My Personal Workout to Raise Your Endurance

Do you have an event that is around the corner that you are needing to prepare for? Lifting weights is great for looks but if you are needing some functional endurance, I’ve got just the program to try. Being strong is all well and good but not everyone requires solely strength. I don’t want it to seem like I am leaving out all of endurance athletes out there, with that in mind, I present to you all my own personal endurance workout. Of course, this is just a template that you can feel free to play around with and make your own. I always encourage you to change a workout to meet your specific needs, just don’t make too many changes, otherwise you might not get the desired results that you are wanting to obtain. For starters, you can’t have a really good endurance workout without some running. I know that, as you are starting this workout, you are doing it because you need more endurance. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to sprint for a long time. Take this workout as something that you will enjoy natural progression with over time. There is no shame in only being able to sprint for under thirty seconds. It is with the continual improvements that you keep making that will make you faster. For beginners, just start out running in place for one minute, this won’t be a full speed run, so take it easy. As a side note, always be sure to keep a good amount of water with you while you finish this workout. Being hydrated is a big key in completing an endurance workout, if you aren’t keeping enough fluids in your body, you will tire out at a much faster rate.


For the second part of this test of endurance, we have got to be doing burpees. Although it isn’t everybody’s favorite exercise (I personally hate them) but who said anything worth having would be easy? You are going to want to keep up with rest periods, as well. Even though the main aim of this workout is to keep you from gassing out, you have to the approaches one step at a time. Also, don’t expect instant increases in your endurance right away. I recommend that you finish up the workout with your standard push-ups and some light jogging. The main goal of this entire workout program is to begin at full speed and with each remaining exercise, you slow down the rate and speed that you are pushing yourself. Finally, walk it off, you have done enough if you have finished the workout methods entailed here. Even though the exercises that you have been seeing might not look like they are super impressive, the key isn’t wearing yourself out on the first go. If this set of exercises was a massive challenge the first time you did it, you would likely not be back to try them again the second time. After the first week or two, you should notice that you are able to have more breath in your body because of the way that you are training.

You always want to push yourself a bit harder, just not so hard that you can’t finish all of the exercises. Aim for a 30 second sprint, 5-10 sets of burpees, 3 minutes of jogging, and a nice ten-minute walk. As I previously mentioned, you are more than welcome to tailor this entire exercise routine to better suit your needs.

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