Avoid Taking the Supplement Called Mass Destruction

It is that time of year, the time where most of us are doing some cleaning around the house. For the people like me out there, you are probably going to be looking at your supplements and cleaning them out as well. I was actually going through mine and had reached the last couple of bottles when I saw something called Mass Destruction. It had long since expired but I had a complete bottle completely sealed left right there for me. Maybe I wasn’t thinking about it, but I decided to look and see what I could find out about this product. It was when doing that, that I read about some horrible reports concerning what this supplement has done and why it isn’t around anymore.

This horribly named product was made as a prohormone product designed to give the user more strength. UI am glad that I let this one sit back on the shelf, for whatever reason, after hearing about what it did to somebody. There was a man who took it who is around the same age as I am, when all of the sudden. things had started going badly. Within weeks, he had to be in the hospital and he actually had to have a liver transplant. Let me reiterate that point, this was only caused by taking this prohormone type product for a couple of weeks. That seems so crazy to me that such damage could occur so quickly. I am very thankful that I did not start taking this product when I first got it. Now, liver damage is something that can be commonly associated with prohormones and the usage of them over time. I have never seen something where that much damage occurs in three weeks.

I, of course, threw this product away after reading about all of this. Any slight temptation I had to use this stuff was immediately swept away after reading all of the bad press around it. It is so good to know that there is currently a new sort of department being made specifically for looking into dietary supplements. I cannot apply this decision and will be an avid supporter of it, as long as it continues to prevent things like this from occurring and such a widespread fashion. It turns out, that everything that had happened with Mass Destruction was not just an isolated incident. The more that I read up on the supplement and the results that came with people using this before, I was shocked. There were actually more people who had reported some minor discomfort, but still is that something that we want to have happen and be considered normal? I think with this new department in place, there will indeed be a new normal life for us.

So, just to reiterate my point, if you find that you might have this product called Mass Destruction lying around, please get rid of it, at all costs. You do not want to take the risks and end up in the hospital for a couple of weeks. If you were thinking about trying to find the supplement somewhere and stumbled onto this post, please look for another thing to try. There are way too many risks associate with this supplement, and, therefore, I cannot recommend this one to anybody.

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