New Rule: 1 Hour of Exercise for Every 8 Seated

I remember when I had a day job that had me sitting down for well over eight hours a day. At first, it sounds great, there are you are sitting, while others have to stand all day at their jobs. If you were imagining a life on easy street, where you drive home feeling rested and relaxed, you are in for a surprise. Within the first three months at this job, I had already gained about 15 pounds. The extra weight I was carrying on me wasn’t because I had taken on a new weightlifting plan, it was because I was getting fat. My wife had actually showed me some pictures from that time and I couldn’t believe I was looking at a picture of me. I hadn’t noticed it, but eventually, the fat started to creep in. I hadn’t changed what I was eating, which were sack lunches made with meals I prepared.

The usual lighter sets that I had been doing were not enough to stop me from being chubby. My stomach now pooched out farther than it used to and my clothes started fitting me awkwardly. I had assumed that the stress of a new job may have had me overeating but the portions had stayed the same. To make it worse, I started being more aware of my co-workers, most of whom were not in the greatest shape. Eventually, I got out of that place because it just wasn’t the right match for me. Wouldn’t you know it, within a month of leaving that job, I started to get my old figure back! Why you should change the viewpoint that you have about having to do that one hour of exercise is that it removes all the lazy stuff you do throughout the day. If you find yourself heading home, after a long of work, to sit in front of the tv, a simple hour of training will wash away all of that free time.

Our bodies are made to be active and to move, when we change what our body wants, it can develop some serious medical issues. If you still aren’t convinced, try exercising, at a time you prefer, for just a week. If you challenge yourself to follow through this week, without making any exceptions, you will have had a whole week of not worrying that your sedentary life is going to catch up to you. It appears as if those commercials about the stand-up desk were really onto something. I will absolutely be spending more of my day up and at them, instead of sitting and waiting for a blood clot, yikes! To everyone out there who has a day job that leaves them sitting idly by while the hours pass, put that pent up energy to good use and set aside just sixty minutes out of your day.

All of those stories you hear about sitting down all of the time being bad for you have a portion of truth to them! Sitting does feel great and has to happen through the workday, just don’t let it be the way that you spend the majority of your day. To help drive the point home, I had gotten a call from a former co-worker at that same job I talked about earlier. He had to go to the hospital, one weekend, because the doctor had even told him sitting down as much as he did, which was about eight hours a day, would start affecting his health.

Supplements Work With You, Not For You

You know that from reading this website, we often mention the big prohormone ban that occurred in 2014. However, if you have searched around, you will see that store still offer prohormones, how can they do that? It isn’t what you think, they aren’t quite prohormones but rather the closest thing to them, now that fewer options are available. With looking at these products, you are going to need to mix it up and some will be hit or miss. Supplements are a growing industry, that has been reported by many big news sources. The secret is out, more people are believing in the supplements they take, but how much will they believe. If you saw the supplement featured in the video down there, would you get it?

Where Do I Stand on Supplements?


I find myself on the fence, I think that some replacements are good, I think of it as getting the generic brand of groceries. I admit that I am a cheap person who will often fill my cart with the generic items that cost less, there really isn’t much of a difference that I noticed. With supplements, you have to be careful of how generic you are going. Using them daily and under not as much scrutiny, you have to play it safe. Hoping to outshine the others, you can also get more supplements at a cheaper rate, if you buy more. Be careful that you check what companies will do this, you don’t want to assume that you are getting a bulk discount, only to be fooled once you hit that checkout button.

Many will waste both their time and money getting supplements and just thinking that they can do nothing and expect a change in their structure. Sadly, this will never happen because to have to put in work to see these supplements really start to pay off. Think of it as getting prize money for winning a race but you would never see a dime of that money if you didn’t start the race, eventually getting to the finish line. Supplements help you close the gap and get to that checkered flag much sooner!

My Dianabol Review with Actual Results and Progress

Dianabol or D-Bal?

It’s understandable to feel confused between these two products. Dianabol is a steroid while D-bal is a steroid alternative. That being said, you’re only allowed to use d-bal as using dianabol can get you in a lot of trouble.

Dianabol is a popular steroid used by many people within the world of bodybuilding. One reason that dianabol reviews are so often seen is because this supplement is relatively easy to take. You’ll only need to take capsules. However, d-bal, the steroid alternative is much safer. In addition, this supplement is also in capsule form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using any needles which is a major plus.

If you want to have the best d-bal results, it’s best to combine taking this supplement with a workout program. On the other hand, dianabol results can be achieved by continuing to eat as well as lifting a lot of weight. That being said, you don’t want to overdo it and wind up injuring yourself.

Considering that, it’s best to begin working out with d-bal after a few days of using this supplement. This allows you to see if you enjoy using this product. After a few days, you can begin a weight training program. If you don’t currently lift weights it’s best to start slow, even while taking dianabol.

Overexerting yourself is going to lead to a lot of soreness that could have otherwise been avoided. Also, it’s wise to consider working out with a friend. In many cases, having someone to go to the gym with helps to ensure that you continue your weightlifting program.

D-Bal is a Great Supplement

If you want to avoid any risks, it’s best to avoid dianabol. Instead, choose to gain strength and endurance with an awesome supplement known as d-bal. This product will help ensure that you’re able to transform your physique into something that is much stronger than ever before.

The Fall and Rise of Musclepharm

You might have noticed that my title looks backwards but it is not. I found myself sucked into the hype of the recent Jones and Corimer fight that was recently broadcasted. I marveled at two amazing warriors giving it all they had, until my ADD set in. It was during the end of round, that stage where coaches tell their fighters how to prepare for what lies ahead, that I noticed something odd. I’ll probably show how much I’ve missed out on in the world of MMA but I noticed that there was no longer a Musclepharm symbol inside of the octagon.

After the amazing fight, I decided to find out what had happened to Musclepharm. I knew that the company was obviously still around because I’ve seen their supplements nearly everywhere. I mentioned that the title had the words fall and rise which sounds backwards until you know the story of the company. I don’t want to write a full length book here so I will make the beginning fairly short and sweet. Musclepharm was once one of the largest supplement companies in existence. I’m not going to delve into specifics of what happened but let’s just say a few bad decisions were made.

I’m not here to attack Musclepharm, quite the contrary. In my opinion, a few people made mistakes that anyone could make while being in charge of a company. Not everyone in the world has the business expertise that allows them to do everything perfectly. I am one of the people pulling for this company to take over the supplement world once again.

The Rewards of Never Giving Up

From what I’ve read, the company really seems to be heading a great new direction. They’ve cut ties with some of the athletic partnerships, in an effort to reduce spending which I support. Musclepharm is a company that can rely on their awesome supplements to increase their revenue, not another cheesy athlete deal. Musclepharm is aware of what originally took their company to such huge heights, the quality of their products. I remember some my best workouts were completed after downing a huge cup of blue raspberry Assault. I also love their protein powder, especially the chocolate flavor.

I’ve used Musclepharm supplements in the past and regularly follow the company. On one Halloween, I actually dressed up in Musclepharm gear and tweeted out a photo to the CEO. I was really worried, about a year ago, that Musclepharm may not be able to recover from a rough year. Just like the motivational phrases I love to read, this company took the bad with the good and rebuilt themselves. You can learn a lot about how to never give up from Musclepharm. This company could have easily retreated and admitted defeat. However, they all keep their heads up, made a few much needed changes, and came to back to fight and win.

A supplement company doesn’t need to sign athletes and be featured on giant billboards. If you make great supplements, people will know about it. You don’t need to look far to see how people feel about Musclepharm. Check out all of the top rated reviews that their supplements have on just about any workout website. I, for one, am really excited to see what the future holds for this supplement company. You can be sure that I will continue to have great workouts with the help of Musclepharm Assault.

Top Three Fat Burners for Women in 2017

Women need to use supplement just as men do. It’s important that women find the right supplement for their goals. In this post, we will be looking at the best fat burners for women. Of course, women are different from men in that they have different nutrition requirements than men. It can be dangerous to use certain men’s supplements if you are a woman. A few supplement companies have gotten wise to create supplements that are both safe for men and women. If, as a woman, you are unaware if a supplement is safe for you, go to the company. You can contact the company either through their website or possibly a phone number on their website.

Three Picks for Best Fat Burners for Women

1. Fit Miss Burn

The Fit Miss company is actually a child company of Musclepharm. If you didn’t know, Musclepharm is one of the largest supplement companies in existence. Burn is made to help a woman burn fat through six unique pathways. You’ll notice that Burn boosts your metabolism and energy levels. An important part of any good fat burner is if it will control your appetite. The best fat burners for women must control appetite. It is nearly impossible to lose weight without a supplement controlling your appetite.

2. Hydroxycut Elite
This supplement is made for both men and women. I think the wide appeal of Hydroxycut has helped it to become very popular. One ingredient in this supplement is green coffee extract. Including green coffee in your diet increases your metabolism. Having a faster metabolism helps to improve the efforts of weight loss. Another important ingredient in Hydroxycut is caffeine which has been proven to help increase fat loss.

3. Shred Her
If you haven’t heard of Jaime Eason, she’s kind of a huge deal in the bodybuilding world. One of the most famous female bodybuilder, it didn’t take long for Eason to have her own line of supplements. Shred Her is a supplement made to help improve fat loss and reduce your appetite. Some people who are shying away from Hydroxycut may prefer Shred Her. An arguable ingredient is raspberry ketones which are in this supplement. This supplement is safe to take on ndays that a women works out on off days as well. It’s great to have a supplement help you through those days when you are not in the gym. I don’t know about you but I find myself way hungrier on days when I am not working out. Hungry days can ruin a diet, it’s best to take a supplement during those off days.

There you have it, three of the best fat burners for women. These supplements were chosen because they work well and aren’t overpriced. I also recommend the three previously mentioned supplements because they don’t have any bad side effects associated with them. You will want to try a few different supplement before you find that one you love the most. You will want to ensure that you follow a diet while using these supplements. You don’t have to eat well while using these supplements but it will greatly improve your results.

How Can I Increase the Strength of My Wrists?

One thing that is important when exercising is that you have strong wrists. Your wrists are responsible for how long you are able to hold a weight. However, you’ll want to ensure that you have base strength for your wrists. You might be surprised at how your forearms are the cause of how strong your grip is. Unfortunately, there is no way to build muscle in your hands.

If you think about it, the strongest and weakest people basically have the same amount of hand muscle, which is none. However, as we go up the arm, the next thing we reach are the forearms. Having strong forearms isn’t just practical it looks really cool. You don’t want to over train your forearms where you look like Popeye but you get the idea. One exercise that I absolutely love for strengthening wrists is the wrist curl.

It is a simple exercise that doesn’t require much equipment and you don’t have to overload a barbell to do it effectively. To start a wrist curl, you’ll need to position your wrists over a surface like a weight bench. Next, grab a weight that is comfortable enough to move your wrist without it hurting. The key to this exercise is that it build strength deep within your forearms. In turn, this forearm strength leads to more grip strength. One easier way to improve your grip strength is with a grip trainer. There are a wide variety of trainers out there. I was actually looking them up on Amazon and was amazed at the different levels. Apparently, the reviews are no joke and you need to start with a level that you are good with. If you buy a grip trainer that is too advanced, it is likely that you won’t even be able to make it budge.

However, if you prefer to use weights and don’t want to buy extra equipment, I’d recommend the wrist curls. I started doing wrist curls when I was about 22. I promise within a couple of months, you could tell a noticeable difference. I start receiving kind words about my new forearms and I’ve loved the exercise ever since. You can also use a piece of weight and a thick rope to roll the weight.

This is an exercise that is tough to complete many repetitions of. This rolling of weights is mostly done once or twice, as it can take a while to complete one full rep. To begin this exercise you will have a weight on the floor that is tied to a rope. Next, you will begin to hold a piece of wood or something similar and start doing a revving motion. In turn, the repeated effort exerted will begin to move the weight up. The exercise ends once you have brought the weight up as high as it will go. Of course, if you feel any pain and can’t complete the exercise it is perfectly okay to set the weight down.

There you have it, multiple methods to improve the way you grip. You might find that you want to employ a mixture of techniques into your training which is fine. The main thing to remember is that wrist development takes time. Rushing into training your wrists could potentially injure your forearms. Remember, there are many small bones in our hands and feet. When training your wrists, you want to be mindful of those sensitive smaller bones in the hand.

Gaining More Weight While Spending Less

You will often see me talking all about supplements. It is true that there are many supplements out there that can really help your weightlifting results. However, we are going to be talking about food today. One benefit of bulking up with more food than supplements is that it will likely be the cheaper route. I’m all about saving money whenever I can. I do my own grocery shopping and have learned to watch out for certain cheap bulking foods. In this upcoming list, you will learn more about these three foods and one beverage that can pack on weight fast.

What I wanted to focus on with these picks were three main criteria:
Low Price
Decent Nutritional Content
Effective for Gaining Weight

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look closer at my favorite picks for bulking up cheaply.

faksjfTuna: In my opinion, tuna is one of the best foods that a weightlifter can consume. Tuna is low in fat, high in protein, and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. If you are looking for straight up protein, it doesn’t get much better (or cheaper) than tuna. In most cases, you can find a can of tuna for anywhere from 60 cents to a dollar per can. Each can of tuna, on average, contains upwards of 40 grams of protein. Another reason I love tuna is because of the many ways you can prepare it. My favorite way is to simply add about a tablespoon of tuna. I also eat it straight out of the can sometimes because I’m nasty like that.

Ground Beef: This meat is loaded with protein, relatively low in calories, and contains healthy amounts of iron. In most cases, you can find ground beef for a couple dollars per pound. Also, you can sometimes buy larger packs of ground beef and get somewhat of a better deal. Check your local ads to find out when a meat sale is happening and then stock up! The last ground beef I got was for $2.39 a pound which is pretty good where I live. Ground beef, like tuna, is incredibly versatile which means you can make a lot of meals from ground beef. I personally love making hamburgers and meatballs when I am bulking up.

Peanut Butter: I love peanut butter when I am bulking up. I usually am that person buying the large containers of peanut butter. If you think who buys that much peanut butter? I do. Anyways, peanut butter is high in both fat and protein. Unlike tuna and ground beef, you could end up gaining more fat if you eat too much peanut butter. However, if you are determined to gain weight and don’t care if you gain a little fat, peanut butter is the way to go. In two tablespoons of peanut butter, you will get about eight grams of protein and 16 grams of fat. I love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while on a bulk, they are fast, easy to make, and taste great.

Milk: There isn’t a better drink to consume if you want to gain weight than milk. It is true that milk isn’t going to be as cheap as other beverages. However, its high protein and fat content make it great for bulking up. There is even a GOMAD method which stands for a gallon of milk a day. This method has been seen as a way to gain weight fast. I don’t think I could drink an entire gallon of milk every single day so I can’t attest to how well this works. However, it should be fairly easy to drink or one or two glasses a day into your diet. One cup of milk, on average, has 100 calories and 8 grams of protein. Sometimes, your grocery store may have the milk that is nearing its expiration date on sale. It might sound a little weird but I’ve gotten gallons of milk for 50 cents before from doing this. If you can drink a gallon of milk within a day or three, always go for the sales.

Muscle Milk to Debut Plant Based Protein

If you have ever shopped for a ready to drink protein supplement, you’ve likely seen Muscle Milk containers around that aisle. However, it looks like even one of the biggest protein companies out there is changing their way. Okay, well maybe not changing their way. However, Muscle Milk is working to change their line of products by adding a new source of protein that many vegans are quite excited about.

This new line of protein from Muscle Milk will be known as the Evolve line. It looks this move to cater to those needing a different source of protein will be a good move. If we looked at the climate of protein products about ten years ago, Muscle Milk had a huge hold on the market. However, there have been plenty of new companies trying to take up valuable shelf space in a world that Muscle Milk once dominated with little competition to get in their way.

Muscle Milk is a company that always offer their customer many different options for flavors. Those who are awaiting the new Evolve line will be quite happy to know that there are three flavors of the Evolve product line which will be: vanilla, chocolate, and almond. I am wondering how the almond drink will taste, when compared to such classics as chocolate and vanilla.

I have always loved the Muscle Milk line of protein drinks. My personal favorites either the mocha or banana flavors, as they have always gotten me through some tough workouts. I was amazed to recently see just how well Muscle Milk has done to create their own niche of specialized protein products. I really enjoy using the coffee house line of protein drinks. If you haven’t checked out what Muscle Milk is doing to mix coffee flavors with protein power, I highly suggest that you check it out when you get some time.

Another wonderful addition to the Muscle Milk line has been their berry smoothies. Not everyone knows that protein doesn’t always have to come from those thick chocolate and vanilla protein shakes. Sometimes, you can get fruit and vegetables to bring you the protein and fiber you are in need of.

Evolve is another product that is continuing the need of companies to provide more options to a wider audience of customers. There was once a period of time where only the most dedicated gym rats would go to get supplements. You know, those bodybuilding types that looked like they never left a gym. However, today’s changing market now means that vitamin stores are becoming just as common as a main street bakery in some cities. People are ditching the fast food and looking instead for a healthy smoothie.

What is your favorite flavor of Muscle Milk? I’m sure that most of you readers have tried a drink from this company, in one form or another. You can always leave your answer in a comment below or you can hard over to our social media pages to leave a comment there. I can’t wait to try Evolve and although it hasn’t been released in my neck of the woods, I will be eagerly awaiting when it arrives. Furthermore, I think that large percentage of vegans in the world will be looking forward to getting to try a healthier version of protein, sourced completed from peas.

Scivation Unleashes New Quake Pre-Workout

Scivation Quake is a preworkout supplement that has just been released. If you follow supplements, you probably know quite a bit about Scivation already. However, for those unaware of this brand, let me tell you a little bit more about this company. The supplement that they are likely most known for would be Xtend, an intra-workout product. It looks like Scivation will be taking a leap into the preworkout category with Quake 10.0. This supplement comes in two delicious flavors watermelon bubblegum and lemon drop. There is also a caffeine free version of the lemon drop flavor that is available. The caffeine free pre-workout is made for those who can not have caffeine in their diet. One awesome thing that jumps out at me regarding this supplement is that it includes Xtend within it.

A lot of supplement companies can add a BCAA to their supplement. However, getting to have one of the best intra-quake overviewworkout products included within your product is a sign that you are on to something good with Quake 10.0. You can take either one to two scoops of Quake, although I recommend that you start at only one scoop to asses your tolerance. I was able try the watermelon bubblegum flavor of this product. I had almost picked up the lemon drop flavor but it was only available in the caffeine free product which doesn’t appeal to me.

Anyways, after mixing up the watermelon bubblegum powder, I was ready to give this supplement a taste. I have to say that this stuff tastes great, perfectly sweetened. Watermelon bubblegum isn’t a flavor that you hear of very often, so I was worried that this drink was going to end tasting really funky. Happily, the drink was delicious down to the last drop. After about 15 minutes, I felt the caffeine start to kick in. There is about 100 mg of caffeine in Quake 10.0 per serving, just a heads up. If you don’t know how Xtend is formulated, it has leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which all are ingredients that help promote muscle growth. I have been able to lift weights multiple days in a row with the help of Xtend, I could not be happier to finally see it within a preworkout. Where many preworkouts give you a quick burst of energy and nothing else, you won’t be having that experience with Quake 10.0.

As a matter of fact, I felt so good after taking this preworkout, I was getting excited at thinking about my next lifting session. I had an especially grueling chest and back training day ahead of me so I knew that I was going to need something to keep me going strong. I am so glad that I brought along Quake 10.0, wow! When I was reaching the final sets of bench pressing, I barely felt that fatigued at all. Naturally, your muscles will start to feel tired towards the end of any workout. However, while using Quake 10.0, I really never felt that worn down. It was almost as if I had unlocked some kind of new endurance within me, as weird as that sounds. I can’t wait until my store gets the caffeinated version of lemon drop in stock so that I can try it too! Quake 10.0 works so well I might even have to try out the non-caffeinated version, also!

Kings Guard is an Awesome PCT

From the makers of some heavy duty supplements, Olympus Labs, we have a product that is made for support. This kind of support won’t be that it will build more muscle or give you additional energy, this is much more important. We’re talking all about liver support, a issue that is too often ignored by members of the weightlifting community. To put it simply, if you want to achieve the most muscle gains possible, you have to keep your internal system working well. Considering the lives that we lead, often using supplements, keeping your liver clean is a smart way to live. The ingredients in Kings Guard are absolutely stellar. Let’s get into just what makes Kings Guard stand at attention.

The first ingredient that you’ll see on this supplement is milk thistle. Like it’s hunger-inducing cousin blessed thistle, this variant is great to help protect your organs from wear and tear. With the added stress that comes with a regular weightlifting regimen, you’ll need something to help with blood pressure. In addition to lifting weights, you are likely eating a diet that is high in protein, further adding to blood pressure concerns. After spending a few months suffering with a bad diet, I decided to try Kings Guard. One slight drawback is that you’ll need to use six capsules as a suggested serving. However, there is still 30 days worth of product within the container, so I can’t really complain. As someone who has used his fair share of supplements over the years, swallowing a large number of capsules doesn’t freak me out anymore. Garlic bulb is another ingredient featured in this supplement. I like being able to get my requirement of garlic in a capsule form, as I normally can’t stand eating the stuff. Best of all, you won’t have any nasty garlic burps that can be especially off-putting to everyone around you.

Another burden that can derail your weightlifting is getting sick. We don’t like to get sick but it is usually something that we can’t control. Taking multivitamins work well for strengthening your immune system but sometimes that won’t cut it. MaitakeGold is in Kings Guard (at 15mg) and is a great way to add more strength to any immune system. I was never sick in the entire duration that I took this supplement, which was about two months. Some may find it not to be that cool but I really liked the way that each capsule looked. Not just to better distinguish it from the others but I felt that the neat design on each capsule looked awesome. The bottle itself that hold the Kings Guard also has that alpha male look to it that will draw attention from your gym buddies. Overall, I couldn’t have been more impressed with Kings Guard. Sure, it doesn’t boost your strength or give you enough energy to bounce off the walls but that isn’t what this supplement is about. Rather than worry about gains, get yourself a good PCT like Kings Guard and protect your liver. If you are currently feeling like you need to do something to take your weightlifting to the next level, it could very well be that your post cycle nutrition is suffering. Our bodies undergo some amazing wear and tear, isn’t it time to help better protect yourself against any damage?

One Week Meal Plan for Adding Pounds

I have seen many different simple solutions to those that are skinny that I find to not be good enough. To make things a bit more simple, I threw together a meal plan that I made myself follow, during an especially tough time in my life. Unfortunately, I can give out too much in the way of specifics but I was involved in a really bad car accident about two years ago. Of course, I was relived and felt very fortunate to come out of this situation in one piece. I remember a crowd of people coming out of their shops to check on me, stunned that I was able to walk out of the car.

I was left with only bruised ribs, a little soreness, and a limp for about two weeks but it was nothing that I couldn’t bounce back from. The one aspect of surviving a wreck like the one I was in was that I was going to be missing out on weightlifting for the foreseeable future. Worst of all, this was where I was at, what I could consider to be, the height of my bodybuilding days. My girlfriend, at the time, reassured me that rest was most important and to set the weightlifting thoughts aside for a couple of weeks.


2 Hard Boiled Eggs- Easy to eat, great source of healthy fats and protein.

1 Glass of Milk – Again, an easy source of extra protein and calories.

1 Cup – Mixed Nuts – Great for an on the go option and great for transporting.

Snack 1:

1 Ham and Cheese Sandwich


1 Grilled Chicken Portion

1 Baked Potato (Load it up with cheese and butter, we’re trying to gain weight!)

Snack 2:

1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


1 Source of Meat (Chicken, Steak, Ground Beef) – whatever is possible for your budget

1 Baked Potato

1 Vegetable of your choice

There you have it, a meal plan that has variety without making you go out on a ledge, with your food choices. Sticking to staple and comfort foods that you likely grew up with also help to make you feel less stressed out. This meal plan would keep you well at (or possibly, over) 3,000 calories, unless you are really tall, this should be more than enough to help you out.


Alpha Brain Now in RTD Form

I am an avid listener of the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, let me start with that. If you don’t know this national treasure, he is a former professional wrestler. During the boom of the late 90’s, when you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone in a wrestling tee, this was when Stone Cold took over the world. As a matter of fact, if any of you were one of the many people who found themselves glued to their television every Monday, you know exactly who I am talking about. Since his retirement from in-ring competition, Steve Austin has taken to the airwaves with one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever heard. Take that glowing praise from someone who usually can’t stand to listening to people talk on the radio, usually I am all about my music. With tales of his old matches, current commentary, and anything else you can think of, the Stone Cold podcast has it all. Why I mentioned Steve Austin and his podcast, was because that was where I first heard about the Onnit line of supplements. To be more particular, the Alpha Brain product was one that I really had my eye on. I sometimes have those days where it feels like I can not escape the mental fog that surrounds my brain. You’ve all been there, you can’t remember a name or another important piece of information and you feel completely stupid. Call it just my luck but I also notice that those moments of forgetfulness often happen in the most crucial times in my life.

I’ve since tried Alpha Brain and was blown away by it, now I’ve found out that they are releasing this supplement in a RTD. Also, known as a ready to drink supplement, the new Alpha Brain is something that you can drink while you are on the way to wherever you need to go. Currently, there is one flavor available in the Alpha Brain drinks, a peach flavor. If you recall from a long time ago, there a peach flavored pre-workout that the world couldn’t get enough of. I was so sad when I heard that the old peach flavored pre workout was going to be discontinued that I still have some hidden away, although it has most likely long since expired. If you are under the impression that the Alpha Brain RTD is going to be another gross mini-drink that you have to force yourself to down, I’ve got good news!

This new from of Alpha Brain is contained within mini pouches, just like the flavored water packets you see all over the store. One thing I didn’t count on was how popular that RTD was going to be, as it seems to be sold out everywhere I look. If the out of stock messages I’m seeing everywhere are any indication of the future of Alpha Brain, I would say that things are looking really good! Don’t feel the need to just stop at Alpha Brain, the Onnit company does makes plenty of other great products that can help just about anyone. We all have those moments where it feels like we are forgetting things that we should remember, why not have something have in your corner to bring that memory back to where it used to be?