Are Prohormones All-Natural? I’m Not so Sure!

Although this post may seem a bit rhetorical, as the prohormones supplements have all been banned, there was one thing I wanted to touch on before the ban occurred. I have seen a lot of prohormones claiming that they are all natural or contain only natural ingredients or anything like that. I want to be sure to nip this in the bud right away, in my opinion, pro hormones are not all natural. I will defend my supplements forever but I have to draw a line somewhere. The line is that any kind of prohormone is a natural supplement,  by its very definition, this supplement is something that is created.

I’m pretty sure that something that is created somewhere by people is not something that we could consider all natural. However, it is interesting to see, or I should say was interesting to see that a lot of supplements that were prohormones were claiming to be all natural before they were all banned. It is somewhat of a trick that we fall for when we see natural or all-natural in anything, not just pro hormones. To me, this is just another case of companies trying to get away with as much as they possibly can. We have all heard details of something you claiming to be something that it just is not.

Unfortunately, the world of supplements is no exception to this rule. Would I say that this is the main reason that these supplements were banned? No, I don’t think that this is the main reason. However, it could have been a supporting factor in the final decision. As time continues, we will see  more and more different variations of the whole “it’s not a prohormone but it is” with that whole category. I just hope that in the future the companies choose how to show off their product to us and do not use misleading claims or anything on the label that is not what it claims to be.

all natural for real

Yes, I know I am a bit of a dreamer and this one but one can always hope, right? Is this something that sounds familiar to you, have you been duped in the past by some product, no matter if it is a supplement or not, misleading you in some way? If so, be sure to head over to our social pages and let us know what old trick or gimmick you have fallen for in the past, I am sure that this one is going to get pretty interesting. To close up this post, no pro hormones are not all natural. Even if some of the best of the best contains natural ingredients they definitely were not made in a way that was all natural. It is so easy and today’s crazy and chaotic world that we live in, it’s not really check it out or do any research into what a supplement label says. However, I also think that maybe we shouldn’t have to feel the need to carry out research on our supplements. I think that we should have supplements that contain honest labels and are honest upfront about what is in their product.


As time goes on, we have already began to see a trend towards companies being more transparent with the consumers. As more and more things continue to happen with the current state of prohormones, maybe we will see something that is the closest to being all-natural as possible, I will remain optimistic.

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