Stacking Pure Lean Mass like the Spartans

I’m thrilled to be covering one of the coolest stacks, I’ve seen in years. You know that the big ban has taken away, basically all the prohormones. At first, we were all upset but understood that these supplement needed to be removed. For a while, it looked like anything that even resembled a prohormone was going to be getting the ax but things have lightened up a bit, forcing manufacturers to clean up their act. Spartan Nutrition have kept their head above water and have what is called a Spartan Mass Ultimate Cycle that is awesome.

With each supplement having a sole purpose, we have the Mass, Shield, and PCT. The supplement for mass has piperine and DHEA within it, making it a potent contender for mass gainer of the year. I would love to know the graphic artist behind making this line of packaging, they deserve a raise. With a nod to the 300 film, you can see where inspiration was garnered from but Spartan Nutrition adds a visual flair that can’t be missed. For those who have used a similar supplement, you know that while exercising, you’re going to put on rapid lean weight. Next up, is the Spartan Shield, the piece to this stack that is responsible for keeping the body cleansing itself of any leftover elements of the Mass supplement.

One cool aspect that only raises the importance of Spartan Shield is that it can reduce blood pressure, which is a danger of the diet, usually rich in red meat, most of us are currently on. Spartan Shield is comprised of an extended release capsule, not allowing to fully dissolve until it reaches the bottom of the stomach. There would be no point to a supplement that is supposed to defend internally, if it is dissolved by the time it reaches the stomach so I like that Spartan made enhanced this formulation. This stack has been the culprit of why I have never seen such huge lifts in my future, I never thought it would be possible.

Whereas other manufacturers will put out any stack, not always determined for it to be in the best interest of the customer, Spartan has your safety in mind. It is like a miracle has happened, that we can finally get the muscle now that we only thought we could in 2014, before all of the banning happened. I’m also proud to say that Spartan Nutrition is not making prohormones, especially nothing like the dreaded ones we were using a long time ago. Safety, now more than ever, is the biggest concern of supplement makers and Spartan is doing a great job of ensuring all customers are safe.

Be warned, I did feel a bit angrier than usual, with a few moments where I had to realize how I was acting and calm down. I could attribute the attitude changes to a stressful week, not one hundred percent sure it was the stack that was the cause. Doing anything that would have ready for a nap didn’t wear me down, like it would use to. I also had some amazing sleep throughout using these three supplements, upwards of nine plus hours a night. My brain seemed like it was sharper and I was suddenly able to recall names and places a little faster. If you have been wanting to dip your feet in the water of a stack, the temperature is great, dive in!

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