Comparing Deer Antler To Other Hormone Boosters

There is currently, although it has died down a little bit, a big wave of deer antler products coming out. I, for one, have tried a kind of this spray before and I was less than happy with the (lack of) success I had with it. I am not alone, as this seems to be the general consensus for most of these antler spray products. First off, the whole thing just seems just a little weird to me. However, I have heard of some people swearing by it. After seeing the shape that those guys are in, I could see that it could work for some, more than others. Where I start to go crazy when I hear talk of the antler spray is when people mistakenly call it a prohormone. This becomes a case of comparing apples to oranges, it just doesn’t work, they are two far different kinds of things to be comparing. That being said, if you look around to find information about the details of these items, this is where you will see the most comparisons being made by various men and women.

First off, the delivery system for any of those deer sprays, are just that, always in spray form. The method of spraying something to get it to take full effect is the way that the antler compound has to be delivered. When we discuss any kind of hormonal compounds, these are usually administered by taking a capsule, or two. Next, you will be getting a vast amount of varying results with a prohormone, but one area will be taken care of with the antler sprays. This is because the spray products are aimed to combat low testosterone. Testosterone is just one of many areas that any kind of prohormone could cover, as well as being able to offer more benefits for the user. A spray will usually contain ingredients that have been combined to raise IGF-1 levels in the human body. At the end of the day, both things can help you give you more effort to put into your exercise sessions. It is only when these things are looked at closer, that we can see the many small differences. The smaller details, when discussing prohormones versus antler spray, is where things really begin to stack up. You will be limiting the different kinds of benefits that you can have, if you choose to use spray. However, since most, if not all prohormone products have been removed, you don’t really have too many options.

One victory that those sprays can now claim is that they are still available and have not been banned. I do not know if any bad side effects have been reported with the sprays, but if there have been, it must not be enough to raise any major concerns. I have to admit, that is something that I really like to hear, a product not causing any bad things to happen to those who use it is very comforting. I know for a fact, that on some forums that I frequent, some of the people have reported using sprays as way to transition into supplements that are not being removed, as of this writing. If this means that people are getting the muscle gain that they need with a spray, that is great by me. Even though what I got out of the spraying products didn’t quite live up to my expectations, I am glad that others have found success with them.

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