated incident. The more that I read up on the supplement and the results that came with people using this before, I was shocked. There were actually more people who had reported some minor discomfort, but still is that something that we want to have happen and be considered normal? I think with this new department in place, there will indeed be a new normal life for us.

So, just to reiterate my point, if you find that you might have this product called Mass Destruction lying around, please get rid of it, at all costs. You do not want to take the risks and end up in the hospital for a couple of weeks. If you were thinking about trying to find the supplement somewhere and stumbled onto this post, please look for another thing to try. There are way too many risks associate with this supplement, and, therefore, I cannot recommend this one to anybody.

Product Information and the Differences Made

If you have been hearing about prohormones for a while, you will have heard of Super DMZ. This supplement is one that is thought of as one of the more stronger supplements out there, and with good reason. However, as great as this product was, it was not without its own issues and problems that came up over time. It was starting to be reported, by users and through tests, that Super DMZ was causing issues with ones body. Namely, liver damage was something that was tested and reported, which brought this supplement nothing but bad press.

super dmz

Super DMZ, as we would know it in its original form, was shortly banned from shelves. I was for sure that would probably be the last I would ever hear about Super DMZ. However, that was all about to change with the release of Super DMZ 2.0. This supplement was set to be different from the original formula. At first, things were going pretty well for this new supplement as it was actually quite a bit different from the first run of this product. This new version was aptly named because it contains two different kind of steroids in one supplement. I am sure that this would give people some crazy good results in the gym, but it can also carry twice the risk and soon this is exactly what would happen. But first, everyone really seemed to love how well this new version worked when compared to the old one.

new version

However, when it began to look good for this supplement, history had repeated itself. Shockwaves ran through the supplement community when reports came out of this newer alternative causing liver damage. The crazy thing to be is that now, as of writing this, there is actually a version 4 of this supplement. I guess that people will continue to use it over time, so I can’t really blame anyone there but it is shocking. I mean, to think that this supplement has been through that many revisions over time is just astounding to me. Nevertheless, as time goes on, we will see more and more supplement companies ready to change what they are doing at the drop of a hat. When new information comes to light regarding just what these products can do to people, it can really change a strategy of what someone will do the next time they see that company label in their local store. This is not just something that Super DMZ is doing right now, you can really start to see it happening everyone, especially with regards to anything having to do with sports nutrition.

After the first version, I have not really had much more experience with the new versions of this product. At least, I never got to try them because they seemed to be pulled off of the shelves after a certain amount of time. I have heard some really good things about the newest version 4.0 of this stuff, so I might have to try and get it. It seems like things are really turning around with this company, so that is always good to hear. With all that is going on, it could be off the shelves by the time I go to order it, but we will see!

Which Prohormones Are Acceptable to Stack Together?

wolverine stackIf you are using any of the legal prohormone alternatives out there, you will see, from time to time, that there are stacks available. With most supplements out there, there are many acceptable stacks that you can combine to get all sorts of awesome results. One concern that I get from checking our recent reader comments would be the question of stacking. Now, these people know that as we look at the supplements out there, especially regarding these products, that there is a lot of questioning going on. I think that that questioning is good and I am glad that you all are wanting a second opinion on this concern. I am here to do that as I will be talking about which prohormones are good to stack together.

First off, yes, prohormones are absolutely safe to stack together, as long you are using the right ones. Moderation is a big key to success for using supplements like these. Now, this does not mean to create your own stacks. Be sure to only follow whatever is being officially sold as a stack. Do not turn into some kind of chemist or supplement specialist, if you are not actually one. With this in mind, I will now be showing you the best of these supplements to stack together for maximum results.

A popular choice that I have seen would be the beast stack, something you can find by searching online. This beast stack does contain three different legal prohormone alternative supplements. By choosing this, you don’t have to worry about getting anything that could risk you getting into trouble. The first supplement in this stack is called. simply, Beast. Beast is a supplement that is created to help you pack on muscle and lose some body fat. One quick thing that I wanted to note about this stack is that these supplements ARE NOT made to be all taken at the same. There is a very strict schedule that you must abide by, and as always, be sure to make sure that you are in good enough to take these supplements before you considering purchasing them.

Moving on, Beast is something that you will the first four weeks. After that, the second supplement in this beast stack is introduced, it is called Wolverine. This supplement sorts of boosts what the first one in this stack does. It will continue to make your stronger and get bigger. Now, a post cycle product will come into play next. This is a benefit because some of these stacks do not even contain any kind of post cycle product, which becomes an additional time and money burden. By now, you will have a high (or potentially high) level of estrogen forming and you will want to bring this back down.

Restore will help to do this by reducing your estrogen while also acting as a testosterone booster. So with using the final product in this stack, you are actually providing your body with two benefits at the same time. This is one stack that I have actually gotten the chance to try and I had some great results with it. I will keep continuing to talk about what alternative stacks stood the test of time here and try them out. Let me know by heading to our social pages which stack you would like to be up for a review.