Aggro by Nutrabolics Wants to Heal You Faster

It is a little tough to properly classify what exactly Aggro can do for you. That being said, some of the best supplements that I’ve tried ended up having that same hard to explain quality. Sometimes, a cookie cutter solution just won’t cut it and that is where Aggro steps up to the plate. If I had to classify this supplement as anything, it would be a testosterone booster but there is so much more to it than just that. First off, let’s take a look at the ingredients, to find out if this product is a worthy contender. In Aggro, you will see many mainstays for effective muscle growth: d-aspartic acid, deer antler extract, tongkat ali, and alpha lipoic acid, just to name a few. I’ve heard mixed reactions to using deer antler, so I’m not head over heels on that pick but the other ones are solid and can make just about anyone gain more testosterone. I hope that you are ok with taking multiple capsules per serving, if anyone out there has used the Animal Pak, they will know what I am talking about.

For each serving of Aggro, you are required to take 8 capsules, which can be a bit on the steep side for those who aren’t familiar with taking them. I recommend that you have a glass of water on standby and if you aren’t used to capsules, think about taking one at a time. Sure, you could end up standing in the kitchen for a little bit longer than you had anticipated but better safe than sorry! Many supplements that are made to raise your testosterone will only have a couple of the wide array of ingredients that you get with Aggro. All of the powerhouse ingredients within this supplement could help to explain why the dosage is so high but I’m not complaining, I’d gladly take eight capsules to get all of these awesome ingredients in one serving. Since I didn’t have to mix this supplement up in a drink, I can’t speak much for the taste, you shouldn’t notice any real taste to the capsules, just pop them in and drink them down. As far as the training side of things went, I certainly noticed that I was tiring out way less easily. Honestly, I rarely felt like I was that exhausted when taking Aggro, it seemed like I could just keep on going!

Since I was previously told about how much energy I could potentially feel while using Aggro, I decided to not take a pre workout with it, as I didn’t want to end up feeling like I need to go puke! There wasn’t much happening in the way of negative events that happened while using Aggro, the only thing that I would mention is the possibility for increased patches of pimples, nothing too big. I found that when I noticed one or two pimples starting to appear, I would just scrub the affected area with a little soap and water and they would usually disappear within a couple of days. I thought that having to use eight capsules at a time would become bothersome but after the first day, it sort of just becomes something that you get used to. For all of the gains that I have been making, while lifting weights, I would gladly take sixteen capsules of something, if it came close to how I have been feeling lately.

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