Gaining More Weight While Spending Less

You will often see me talking all about supplements. It is true that there are many supplements out there that can really help your weightlifting results. However, we are going to be talking about food today. One benefit of bulking up with more food than supplements is that it will likely be the cheaper route. I’m all about saving money whenever I can. I do my own grocery shopping and have learned to watch out for certain cheap bulking foods. In this upcoming list, you will learn more about these three foods and one beverage that can pack on weight fast.

What I wanted to focus on with these picks were three main criteria:
Low Price
Decent Nutritional Content
Effective for Gaining Weight

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look closer at my favorite picks for bulking up cheaply.

faksjfTuna: In my opinion, tuna is one of the best foods that a weightlifter can consume. Tuna is low in fat, high in protein, and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. If you are looking for straight up protein, it doesn’t get much better (or cheaper) than tuna. In most cases, you can find a can of tuna for anywhere from 60 cents to a dollar per can. Each can of tuna, on average, contains upwards of 40 grams of protein. Another reason I love tuna is because of the many ways you can prepare it. My favorite way is to simply add about a tablespoon of tuna. I also eat it straight out of the can sometimes because I’m nasty like that.

Ground Beef: This meat is loaded with protein, relatively low in calories, and contains healthy amounts of iron. In most cases, you can find ground beef for a couple dollars per pound. Also, you can sometimes buy larger packs of ground beef and get somewhat of a better deal. Check your local ads to find out when a meat sale is happening and then stock up! The last ground beef I got was for $2.39 a pound which is pretty good where I live. Ground beef, like tuna, is incredibly versatile which means you can make a lot of meals from ground beef. I personally love making hamburgers and meatballs when I am bulking up.

Peanut Butter: I love peanut butter when I am bulking up. I usually am that person buying the large containers of peanut butter. If you think who buys that much peanut butter? I do. Anyways, peanut butter is high in both fat and protein. Unlike tuna and ground beef, you could end up gaining more fat if you eat too much peanut butter. However, if you are determined to gain weight and don’t care if you gain a little fat, peanut butter is the way to go. In two tablespoons of peanut butter, you will get about eight grams of protein and 16 grams of fat. I love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while on a bulk, they are fast, easy to make, and taste great.

Milk: There isn’t a better drink to consume if you want to gain weight than milk. It is true that milk isn’t going to be as cheap as other beverages. However, its high protein and fat content make it great for bulking up. There is even a GOMAD method which stands for a gallon of milk a day. This method has been seen as a way to gain weight fast. I don’t think I could drink an entire gallon of milk every single day so I can’t attest to how well this works. However, it should be fairly easy to drink or one or two glasses a day into your diet. One cup of milk, on average, has 100 calories and 8 grams of protein. Sometimes, your grocery store may have the milk that is nearing its expiration date on sale. It might sound a little weird but I’ve gotten gallons of milk for 50 cents before from doing this. If you can drink a gallon of milk within a day or three, always go for the sales.

One Week Meal Plan for Adding Pounds

I have seen many different simple solutions to those that are skinny that I find to not be good enough. To make things a bit more simple, I threw together a meal plan that I made myself follow, during an especially tough time in my life. Unfortunately, I can give out too much in the way of specifics but I was involved in a really bad car accident about two years ago. Of course, I was relived and felt very fortunate to come out of this situation in one piece. I remember a crowd of people coming out of their shops to check on me, stunned that I was able to walk out of the car.

I was left with only bruised ribs, a little soreness, and a limp for about two weeks but it was nothing that I couldn’t bounce back from. The one aspect of surviving a wreck like the one I was in was that I was going to be missing out on weightlifting for the foreseeable future. Worst of all, this was where I was at, what I could consider to be, the height of my bodybuilding days. My girlfriend, at the time, reassured me that rest was most important and to set the weightlifting thoughts aside for a couple of weeks.


2 Hard Boiled Eggs- Easy to eat, great source of healthy fats and protein.

1 Glass of Milk – Again, an easy source of extra protein and calories.

1 Cup – Mixed Nuts – Great for an on the go option and great for transporting.

Snack 1:

1 Ham and Cheese Sandwich


1 Grilled Chicken Portion

1 Baked Potato (Load it up with cheese and butter, we’re trying to gain weight!)

Snack 2:

1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


1 Source of Meat (Chicken, Steak, Ground Beef) – whatever is possible for your budget

1 Baked Potato

1 Vegetable of your choice

There you have it, a meal plan that has variety without making you go out on a ledge, with your food choices. Sticking to staple and comfort foods that you likely grew up with also help to make you feel less stressed out. This meal plan would keep you well at (or possibly, over) 3,000 calories, unless you are really tall, this should be more than enough to help you out.


How to Eat with Stronger Workout Aiding Items

The old adage of eating a lot to gain weight is still one that many hold true. When some will take a prohormone for the first time, there are crucial pieces of information that they are never told. One reason that I really think aided in the downfall of prohormones, besides the dangerous mislabeling and, quite frankly, mishandling of the whole situation would be that no one knew what kind of diet to instill. As you know, when using a prohormone in the past, you really shouldn’t have been eating however you wanted. Having no form of dieting when using any supplement, especially one like a prohormone, will only work with a fraction of its full potential.

Seeing some of the prices for supplements nowadays makes me sure that I would never want to be skimping on food, it’s just a waste of your time. With that in mind, here is my own personal strategy for eating the proper way with prohormones. Have one set thought in your mind when starting to change your eating habits, treat it like training. This one simple philosophy has gotten me through meals that I never thought I could finish eating. When you are lifting, you don’t stop when you feel the first bead of sweat, you stop when the workout is over. That same principle should be at the forefront of any meal that you go to tackle, stop eating when the plate is empty.

I don’t recommend that anyone risks bodily harm but if you can’t clean your plate, keep it on the table and come back to it. Of course, you will need to read up on food safety, in order to find out how long select foods can be left out in the open. Breaking up meals, into smaller portions, spread out every few hours can also keep your metabolism in good shape. When you allow your body the time to digest an entire meal, you will still feel full, when it is time to eat again you will be ready. The diet has long been thought of as someone who barely gets to eat, feeling hungry throughout every day that the new eating rules are in place, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. A bit of re-training and your diet will become second nature over time.


The toughest part will be the first week of dieting, you will be tempted, you will want to quit, let the part of you with all of that willpower kick those thoughts to the curb. Soon, you will start to see the fruits of your labor (there’s a pun) start to finally pay off. Of course, if you are taking something to cut out fat and your goals are primarily concerned with less meals, that’s an entirely different subject. For those wanting to really make the most out of their effort, pair up big meals with excellent alternatives to prohormones and let the scale begin to tip in your favor. If we’re talking about those who have to limit every gram of saturated fat they eat, this next idea won’t be for you, others who just want to get big now need to see this.

When you are out for lunch, check your surrounding area for any buffets. You may need to do some price comparing but it is likely that you can get a lunch for less than ten dollars, where you stop eating when you can’t take it anymore. A disadvantage that people who are using replacements for prohormones and go out to eat can clean their plates and be forced to go. With going to a buffet, you have complete control over how much food you are willing to consume. If you’re really stuck and having a difficult time with eating more than what you’re used to, add one more piece of food to your plate, with each dinner. You won’t need to slam another grilled chicken on your plate but it isn’t hard at all to gradually add a couple more green beans.

Do Vasodilators Attribute to Rapid Gaining?

There is a pride match going on all over the world. Men are trying to get the appearance where they look so muscular, to the point where it looks like they will burst. If you have seen garden hoses that look like some of the veins that world class strength trainers have, it could be attributed to the use of a vasodilator. Uncommon to most, what a vasodilator will do is to help puff out blood cells. When you are in the midst of overexerting yourself, you don’t just want to grab the nearest water, chugging it down in hopes that you will feel refreshed. At best, once your thirst is quenched, you’re likely to fall into the same trap of not being able to meet the standards you set to complete. I don’t take them daily but using a vasdilator here and there has never caused me any trauma. Why I won’t always take one is because it begins to feel like I am being too showy, I always try to maintain a slight bit of modesty. If you bruise or get sore easily, think of using a vasodilator to help release the toxins in your bloodstream. While not quite lining up perfectly, hand in hand, clean muscles are ones that have been released of toxins, it helps me sleep better at night.

If I had to narrow it down, from every vasodilation supplement around, to select my favorite it would have to be Vein Supreme. Sounding like some awful pizza that even mutant turtles wouldn’t eat, this supplement works great to enhance vascularity. If you’re hunting down a practical thought about why you would have to get veins that pop out of your arms, keep looking, I have found it to be more visually pleasing. Looking back in history, there are old black and white photos of the Venice Beach type bodybuilder, with veins popping out of every visible area of skin. When the readers see the images of incredibly toned weightlifters, they want it too! I envy those who have environments where veins are showing like a map, it is being shredded, in it’s purest form.

Before setting out to try every supplement that will widen walls the way that these ones do, assess your own eating stretching pumpand drinking habits. After you have determined the general way in which you eat most foods, eliminate the ones that are higher in fat. If you assume that a vasodilator means that you have free reign to eat any food you want, think again! Foods that are full of unhealthy fats will undo what a vasdoilator does, even if you get the best one available. Most likely, capsules will be the preferred digestion method, due to the time-release formula that has to be done. One minor irritation can be when your stomach lining absorbs the extra n.o. workload, leading to rumbles and sharp pains.

More often the exception and not the rule, take a few of those chalky indigestion tablets if the inflammation is so bad that you can not normally function because of it. Other than an occasional sore tummy, vasodilators are a simple source of big time muscle inflation with low-key drama around them, unlike the alienating prohormones. I remember getting to try a dilation product before a first date, with someone that I was crazy about. The funny anecdote is that I got a dilator that didn’t jive too well with my genetic makeup and it did no repairing, whatsoever, what an embarrassing night.


Side Effects of Extended E-Stane: Higher Cholesterol

As they often go hand in hand, prohormone use and side effects are commonly associated with each other. There are many different physical symptoms that I have covered in the past, let’s turn the tables and talk about what can be going on internally. If you look at an average weightlifters diet, there is a ton of sources of high cholesterol from many of the protein-heavy foods that you are going to be having. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to grab a product that can manage your cholesterol levels. Your body doesn’t like rapid fluctuations to how it is usually maintained. When you throw a prohormone into your system, you can gain weight at a quick pace. This rapid boost in tipping the scales caused prohormones to really start selling out. The next month, after you finished using your prohormone that weight you gained started to fall away, just as quick as it came.

Let me use a personal incident that went on in my life, over the course of two months, as an example. About seven years ago, I ran an exceptionally brutal stack that brought me everything I wanted, at first. I went from 210lbs to 233.5lbs in a very short time frame. I was expecting to keep all of this extra weight and had actually already bought some new clothes to celebrate, one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I hadn’t thought much of how my figure was currently looking, I knew I had weighed in about three weeks ago and it wasn’t until someone pointed out my rapid weight loss that I got worried. After I could get home, I rushed to my weight scale, to find that my biggest fear had come true. As fate would have it, I was weighing in at 218lbs, nearly a drop in fifteen pounds. My stomach wanted to hit the floor, it was like the last few months that I had worked so hard, were all for nothing. It was, at that very moment, that I vowed never to trust another prohormone again. Luckily for me, it wasn’t too long after that that word began to get out about the hidden dangers of these supplements.

Needless to say, within a short time, prohormones were swept under the rug and have stayed there ever since. Whenm-stane weight takes a roller coaster approach and begins to rise and fall, it wreaks havoc on your cholesterol. Laying waste to the progress that you have made, this was just one of many reasons people cried foul at what the long-term risks of these specific supplements were. I felt devastated that I had put so much time into trying to skirt around doing hard work on my own. I suppose that, looking back on it, I should have known that such quick weight gain was too good to be true. Before you start any serious plan and are looking for weightlifting products, always have your cholesterol levels checked by a professional. You do not want to begin taking what could possibly raise your blood pressure, if you already have high pressure numbers already. From personal experience, I had no clue that I had high blood pressure and cholesterol until I had it checked by a machine. I was really fortunate to not have experimented with what could have raised my numbers even higher.

Can Taking the Wrong Compound Feel Like the Flu?

You could be feeling tired if you are taking your supplements at the wrong time of day. We all have certain times of the day where we are more productive than others, this is why some people are morning people and others are night people. If you’re taking your prohormones at a time that does not coincide with your natural rhythm, you might end up feeling a little sleepy. There are also various prohormone’s that can make anyone feel tired. That sleepy feeling is due to certain hormones that bind with others in your body. When these bindings occur, some are responsible for more strength but the effects are always a positive. M1T, to be specific, is a type of pro hormone that is most commonly associated with feelings of tiredness. Sometimes having flulike symptoms, M1T is not a great prohormone for beginners to use.

Going From Bad to Worse in a Day

I have even used it years ago and was not happy with how I felt while taking it. I was told that there were other programs that I could use while I took the M1T but that created more of a problem. I didn’t want to shell out more money to buy another expensive pro hormone and was too worried about possible additional side effects that I could experience. Feeling like I was suffering from a cold, I ended all use of the M1T supplement as soon as I could. I started to wonder if maybe I was actually sick during that time, or if others have felt the same way that I did while using this kind of prohormone. One of the remedies that I kept hearing about was to add testosterone to my supplementation regimen.

For me, the added aggression and short temper were not worthy of getting to feel better. Luckily, now I see that I’m not the only one who had such a problem with trying to use M1T. Looking back on my crazy decision, I wonder why any kind of supplement that had M1T was ever so popular. It was almost as if I was taking a supplement that was supposed to make me sick, that’s how bad I felt why using it. I don’t understand how someone could not only function by using this but also exert the amount of effort that is needed to work out constantly. Perhaps I am just one in a group of others who have probably had success with using and M1T, just not me. I felt like such garbage while I was on the supplement that when it came time to stop, I quit cold turkey.

This is something that is akin to supplement blasphemy but, at that point, I just wanted to be done with the way that I felt. Somehow, I was able to end all use of the M1T abruptly, without any side effects, I was very lucky there. In the past, people were using pro hormones for big-time gains but it wasn’t always that easy. Back then, people could easily run into using something to give them more energy and power that ended up having them bedridden feeling nauseous and sick. Perhaps that should’ve been a warning sign or an omen that these things were not safe for human consumption, looking back now I find that I have learned another important lesson in life.

Should You Try an Estrogen Blocker?

For people that are starting, or have used prohormones in the past, they might have some experience with using estrogen blockers. These kinds of products are seen as something that can be very useful when combining them with a run of your prohormone supplement. Why is blocking estrogen such a big deal for your body? I will do my best to give you the information as to why this has grown in popularity. One reason that you want to make sure that your estrogen levels are in check, is because this is a hormone that is primarily found in women.

When men use these prohormones, there is a chance that you might end up producing higher levels of estrogen. If you are working out, the last that you will want will be more estrogen. You see, this hormone, something that is found in women, will wreak havoc on the progress that you have made during your cycle. If this happens, there are going to be some signs that you will want to look out for.

The first sign will be in how your body looks. You will notice that where there used to be harder muscles, this tissue will start to end up getting softer and will look more like fat than anything else. You will want to do everything that you can possibly can, in order to help your body avoid triggers to produce more estrogen. An easy way to stop any problems that would require using an estrogen blocker will be stopped, if you do your best to keep your diet in check. Making sure that you are getting enough servings of vegetables and avoiding alcohol are two great ways to keep the body from storing an excess of estrogen.

I might also recommend, if you don’t want to get a specific estrogen blocker, that you look into getting a grape seed supplement. These are a bit easier on the wallet and can be found in most of the big stores. Another tip is that you can also find enough of this ingredient in certain supplements that you take before a workout. Just be sure to avoid picking this up, if you are already getting enough in your intake with other supplements.

I would definitely suggest that you look into getting one of these before taking any kinds of prohormones, if possible. The reason that I say this, is if you notice the signs of higher estrogen production, it might be too late to stop it right away. This happens because the anti-estrogen product will need a couple of weeks to be in your system before it is able to work to its full effect. If you notice that you might be behaving a bit differently, this is often a telltale sign that you might be suffering from an estrogen imbalance.

There are different ways that you can raise your testosterone, and when you do this, there will always be an increased risk of your body reacting badly. In the mind of your body, it increases the production of estrogen. This increased production is used to combat the major increase in testosterone. So, really, the body is only trying to help you by adding estrogen into your body, but we know that this actually ends up hurting your results. The body can sometimes be a funny thing!

Which Prohormones Are Acceptable to Stack Together?

wolverine stackIf you are using any of the legal prohormone alternatives out there, you will see, from time to time, that there are stacks available. With most supplements out there, there are many acceptable stacks that you can combine to get all sorts of awesome results. One concern that I get from checking our recent reader comments would be the question of stacking. Now, these people know that as we look at the supplements out there, especially regarding these products, that there is a lot of questioning going on. I think that that questioning is good and I am glad that you all are wanting a second opinion on this concern. I am here to do that as I will be talking about which prohormones are good to stack together.

First off, yes, prohormones are absolutely safe to stack together, as long you are using the right ones. Moderation is a big key to success for using supplements like these. Now, this does not mean to create your own stacks. Be sure to only follow whatever is being officially sold as a stack. Do not turn into some kind of chemist or supplement specialist, if you are not actually one. With this in mind, I will now be showing you the best of these supplements to stack together for maximum results.

A popular choice that I have seen would be the beast stack, something you can find by searching online. This beast stack does contain three different legal prohormone alternative supplements. By choosing this, you don’t have to worry about getting anything that could risk you getting into trouble. The first supplement in this stack is called. simply, Beast. Beast is a supplement that is created to help you pack on muscle and lose some body fat. One quick thing that I wanted to note about this stack is that these supplements ARE NOT made to be all taken at the same. There is a very strict schedule that you must abide by, and as always, be sure to make sure that you are in good enough to take these supplements before you considering purchasing them.

Moving on, Beast is something that you will the first four weeks. After that, the second supplement in this beast stack is introduced, it is called Wolverine. This supplement sorts of boosts what the first one in this stack does. It will continue to make your stronger and get bigger. Now, a post cycle product will come into play next. This is a benefit because some of these stacks do not even contain any kind of post cycle product, which becomes an additional time and money burden. By now, you will have a high (or potentially high) level of estrogen forming and you will want to bring this back down.

Restore will help to do this by reducing your estrogen while also acting as a testosterone booster. So with using the final product in this stack, you are actually providing your body with two benefits at the same time. This is one stack that I have actually gotten the chance to try and I had some great results with it. I will keep continuing to talk about what alternative stacks stood the test of time here and try them out. Let me know by heading to our social pages which stack you would like to be up for a review.

My First Experience with Pro Hormones

What I’ve Learned and What You Can as Well with Pro Hormones

I remember when I took my first pro hormone. I was in my early 20s, now that I still think it’s too early to be doing it, and it was through peer pressure. It was actually an older group of friends who had begin working out shortly after I started. I remember noticing that they were pretty big for just starting out when I looked like I have a lot of catching up to do. They were pretty cool about it though and actually offered me some advice on what I can do after I had complemented them to be nice.

They had mentioned that there was a supplement, one that is now banned, that they were taking that was putting on this much muscle. The buddy said he would give me a bottle of it for 20 bucks, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. I kind of kept it a secret from my girlfriend at the time because I didn’t want her to freak out. I had read about the supplement and really wanted to get increased muscle so I threw caution to the wind.

bottle collection

One of the first things that I noticed was just how fast I was packing on weight. I was gaining around a pound a day. Yes that is right in about a week I had put on 7 pounds and had really like the feeling I had during my workouts. It was after that that I began to notice that I would have some pain in my side. At first, I thought it was something that I was doing during my workouts. Maybe I have pulled a muscle. But as the days went on and I still stayed with taking the supplement, it just became more and more prevalent that the supplement was doing it to me. This is not to say it is completely the supplements fault, I was not drinking enough water which is something that I should have been doing the whole time.

However, after about two weeks into taking the supplement, I realized that it was so tough for me to drink that much water in the day. I foolishly stop taking the supplement right away without any post cycle therapy. I was just so freaked out by my sides hurting that I wanted to just get the supplement out of my body as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to take the time to wait for a post cycle therapy product to show up.

It was a regrettable first experience but something that I am proud to have gone through because I learned just how serious it is to do your part when taking supplements. Just let my story be a guide to you, if you’re going to take this stuff, be serious with it. Take the supplements for what they are and that is serious. Don’t be foolish and think that you can skimp on certain things or not do certain things that are recommended by the makers of the supplements. These rules are here for a reason, to help you if you want the big results you are going to have to work for them.

Side Effects of Prohormones: Watch Out for These Dangers

Although you can get great results from using prohormones the right way, some people are more inclined to experience side effects than others. What is bad is that this will be random from person to person, but if you watch what is happening with your body you notice anything strange simply discontinue use at once.

If you were on the fence about wondering if something is happening and happening or not to you let’s look at some side effects and see if any of these applied.  I want to make a special note here that I am in no way a certified medical professional and claim no responsibility for what you do after you read the side effects these are just what I have found to have had to happen, please consult your medical professional, in any case.

The main side effect that I have seen happen before is an increase in acne, usually around my back and my face. Now it is an anything super drastic but for someone who usually has a clear compact complexion there will be patches were pimples can pop up. Usually if I plan a pretty strict face washing regimen I can make it go away but even if I miss one day, I would not be surprised, are using pro pro hormones, to wake up with a couple of pimples.

Beyond that, hair loss can be something that can happen, in rare cases. If you notice is happening stop prohormone usage immediately, and consult a doctor to get your levels checked out. Well most of these are cosmetic side effects, there is a one that is very serious, and this is gynecomastia. This can occur due when these prohormones start messing with your estrogen levels and it responds with more estrogen than it normally would to help, battling it affects of the pro hormones that it doesn’t know are supposed to be happening.