Always Check the Supplements You Are Getting

This is not going to be made to be some crazy scare tactic, this is made to inform you. With all of the bans that you have heard of by now, a select few have been trying to capitalize on those still upset that some of their favorite compounds were removed from being able to be sold. I have been seeing all kinds of crazy things about companies trying to skirt this ban by putting false labels or promises on the stickers of their products. This not only leads to growing confusion among consumers, but also creates a bad reputation for the entire supplementation industry. After that, many people just wanting to get better results become so confused that they feel like the person in the picture below.

didntgettherightsteroids93Even going to my local supplement shop, you would think that there was nothing done to get the more dangerous stuff out of there. This is not due to any wrongdoing on the part of the shop owner, it is certain companies that are trying to trick people into getting something that is not what it says it is. To help not become a victim of this kind of trickery, read up on anything before you go to get it, this is especially true with anything you take before, during, or after a workout. When discussing workout products, there is no real regulation (although that is starting to change) in place right now, which kind of gives the shadier companies free reign to say whatever they want to, within reason. It is amazing just how sneaky some of those products can be, regarding the promises that they make or what this product will do for you. I recommend seeing a number of different reviews before you even think about getting your hands on the latest and greatest weightlifting nutritional product.

There are many different places that are still reviewing prohormones, even though they are not readily available anymore. Some of these will be reviews of products that they have had before the ban ever occurred. Although, sometimes you won’t be able to actually have a way of getting the product, seeing how it was rated is still interesting to read about. One site has been reviewing different steroids and, I have to say, they do a great job of it. There was stuff that I had never even heard about before checking out their site, I was amazed. There is another side to this ongoing struggle and that would be the alternative supplements. Did you know that there is actually something out there that is widely available that is a legal version of steroids?

That sounded so odd to me that I had to read more of their review and check out the company, just to make sure that I had the information processed correctly. I didn’t want to do something wrong and end up like this guy. Sure enough, somehow these products can be called what they are and they don’t get into any trouble. I have been fighting with myself, over the past couple of days, as to whether I wanted to actually grab a bottle. I am just not sure enough yet and will have to wait until I hear some more information about the supplements themselves. Still, you can check it out above, if you want to head over there. Apparently, the products do work well, but I still have to take it all with a grain of salt, until I can try it myself to see how it works on me. Anyways, I hope that this will help you, as we all need some guidance with everything that is going on right now and more things are coming under fire for containing things that they shouldn’t.

Supplements Work With You, Not For You

You know that from reading this website, we often mention the big prohormone ban that occurred in 2014. However, if you have searched around, you will see that store still offer prohormones, how can they do that? It isn’t what you think, they aren’t quite prohormones but rather the closest thing to them, now that fewer options are available. With looking at these products, you are going to need to mix it up and some will be hit or miss. Supplements are a growing industry, that has been reported by many big news sources. The secret is out, more people are believing in the supplements they take, but how much will they believe. If you saw the supplement featured in the video down there, would you get it?

Where Do I Stand on Supplements?


I find myself on the fence, I think that some replacements are good, I think of it as getting the generic brand of groceries. I admit that I am a cheap person who will often fill my cart with the generic items that cost less, there really isn’t much of a difference that I noticed. With supplements, you have to be careful of how generic you are going. Using them daily and under not as much scrutiny, you have to play it safe. Hoping to outshine the others, you can also get more supplements at a cheaper rate, if you buy more. Be careful that you check what companies will do this, you don’t want to assume that you are getting a bulk discount, only to be fooled once you hit that checkout button.

Many will waste both their time and money getting supplements and just thinking that they can do nothing and expect a change in their structure. Sadly, this will never happen because to have to put in work to see these supplements really start to pay off. Think of it as getting prize money for winning a race but you would never see a dime of that money if you didn’t start the race, eventually getting to the finish line. Supplements help you close the gap and get to that checkered flag much sooner!

What You Should Know About Epicat Max

You won’t need to think about needing any kind of supplements when you get done using Epicat Max. That was a big relief and a weight off of my shoulders, not needing to buy another product for any safety reasons. The makeup of this supplement is completely natural, without the addition of man-made ingredients, it really does give you peace of mind. Not having to obsess over Epicat Max appearing on some list, placing in a class with a bad name is a welcome feeling that put me at ease.

If you are wanting to gain a ton of mass, you might not find that here. Being that this supplement is all-natural isn’t a bad thing but this supplement wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. When you eat, you know that you get energy from what you consume. There is an old saying that talks about you getting out, what you put in. The previous saying can hold true for supplements as well. With Epicat Max, it helps to load up the food that you eat the right way.

With so much being said about what is safe and what isn’t, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you are using Epicat Max. I have to applaud the maker of this supplement for going through the motions to get such awesome ingredients put into this product. Arimistane is in this supplement, which is a must-have if you are concerned about not having an estrogen buildup once you finishing running something as powerful as this prohormone.

This supplement retails for about fifty dollars, which I believe is a fair price for the safety, alone. In the current time that we are in, it is getting tougher to find something that can really replace prohormones. The more that I think about how well Epicat Max adds to your endurance and power, the more that I am convinced this could be the future of prohormone supplementation. With Epicat, I noticed that you get the good muscle strengthening components, without having to have all of the negatives that old prohormones would give you.

Can Taking the Wrong Compound Feel Like the Flu?

You could be feeling tired if you are taking your supplements at the wrong time of day. We all have certain times of the day where we are more productive than others, this is why some people are morning people and others are night people. If you’re taking your prohormones at a time that does not coincide with your natural rhythm, you might end up feeling a little sleepy. There are also various prohormone’s that can make anyone feel tired. That sleepy feeling is due to certain hormones that bind with others in your body. When these bindings occur, some are responsible for more strength but the effects are always a positive. M1T, to be specific, is a type of pro hormone that is most commonly associated with feelings of tiredness. Sometimes having flulike symptoms, M1T is not a great prohormone for beginners to use.

Going From Bad to Worse in a Day

I have even used it years ago and was not happy with how I felt while taking it. I was told that there were other programs that I could use while I took the M1T but that created more of a problem. I didn’t want to shell out more money to buy another expensive pro hormone and was too worried about possible additional side effects that I could experience. Feeling like I was suffering from a cold, I ended all use of the M1T supplement as soon as I could. I started to wonder if maybe I was actually sick during that time, or if others have felt the same way that I did while using this kind of prohormone. One of the remedies that I kept hearing about was to add testosterone to my supplementation regimen.

For me, the added aggression and short temper were not worthy of getting to feel better. Luckily, now I see that I’m not the only one who had such a problem with trying to use M1T. Looking back on my crazy decision, I wonder why any kind of supplement that had M1T was ever so popular. It was almost as if I was taking a supplement that was supposed to make me sick, that’s how bad I felt why using it. I don’t understand how someone could not only function by using this but also exert the amount of effort that is needed to work out constantly. Perhaps I am just one in a group of others who have probably had success with using and M1T, just not me. I felt like such garbage while I was on the supplement that when it came time to stop, I quit cold turkey.

This is something that is akin to supplement blasphemy but, at that point, I just wanted to be done with the way that I felt. Somehow, I was able to end all use of the M1T abruptly, without any side effects, I was very lucky there. In the past, people were using pro hormones for big-time gains but it wasn’t always that easy. Back then, people could easily run into using something to give them more energy and power that ended up having them bedridden feeling nauseous and sick. Perhaps that should’ve been a warning sign or an omen that these things were not safe for human consumption, looking back now I find that I have learned another important lesson in life.

Andro the Giant Overview and Details

Throughout my sorted history with prohormones, I used quite a few different compounds. Some of these supplements were bad and harmful, while others I still miss a lot. Andro the Giant would fall into the latter category, truly a great product for bulking up. The main ingredient that was responsible for the gains that you could have with this prohormone was 4-Androsterone, a known bulking agent. Although this compound is found naturally in humans, some manufacturers were able to make it into a different form, adding extra muscle to the body of almost anyone who took it. What seemed to propel this ingredient into the mainstream was, ironically, the same popularity that would seal its fate.

A Supplement that Was Great, In Small Amounts

andro supplement

Getting back to Andro the Giant, I remember trying this during the summer months and I got a lot of attention after using it. Of course, it is now long gone from being able to have but I will always have those memories. A reader had told me that they have seen this supplement still being available but after finding out the details behind what a prohormone really does to you, I think I’ll pass. If you had used this supplement in the past, you know that the dosing directions are to be followed very closely. Due to its high potency, there is a high volume of this 4-Androsterone. While this sound all well and good for gaining, the fat could be what you get the most of, if you are not careful. When you have such a large amount of powerful building blocks for your muscles. It is said to use three capsules of Andro the Giant daily. You will want to not take all of the capsules in one sitting, I suggest spacing them out to one every 4-6 hours. You are going to need to take food with these capsules, in order to protect your stomach lining, nothing an easy on-the-go snack can’t fix.

This was one of the superior prohormones that was available, not so long ago. I have to say that I enjoyed the gains that I got from this supplement, as they were much better than others I have tried in the past. Although it is possible to stack this supplement with other ones, I would not do it myself. In my opinion, when having more power comes down to possibly jeopardizing my well-being, I don’t want to mess with it. You could end up making some quicker progress but your body will be under additional stress, which is an easy way to end up with some not so fun side effects. One problem with some of these potent ingredients was that they would get broken down into weaker dosages before they would get to your muscles. Andro the Giant was actually formulated in a way where it stood less of a risk of being broken down but how good can that be on your liver? I wish I had looked back on that information before I tried this supplement but hindsight will get you every time. As far as side effects go, there are some major ones with taking Andro the Giant, so be on the lookout. You may also bloat while using this product, due to its powerful ability to make you retain extra water. All in all, if you had ever wanted to get gigantic, Andro the Giant was a great prohormone to take.

Remembering Mutated Muscle: A Forgotten Powerhouse

Definitely one of the grossed named products that I had tried in my past, Mutated Muscle by Anabolic Androgenic Research, does stand out. Now banned, there was a brief time where some thought that this one supplement would take over the prohormone world. If you look at the ingredient label, it is easy to see why. I remember that there sixty capsules in a bottle of this product, which had a serving size of one capsule and it was packed with all kinds of muscle builders. Many of these ingredients made to be build muscle would what be what did Mutated Muscle in, as it was one thing that popped for having banned substances.

  • Mentabolan – Animal testing, which I am mega against, had this compound ready to be put in the hands of avid bodybuilders. Seen as more of a designer prohormone, it was recommended that no more of 30 mg was used, throughout the course of a single day.
  • Cynostane – This was first created, as an alteration to a bigger steroid. This seemingly new prohormone did have lower instances of side effects, which made it super popular. However, being that it was usually jammed into a supplement with other, more dangerous ingredients, didn’t really help to make this one stick around for long.
  • Trenavar – I am pretty sure that I found what could have ended up getting this one banned. While being great for building larger muscles, there were so many bad aspects of what could happen to you by using anything with Trenavar in it, it was never really worth the risk.

This supplement even had what was known as a complex, set out to control estrogen levels. Usually, this is a benefit that is exclusive to supplements that you take AFTER something like this, cool to see it being used early on. I have always felt that the earlier you battle estrogen spikes, the better! There are much better alternatives to be used, when your primary goal is to lower estrogen levels. One positive about much of these supplements getting banned, is that we can have safer options for estrogen control. Even better, there isn’t so much out there right now that will even mess with your estrogen levels, which is great!

The Weak Need Not Apply

One thing that had always stood out about this prohormone, over some of the others, was that it was never seen as a supplement that just anyone could try. I had even heard from most who had used it to at least have used prohormones a few times before even starting to use Mutated Muscle. I remember one big plus of this product was how effectively it reduced my waiting time, for my muscles to actually feel healed up and ready to rock again. I’m not saying that I would use it again, knowing what I do now, but that was a fond memory of never really getting that sore. However, I would trade those tiresome bouts of aching and keep my health, thank you very much!

As hindsight would have it, I don’t know how I didn’t see how hard this supplement would be pushing my body. I don’t miss using prohormones like this after putting all of the pieces together and seeing how much harm I was doing to myself. All we can do is learn from out past, no matter how hard that lesson might be to take.

What A Bad Experience with Prohormones Can Do

not feeling wellIf you have an adverse reaction, you could end up feeling like you got sick. I had actually confused what a prohormone had caused, when I noticed that I was not feeling right. I had to get up about four times in one night because I could not stop vomiting. I had cold chills and swore that I felt like I had a temperature, however, a thermometer proved to me that I did not. Along with those horrible feelings, came a loss of appetite. All of these crummy things were taking place all at once, leading me to be sure that I was sick. I was beginning to go from eating nearly everything in sight to barely being able to finish some scraps on a plate. I was mad that what I had used to rule the weights was causing me to not even get out of bed! It was when I thought that I might need to get some medicine, the symptoms began to finally go away.

I had thought that no one else had experienced this before and that I was some kind of rarity. I should have known better as I hunted down different stories describing what I had just gone through. From what I had gathered, there were two main causes for why this random sickness took me down for the count. One option, that I fear to consider, is that I had been duped into getting a counterfeit supplement. The thought of someone being able to do this to another human being turns my stomach. After I recovered from being so ill, I discarded the rest of that supplement (that isn’t around anymore), so I will never know if it was fake or not, I just wanted it gone.

The second option could have been that I just had a bad reaction to what I was using. I am sure that almost all of you have taken a product that everyone else swears by, only to find you have a bad reaction to it. The more potent that a supplement is, usually means that the side effects are going to be more serious. If I had a bad experience with a fish oil supplement, I wouldn’t have had such a bad reaction but since we are talking about the power of a prohormone, I got stronger side effects. I was fortunate enough to have only had anything like this occur in my life once. I will never forget feeling as ill as I did and if I never saw that particular prohormone again, it would be too soon. No one should have to experience such a bad illness for just trying to stay strong.

That whole painful learning experience reminds me of when prohormones were first gaining their popularity. The first ways that folks were getting this kind of supplement was through, what seemed to be, capsules that had a homemade quality to them. I was not into that scene in those early stages and I am thankful for that after hearing how bad it used to be. The first capsules that were used were not properly measured out, meaning that you wouldn’t really know how much of said prohormone you were getting in each serving! It is a miracle that more people didn’t end up dropping like flies but thankfully, most of them made it out of this unscathed.

How Laxosome Max Can Safely Emulate Power

Made by EPG, Laxozome is a supplement made to increase your strength. However, there is much more to it than just some minimal boost in how strong you are. This supplement is made with laxogenin, a steroid that is made from plants. Being plant based, it is more natural than lab made ingredients, or prohormones. While still being newly found out and tested, laxogenin has managed to impress the masses, which it why it is becoming more popular in supplements. There are mixed opinions concerning how much of this ingredient should be used in a day. Laxozome not only contains this mystery plant steroid but it also contains some other ingredients that I think are worthy of being mentioned. One reason that I think that Laxozome Max deserves so much praise is because it can be used by either men or women. I am not one, but I do enjoy supplements that can be used by both genders. If you are tired of having to wait weeks, just to find out if a prohormone MIGHT work or not, you need to check out this one.

How Long Will it Take?

Most people that have taken Laxozome have said that they start seeing progress within days. I agree with the praise that I have heard, it took four days to start working on me, to be exact. After those days has passed, I was putting up big numbers in the weight room. Due to its potency, I only started took one capsule a day. After I had assessed my tolerance for this product, I went ahead and ramped it up to two pills a day, the recommend dosage. This supplement is safe to stack with other ones, just use caution. Obviously, you won’t want to take too many products along with this one, for a number of reasons. The first reason is because, the more things you are ingesting, the higher chance that you could experience an adverse reaction. The second reason is because the Laxosome Max supplement is so strong, you really shouldn’t have the need to stack it with too many different things.

This is When Things Got Crazy…

I found that my triceps were really starting to develop, while I was running this supplement. I normally would mix up my exercises for this muscle group but I liked to keep the skull crushers going strong. I would try to keep my rep range within 6-10 and do about 3 or 4 sets, whatever my body could manage, depending on the day. I found that, for whatever reason, choosing to lift later in the day helped me to do better. I don’t know if this was some kind of placebo effect but I consistently had better workouts when I would lift in the afternoon (my second time to take Laxosome Max), than if I were to hop out of bed and go straight to weightlifting. Sometimes, when you use a new supplement, you can easily get some new side effects that will be unwelcome. One of those effects is stomach cramping, or a general feeling of nausea. After taking my first capsule, I did have a slight distressed feeling but it went away in about 45 minutes. If you are stuck in a zone where you feel that, no matter what you try, you can’t get any stronger, it isn’t a great feeling. Far beyond just being physical, not gaining strength can affect the way that you think, leading to diminishing returns in the gym.

Zimmerman Denies Delta-2 Any Usage

For Ryan Zimmerman, his days will consist of doing everything that a professional baseball player does. From running bases to batting practice, it is plain to see that he has a lot on his plate. One event that he didn’t expect was to be the target of a scandalous documentary that is making some big claims about him. He denies that he has used any kind of wrongdoing is being done and that he uses nothing that violates any rules. It is sad that one video can come out and have the ability to call in to questions decades of hard work. It has to feel like you are on a racetrack, going as fast as you can and getting derailed before you get to the end of the race.

I know that this guy already has so much stress to deal with, being in the profession that he is in. For a man to have to defend himself to all of the press is a big task to undertake. Could you think of what it would feel like to wake up one day and, all of the sudden, you become a national news story. Even worse, his name being brought up in these stories is for something that no sports player wants to talk about. From the 90’s on, it was like there was a new story about a St Louis baseball player, in a home run race that took the country by storm.

Since that fateful trial that was on every sports channel, accusations will always get tossed around. Delta-2 is more of a prohormone, than anything else. Being that it is harder to detect, other athletes have thought they could have a shot at sneaking usage of this under the radar. While it might have been undetected in the early stages, developments were made in testing, in order to better track any Delta-2 in an athlete’s system. One way to trap some under the net of foul play is by the length of the cycle at which Delta is to be ran on. It is advised to run this for at least four weeks but no longer than a period of six weeks.

The Aftermath of Rumors Regarding Hormone Supplements

Due to how long it can be detected in the body, this left many worried that random testing could leave them in a world of embarrassment. I fully believe that Zimmerman did no wrongdoing and is innocent of taking anything more than what is allowed in his sport. This was not the only seemingly baseless accusation that was made throughout the course of this documentary. Mudslinging was thrown at a couple of other big names in their field and a backlash happened because of it. As of now, the name calling and lies have slowed down and are now screeching to a halt. Widely brought to the attention of many important groups, usage of Delta has now been all but wiped out across the land. As to whether or not there are few who are still trying to track this down, I have no idea. The way that things are panning out, it appears that Zimmerman can now start to go back to his normal life. Hopefully, out on a baseball field, there is a man who defended his name and can now rest easy knowing that all has been resolved.

Will Pro-Anabol Reclaim the Throne Left Out?

pro anabol pic2Combating all of the side effects that are common with prohormones usage, ALR Industries wants to put a permanent stop to that with Pro-Anabol. The tough part about being such a fan of prohormones of the past was still keeping that attitude, as all of the bad reports came pouring in. It’s hard to still want to take something when all you hear is the damage that it is causing other people. We aren’t talking about pulled muscles and sprained ankles here, what happened to some was far more serious that any of those conditions. Anyways, Pro-Anabol looks to be virtually free of any side effects, does that mean that it will still be potent enough to deliver? There are two main compounds to attribute why Pro-Anabol is a safer choice, when compared to other competitors, Macabol and Mdhr (Methyl-Dihydrorubrosterone).

If you are plunking down some hard earned money for a supplement, you don’t want to get smaller, do you? Of course not, that is why you need something to keep you anabolic, which is a muscle building state. Catabolism is what occurs when your body uses your own muscle as energy to burn. When people are not eating enough, to make up for what they are burning off, this is when catabolism rears its ugly head. Most do not know, the amount of food you must eat to get the most out of a prohormone. While I used this, I had to eat large meals that I wasn’t used to. At first, taking in so much food almost made me wanted to puke. Set a gameplan for how much you are able to eat and then take one more bite. By gradually increasing your calories little by little, you won’t have such a hard time adjusting to eating like a weightlifter often does. Another tip that helped me to adjust to this new way of eating was to space everything into smaller meals. Don’t worry about thinking that you will always be hungry, you won’t.

It might take some good old fashioned trial and error to find your sweet spot, in terms of calories per meal. Once you do find that zone, throw a small extra amount of sweet potatoes. I have seen others trying to adjust to needing to eat more by gorging themselves right away. Not only being sick, you also give yourself no real foundation, in which to build on. I liken this to trying to get all of your exercising done for the week in one day. If you wouldn’t exercise that way, why would you eat that way? As for what you will want to do in the gym while using Pro-Anabol, I would recommend hitting as many muscle groups as possible.

As for the ladies out there, I am sorry but this supplement is not made for females to use. Relax, as there are plenty of other good products out there for the females that are wanting to get quicker results from the effort that they put in. Pro-Anabol won’t be for everyone, the lazy lifters need not apply to running this, only the dedicated will have the ability to stick with the regimen needed to complete this challenge. Only the strong survive, as they say, will you be one of the chosen few that reclaims your physique with Pro-Anabol.

How Rich Piana Has Educated a Generation

To those who are not in the know, the name of this bodybuilding legend will be lost on some. Like a true unsung hero, not everyone will know his name but most will know the leaps he has helped to bring about, in the world of prohormones. If size is any indicator of knowledge, this man is a genius. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this guy, just take a look at the picture below. He is probably one of the biggest humans that I have ever seen in my life. You might call a recent video, in which he challenged competitive YouTube eater Furious Pete, to an ice cream eating contest. It is cool to know that someone that size can eat Ben and Jerry’s and still look the way that he does, a true inspiration for anybody. I wanted to address some whispers that I have been hearing about. Whether this be nothing more than jealousy, I don’t know, but people are starting to comment on how Piana is looking recently. Taking the bait, I had to look for myself and I think that this is all getting blown out of proportion. The only real thing that was noticeable was that his hair had looked like it might be starting to go. This situation could have just been a new haircut, but once the thought is planted in someone’s mind, you know how people will start to speculate. Regardless of what is or is not going on in his personal life, that is definitely none of my business. What I do know about this man is that he has been one of the smartest dudes, as far as prohormones are concerned.

I remember learning some of the first information, when trying to put together my first stack, from Piana himself. I did not personally meet him or anything but the site that he was a part of was always a great source to get practical advice. I also liked that Piana but things into terms that I understood, from a person who you know has actually tried this stuff. Better than trying to get advice on supplements from a frail little nerd who has never picked up a plate in his life! The advice that I would read about from Piana led me to passing on a supplement that had ended up giving him nothing but problems. I take my hat off to this guy, who has been bending over backwards to let everyone know his own take on the world of supplements. I hope that nothing is wrong with the man and that he goes on to keep educating people in the way that he does. I have also loved that he is someone who advises against just following a training plan, without looking any further into it. I share this same view and have advised others to test more than one plan. If you don’t try any other kinds of lifts in your life, you will never know what you get the most growth with. I think that we all would love to enjoy a small piece of success that Piana has gotten throughout his lifetime.

pic of rich pianaSomething else to remember is where he started from and where he has gotten himself to. Rich Piana was facing a lifetime of hardships and took to working out, in order to help combat the demons that plagued his everyday life. I celebrate the great life that this man has had because of all of the valuable information that he has provided us with over the years.