Always Check the Supplements You Are Getting

This is not going to be made to be some crazy scare tactic, this is made to inform you. With all of the bans that you have heard of by now, a select few have been trying to capitalize on those still upset that some of their favorite compounds were removed from being able to be sold. I have been seeing all kinds of crazy things about companies trying to skirt this ban by putting false labels or promises on the stickers of their products. This not only leads to growing confusion among consumers, but also creates a bad reputation for the entire supplementation industry. After that, many people just wanting to get better results become so confused that they feel like the person in the picture below.

didntgettherightsteroids93Even going to my local supplement shop, you would think that there was nothing done to get the more dangerous stuff out of there. This is not due to any wrongdoing on the part of the shop owner, it is certain companies that are trying to trick people into getting something that is not what it says it is. To help not become a victim of this kind of trickery, read up on anything before you go to get it, this is especially true with anything you take before, during, or after a workout. When discussing workout products, there is no real regulation (although that is starting to change) in place right now, which kind of gives the shadier companies free reign to say whatever they want to, within reason. It is amazing just how sneaky some of those products can be, regarding the promises that they make or what this product will do for you. I recommend seeing a number of different reviews before you even think about getting your hands on the latest and greatest weightlifting nutritional product.

There are many different places that are still reviewing prohormones, even though they are not readily available anymore. Some of these will be reviews of products that they have had before the ban ever occurred. Although, sometimes you won’t be able to actually have a way of getting the product, seeing how it was rated is still interesting to read about. One site has been reviewing different steroids and, I have to say, they do a great job of it. There was stuff that I had never even heard about before checking out their site, I was amazed. There is another side to this ongoing struggle and that would be the alternative supplements. Did you know that there is actually something out there that is widely available that is a legal version of steroids?

That sounded so odd to me that I had to read more of their review and check out the company, just to make sure that I had the information processed correctly. I didn’t want to do something wrong and end up like this guy. Sure enough, somehow these products can be called what they are and they don’t get into any trouble. I have been fighting with myself, over the past couple of days, as to whether I wanted to actually grab a bottle. I am just not sure enough yet and will have to wait until I hear some more information about the supplements themselves. Still, you can check it out above, if you want to head over there. Apparently, the products do work well, but I still have to take it all with a grain of salt, until I can try it myself to see how it works on me. Anyways, I hope that this will help you, as we all need some guidance with everything that is going on right now and more things are coming under fire for containing things that they shouldn’t.

Can Being All-Natural Bring You Muscle Gain?

Pat yourself on the back, if you are an all-natural bodybuilder. Cutting out the need to use any steroids or prohormones will keep you healthier. Also, you won’t spend any time worrying about feeling bad, since those harmful compounds won’t be in your system. Hearing many different messages, all speaking of how you can’t get big naturally started to get to me. It seems like there is so much negativity and the need to put others down for asking questions, that I had to take a stand. Don’t become cynical and believe that taking the natural approach means that you will never get big, that is not true. There are actually designated classes of bodybuilding competitions that are meant for those who are all-natural. After going to a few of these shows, these men and women certainly have no problem in looking like marble statues, without changing the way that their bodies behave.

Why are so many condemning a life lived without taking destructive substances? I can’t, for the life of me, see why we should all rally around and make fun of anyone, let alone those who carry the same goals that we do. It is almost as if we are going back to an older time in our lives, bullying those who don’t make the same choices as we do. Hopefully, you do decide to take a natural way of building your body. Not only is ditching prohormones a better choice to make but it will also be less expensive, in the long run.

Some have even developed quite a knack for picking out who is on juice and who isn’t. According to some of these geniuses, there are tell-tale indicators that a person is taking steroids, all having to do with physical signs of wear and tear. Needing recovery from the grating effects of prolonged prohormone use, the body of someone who maintains a natural approach to bodybuilding will not wear out so quickly. Organs can be easily damaged and overworked by supplements that are supposed to being helping you, it is just a hidden danger that isn’t widely spoken of.

In the natural vs not debate, almost every supplement you could talk about is a topic. If you make use of the normal products to aid in workout success that are widely available (not steroids), I would consider that to be a natural plan. The fact remains that if a bodybuilder in New York City can look like a pro by only eating vegetables, most everyone else could do the very same thing. What you choose to have up your sleeve, in order to achieve your personal goals is fine, as long as it won’t do you any harm.

Dark Carnival is A Vicious Alternative to Use

Known as a manufacturer that notching out their spot in a company to turn to, if you want to change your physique, Vicious Labs is back at it again. Dark Carnival has been one of their supplements that is gaining much traction, so I figured that I would give all of you lovely readers a heads up about this selection. First, Dark Carnival is made to be an epiandrosterone supplement, something that works well for many different changes to your body makeup. Dark Carnival contains 300 milligrams of its mixture, per serving. I have seen the bigger bottles that contain 90 servings, this would be the one that I would be getting. The dosages can vary, depending on what you want to achieve. Regardless, you will still want to follow the recommended amounts of this supplement to ingest, in order to not take too much or too little. Epiandrosterone has often gotten a bad reputation but different findings have shown that what this ingredient does, isn’t always as bad as what we have read about.

Known as a natural steroid that is already created in our own bodies, this ingredient does have the power to help your body start to become more anabolic. I would say that you should stack any Epiandrosterone supplement with one that will help to offset the high risk of side effects. Yes, this particular supplement could be a little risky, in this game, most supplements that are potent enough to cause big changes to the way you workout are going to carry along some undesirable issues. The actual hardness of your muscles will be affected, when using an Epiandrosterone supplement. In the past, I didn’t notice as much growth as I did feel that my muscles were much more dense that previously noticed. It is a strange feeling, one that is hard to put into words, having increased density of your muscles is great and a joy that you will not want to go away.

What Dark Carnival will do is to convert over to a natural hormone that males already have circulating through them. By mimicking an already occurring process, it makes using Dark Carnival a safer pick, over the harsher alternatives that are available. This supplement is created in England and, as far as I know, is not allowed to be used in the states. However, you would need to check if any ingredients have made their way onto the not allowed list of ingredients to be sure. The details of how this supplement looks are awesome, I can’t get enough of the cool circus theme that this company has taken with their product line. You can see different labels, all with the theme of a circus epiandrothat has gotten turned onto its own head. It is similar to the Psycho Circus thing that the band KISS had going a while back, I always saw that theme as such a cool one. If you are cool with the byproduct of the good and bad reports out there about using an epiandro, feel free to check out more about Vicious Labs, located out of England. I can’t vouch for if these products are allowed to be used everywhere but in countries where these supplements are allowed, I can’t say much against this manufacturer. Don’t get in over your head, always follow whatever the label says, and you shouldn’t run into too many hurdles that you need to resolve. Anything that involves an epiandrosterone will always draw ire from individuals but don’t get bent out of shape, there are others who have found an epiandro product to give them the muscle composition that they need.

Side Effects of Extended E-Stane: Higher Cholesterol

As they often go hand in hand, prohormone use and side effects are commonly associated with each other. There are many different physical symptoms that I have covered in the past, let’s turn the tables and talk about what can be going on internally. If you look at an average weightlifters diet, there is a ton of sources of high cholesterol from many of the protein-heavy foods that you are going to be having. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to grab a product that can manage your cholesterol levels. Your body doesn’t like rapid fluctuations to how it is usually maintained. When you throw a prohormone into your system, you can gain weight at a quick pace. This rapid boost in tipping the scales caused prohormones to really start selling out. The next month, after you finished using your prohormone that weight you gained started to fall away, just as quick as it came.

Let me use a personal incident that went on in my life, over the course of two months, as an example. About seven years ago, I ran an exceptionally brutal stack that brought me everything I wanted, at first. I went from 210lbs to 233.5lbs in a very short time frame. I was expecting to keep all of this extra weight and had actually already bought some new clothes to celebrate, one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I hadn’t thought much of how my figure was currently looking, I knew I had weighed in about three weeks ago and it wasn’t until someone pointed out my rapid weight loss that I got worried. After I could get home, I rushed to my weight scale, to find that my biggest fear had come true. As fate would have it, I was weighing in at 218lbs, nearly a drop in fifteen pounds. My stomach wanted to hit the floor, it was like the last few months that I had worked so hard, were all for nothing. It was, at that very moment, that I vowed never to trust another prohormone again. Luckily for me, it wasn’t too long after that that word began to get out about the hidden dangers of these supplements.

Needless to say, within a short time, prohormones were swept under the rug and have stayed there ever since. Whenm-stane weight takes a roller coaster approach and begins to rise and fall, it wreaks havoc on your cholesterol. Laying waste to the progress that you have made, this was just one of many reasons people cried foul at what the long-term risks of these specific supplements were. I felt devastated that I had put so much time into trying to skirt around doing hard work on my own. I suppose that, looking back on it, I should have known that such quick weight gain was too good to be true. Before you start any serious plan and are looking for weightlifting products, always have your cholesterol levels checked by a professional. You do not want to begin taking what could possibly raise your blood pressure, if you already have high pressure numbers already. From personal experience, I had no clue that I had high blood pressure and cholesterol until I had it checked by a machine. I was really fortunate to not have experimented with what could have raised my numbers even higher.

Information about Methylstenbolone: My Personal Take

I wanted to go over another type of prohormone, in order to better educate my valued readers. Methylstenbolone was, at first, disguised as a safer way to use prohormones. What made this kind of prohormone different from the other formations was that it knocked out any kind of estrogen builders. Not touching the receptor responsible for increased production of estrogen, anything with methylstenbolone in it was seen as a smarter choice. One big negative about using this type of supplement was that it was very tough on your organs. Namely known for its destruction of the liver, it was almost mandatory that you take another product with this, in order to lessen the bad side effects.

There were just way too many bad effects, associated with this prohormone, that had to have a safety measure put in place for it. Those of us who didn’t like maintaining longer cycles found a friend with methylstenbolone, however there would be negative repercussions from such a short cycle life. Only lasting about a month, the cycles that were ran of this supplement were shorter in length, only because the potency of this prohormone made it unsafe to use for a longer period of time. Before it was removed worldwide, I would run about five milligrams of methylstenbolone, at around two to three servings per day.

There is room for changing your required amount of methylstenbolone, I would just always take it at a lower dosage. I do not recommend that anyone try to do this for themselves, remember that I was taking this before all of the information about how dangerous this stuff was had been made public. Now that I know all of the hidden dangers, I wouldn’t touch a supplement like this one with a ten-foot stick! I would advise anyone taking methylstenbolone to watch out for any signs that you are experiencing side effects. The most common one is going to be changes in the way that you feel, with most of those changes being mental ones. You could feel like your mood is swinging, in many different directions.

Physical symptoms will vary but there is one that you should take immediate care of. Namely, pain in your sides, of which can occur at any time. If you are feeling this pain, grab up water and drink up! I would usually take an old milk carton (washed out, of course) and fill it up with ice cold water, keeping it in the fridge. I would go through a full two-gallon size container of water in about two days. I know that if you don’t like water, there are ways that you can add some flavor into this drink. If you decide to add a sweetener or one of those flavor packet things, will be up to you and how you feel about additional chemicals in your drink.

I, myself, love using the flavor packets, as it is the only way I will ingest water, most of the time. I have always had a tough time with drinking all of the water, in one day, that is recommended to drink. As with any prohormones, the usual side effect suspects can occur with methylstenbolone, even though it was originally thought to be so much safer than anything else. Even though molecules were moved around to change the formation of this supplement from a known danger to a questionable safer choice, methylstenbolone is not very well-known today.

My Personal Workout to Raise Your Endurance

Do you have an event that is around the corner that you are needing to prepare for? Lifting weights is great for looks but if you are needing some functional endurance, I’ve got just the program to try. Being strong is all well and good but not everyone requires solely strength. I don’t want it to seem like I am leaving out all of endurance athletes out there, with that in mind, I present to you all my own personal endurance workout. Of course, this is just a template that you can feel free to play around with and make your own. I always encourage you to change a workout to meet your specific needs, just don’t make too many changes, otherwise you might not get the desired results that you are wanting to obtain. For starters, you can’t have a really good endurance workout without some running. I know that, as you are starting this workout, you are doing it because you need more endurance. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to sprint for a long time. Take this workout as something that you will enjoy natural progression with over time. There is no shame in only being able to sprint for under thirty seconds. It is with the continual improvements that you keep making that will make you faster. For beginners, just start out running in place for one minute, this won’t be a full speed run, so take it easy. As a side note, always be sure to keep a good amount of water with you while you finish this workout. Being hydrated is a big key in completing an endurance workout, if you aren’t keeping enough fluids in your body, you will tire out at a much faster rate.


For the second part of this test of endurance, we have got to be doing burpees. Although it isn’t everybody’s favorite exercise (I personally hate them) but who said anything worth having would be easy? You are going to want to keep up with rest periods, as well. Even though the main aim of this workout is to keep you from gassing out, you have to the approaches one step at a time. Also, don’t expect instant increases in your endurance right away. I recommend that you finish up the workout with your standard push-ups and some light jogging. The main goal of this entire workout program is to begin at full speed and with each remaining exercise, you slow down the rate and speed that you are pushing yourself. Finally, walk it off, you have done enough if you have finished the workout methods entailed here. Even though the exercises that you have been seeing might not look like they are super impressive, the key isn’t wearing yourself out on the first go. If this set of exercises was a massive challenge the first time you did it, you would likely not be back to try them again the second time. After the first week or two, you should notice that you are able to have more breath in your body because of the way that you are training.

You always want to push yourself a bit harder, just not so hard that you can’t finish all of the exercises. Aim for a 30 second sprint, 5-10 sets of burpees, 3 minutes of jogging, and a nice ten-minute walk. As I previously mentioned, you are more than welcome to tailor this entire exercise routine to better suit your needs.

Is Non-Methylated Any Less Risky?

After the ban on most of the prohormones that were so regularly used, we found out that many of the capsules we were using were methylated. I didn’t even know what that meant for a while, until I began hearing others talk about them. When methylation occurs in the body, it is a big word for a very simple process. Having a methylated supplement, means that it will change over to methanol, once in your system. To the untrained, that last sentence doesn’t really raise a lot of eyebrows, one cause of how prohormone companies could get away with selling these supplements, for a short time. What methylation did, when used in a prohormone, was damaging to the body and it wreaked havoc on the liver. The methylation process was a big factor in many hospitalizations, requiring that an unlucky few having to get a whole new liver.  There is even a train of thought that suggest anything that cause methylation to be re-considered as a steroid, something far stronger than your average prohormone. No one ever said that the world of prohormones wouldn’t be a confusing one sometimes.

As time went on, non-methylated prohormones were still being sold, although they were better at misleading the public, than anything else. The more informed among us knew that even though they might have prohormones on the label, we were getting kind of tricked. There were some cases where some prohormones were being really crafty with how they worded what their products contained and what those ingredients could do for you. What was happening was some manufacturers were throwing different ingredients and packing them into a capsule, hoping to swindle a few people. Currently, there are a handful of supplements out there that, I think, are able to be closer to an actual prohormone. However, the few that can really get you nice and built up are few and far between right now.

Don’t believe every little thing that you hear, as far as I am concerned the non-methylated prohormones that might be lurking around are ones that you really need to fact check. Take close looks at the label and mull over all of the details and ingredients, it will only take a couple of minutes. Best of all, you will be saving yourself the hassle of any potential health problems. I hate taking home a supplement that I get from the store, only to find out weeks late that it has done nothing to help me, in my quest to grow! I feel furious, but know that I will only have myself to thank for the bad buying decision.

You should pat yourself on the back for avoid taking anything that is methylated, I feel that is a fast road to causing your body some serious pain. Nearly all workout supplements on the market are non-methylated, as this basically became a commandment. You need not worry that you are going to have any methylation occur in your body. If you are taking anything at the moment that has the word methylated on the label, I would suggest that you get rid of it. I hope that this helped to lessen the confusion between non-methylated and methylated prohormones. Choosing a supplement of the non-methylated variety will always be the smarter choice, just make sure that you getting the ingredients that you need.

The Half-Truths of Myths from Your Gym Buddies

Just as urban legends spread around the world, working out isn’t a topic that is safe from those same crazy half-truths, or total lies. I wanted to help you sift through all of the useless information that isn’t true. One of the first myths that I hear is how you should do squats before a workout, to help increase testosterone. Now, the science behind this tale is quite gross, so I will spare you the details. I have to say that this first myth wasn’t what I thought to be true for a long time. As it turns out, there is some truth to squatting before a workout and how it can help you add some strength to the rest of said workout. Where the falseness of this myth creeps in, is when you hear someone tell you that it will change your life forever or something exaggerated like that. You will indeed notice that you will be able to lift a little harder but it won’t be anything so drastic that it has a huge effect on your total workout, sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, if you are working out many times a week, squatting before every single workout day is going to mess you up aaaasflkjwhen you actually have squats to do on leg day! The second myth that I usually hear about is how you need to do (insert name of workout here) or you aren’t going to have much, in the way of results. First off, there are many different exercises that you can do and most of them will be beneficial to you. Don’t ever let someone get in your head about exactly how to train, unless you know that they know what they are talking about. Just because your buddy Jeff heard that you should only do ten sets of bench pressing to get a big chest, don’t listen to him. Read up on what exercises are going to be the best for what your training goals are and work from there. This next one is weird but I had to mention it, just in case I wasn’t alone in seeing this in gyms. Picture this: you are lifting some weight and drinking water, or whatever sports drink you have on hand, when you see someone drinking soda during a workout. As odd as it is to think of this, I had many instances where I would see someone downing a cola in the middle of their big lifting day, why? I will probably never end up cutting my sodas out of my diet, I am too far gone, at this point. That being said, I couldn’t even imagine trying to down a sugar-filled cola drink while I was working out.

Who Drinks Soda While They Workout?

The thought of the syrup and sugar in my system while I am needing water is enough to make me feel a little sick to my stomach. Besides being really bad for your endurance, as these drinks will slow you down, rushing that much sugar into your bloodstream when you don’t need it, is never a good idea. If you drink pop that is perfectly fine, you should just wait until after a workout to enjoy an ice cold soda, your muscle will thank you in the long run. Also, don’t even think about reaching for a soda pop when you are jogging or running, it is easy for that carbonation to jostle up your stomach and you end up throwing up, not a good way to spend a day on the track.

Supplements Work With You, Not For You

You know that from reading this website, we often mention the big prohormone ban that occurred in 2014. However, if you have searched around, you will see that store still offer prohormones, how can they do that? It isn’t what you think, they aren’t quite prohormones but rather the closest thing to them, now that fewer options are available. With looking at these products, you are going to need to mix it up and some will be hit or miss. Supplements are a growing industry, that has been reported by many big news sources. The secret is out, more people are believing in the supplements they take, but how much will they believe. If you saw the supplement featured in the video down there, would you get it?

Where Do I Stand on Supplements?


I find myself on the fence, I think that some replacements are good, I think of it as getting the generic brand of groceries. I admit that I am a cheap person who will often fill my cart with the generic items that cost less, there really isn’t much of a difference that I noticed. With supplements, you have to be careful of how generic you are going. Using them daily and under not as much scrutiny, you have to play it safe. Hoping to outshine the others, you can also get more supplements at a cheaper rate, if you buy more. Be careful that you check what companies will do this, you don’t want to assume that you are getting a bulk discount, only to be fooled once you hit that checkout button.

Many will waste both their time and money getting supplements and just thinking that they can do nothing and expect a change in their structure. Sadly, this will never happen because to have to put in work to see these supplements really start to pay off. Think of it as getting prize money for winning a race but you would never see a dime of that money if you didn’t start the race, eventually getting to the finish line. Supplements help you close the gap and get to that checkered flag much sooner!

What You Should Know About Epicat Max

You won’t need to think about needing any kind of supplements when you get done using Epicat Max. That was a big relief and a weight off of my shoulders, not needing to buy another product for any safety reasons. The makeup of this supplement is completely natural, without the addition of man-made ingredients, it really does give you peace of mind. Not having to obsess over Epicat Max appearing on some list, placing in a class with a bad name is a welcome feeling that put me at ease.

If you are wanting to gain a ton of mass, you might not find that here. Being that this supplement is all-natural isn’t a bad thing but this supplement wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. When you eat, you know that you get energy from what you consume. There is an old saying that talks about you getting out, what you put in. The previous saying can hold true for supplements as well. With Epicat Max, it helps to load up the food that you eat the right way.

With so much being said about what is safe and what isn’t, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you are using Epicat Max. I have to applaud the maker of this supplement for going through the motions to get such awesome ingredients put into this product. Arimistane is in this supplement, which is a must-have if you are concerned about not having an estrogen buildup once you finishing running something as powerful as this prohormone.

This supplement retails for about fifty dollars, which I believe is a fair price for the safety, alone. In the current time that we are in, it is getting tougher to find something that can really replace prohormones. The more that I think about how well Epicat Max adds to your endurance and power, the more that I am convinced this could be the future of prohormone supplementation. With Epicat, I noticed that you get the good muscle strengthening components, without having to have all of the negatives that old prohormones would give you.

Can Taking the Wrong Compound Feel Like the Flu?

You could be feeling tired if you are taking your supplements at the wrong time of day. We all have certain times of the day where we are more productive than others, this is why some people are morning people and others are night people. If you’re taking your prohormones at a time that does not coincide with your natural rhythm, you might end up feeling a little sleepy. There are also various prohormone’s that can make anyone feel tired. That sleepy feeling is due to certain hormones that bind with others in your body. When these bindings occur, some are responsible for more strength but the effects are always a positive. M1T, to be specific, is a type of pro hormone that is most commonly associated with feelings of tiredness. Sometimes having flulike symptoms, M1T is not a great prohormone for beginners to use.

Going From Bad to Worse in a Day

I have even used it years ago and was not happy with how I felt while taking it. I was told that there were other programs that I could use while I took the M1T but that created more of a problem. I didn’t want to shell out more money to buy another expensive pro hormone and was too worried about possible additional side effects that I could experience. Feeling like I was suffering from a cold, I ended all use of the M1T supplement as soon as I could. I started to wonder if maybe I was actually sick during that time, or if others have felt the same way that I did while using this kind of prohormone. One of the remedies that I kept hearing about was to add testosterone to my supplementation regimen.

For me, the added aggression and short temper were not worthy of getting to feel better. Luckily, now I see that I’m not the only one who had such a problem with trying to use M1T. Looking back on my crazy decision, I wonder why any kind of supplement that had M1T was ever so popular. It was almost as if I was taking a supplement that was supposed to make me sick, that’s how bad I felt why using it. I don’t understand how someone could not only function by using this but also exert the amount of effort that is needed to work out constantly. Perhaps I am just one in a group of others who have probably had success with using and M1T, just not me. I felt like such garbage while I was on the supplement that when it came time to stop, I quit cold turkey.

This is something that is akin to supplement blasphemy but, at that point, I just wanted to be done with the way that I felt. Somehow, I was able to end all use of the M1T abruptly, without any side effects, I was very lucky there. In the past, people were using pro hormones for big-time gains but it wasn’t always that easy. Back then, people could easily run into using something to give them more energy and power that ended up having them bedridden feeling nauseous and sick. Perhaps that should’ve been a warning sign or an omen that these things were not safe for human consumption, looking back now I find that I have learned another important lesson in life.