Zimmerman Denies Delta-2 Any Usage

For Ryan Zimmerman, his days will consist of doing everything that a professional baseball player does. From running bases to batting practice, it is plain to see that he has a lot on his plate. One event that he didn’t expect was to be the target of a scandalous documentary that is making some big claims about him. He denies that he has used any kind of wrongdoing is being done and that he uses nothing that violates any rules. It is sad that one video can come out and have the ability to call in to questions decades of hard work. It has to feel like you are on a racetrack, going as fast as you can and getting derailed before you get to the end of the race.

I know that this guy already has so much stress to deal with, being in the profession that he is in. For a man to have to defend himself to all of the press is a big task to undertake. Could you think of what it would feel like to wake up one day and, all of the sudden, you become a national news story. Even worse, his name being brought up in these stories is for something that no sports player wants to talk about. From the 90’s on, it was like there was a new story about a St Louis baseball player, in a home run race that took the country by storm.

Since that fateful trial that was on every sports channel, accusations will always get tossed around. Delta-2 is more of a prohormone, than anything else. Being that it is harder to detect, other athletes have thought they could have a shot at sneaking usage of this under the radar. While it might have been undetected in the early stages, developments were made in testing, in order to better track any Delta-2 in an athlete’s system. One way to trap some under the net of foul play is by the length of the cycle at which Delta is to be ran on. It is advised to run this for at least four weeks but no longer than a period of six weeks.

The Aftermath of Rumors Regarding Hormone Supplements

Due to how long it can be detected in the body, this left many worried that random testing could leave them in a world of embarrassment. I fully believe that Zimmerman did no wrongdoing and is innocent of taking anything more than what is allowed in his sport. This was not the only seemingly baseless accusation that was made throughout the course of this documentary. Mudslinging was thrown at a couple of other big names in their field and a backlash happened because of it. As of now, the name calling and lies have slowed down and are now screeching to a halt. Widely brought to the attention of many important groups, usage of Delta has now been all but wiped out across the land. As to whether or not there are few who are still trying to track this down, I have no idea. The way that things are panning out, it appears that Zimmerman can now start to go back to his normal life. Hopefully, out on a baseball field, there is a man who defended his name and can now rest easy knowing that all has been resolved.

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