An In-Depth Look at the Colossus Stack

I’m back again and happy to talk about a magnificent stack composed of two powerful supplements. This stack is for those who want a safe ending to their cycle with the addition of Mutant Cycle Support 2000. How good is this stack, you could be wondering. I will now present my review of the Collosus Stack. Now, this is a stack that is not to be taken lightly. I ran this cucle for four weeks and knew an additional seven days would be biting off more than I could chew. If you are new to implementing supplements that are to be cycled., I’d skip out on the Collosus Stack. Diet and exercise will play heaily into your results while taking this stack. If you’re looking for a stack to do all the lifting for you, look elsewhere. Considering that Methyl Alpha is an ingredient in Collosus Maximum Ganz, hacing the Mutant Cyle Support is a much needed partnership.

I had been trying out some newer movements, in order to better support my core. I knew that I would be sore, nearing the end of this stack. For some odd reason, it seems that I haven’t always had a desired reaction to the Methyl Alpha, it’s likely that I won’t be using anything with this in it after the Collosus stack. That isn’t to take anything away from the ingredient, it just gets to a point where you realize you’re starting to grow up. I’ll still love the supplements that I do use but when you’ve been big for a long time, different things start to take on new importance.

Anyways, before I go and get too metaphorical, it’s time to see how this stack did after two months. I’m happy with the Mutant Cycle Support. Being easy enough on my system to where I barely remembered I had been using it, this was a really good post cycle cleaner that made me feel great. It can get to a point, when using something like a prohormone, where you can actually develop flu-like symptoms. Making it tough to even move, let alone have the urge to go and lift weights, many men stronger than me have been sidelined for a good week. I felt right as rain throughout the two months that I was taking the Colossus stack. I would not use this as a cutting type of prohormone, I noticed that I was retaining water fairly easily. That being said, the massive retaining of water that was happening to me could very well have been due to the large quantities of water I was drinking. Being prone to side pains, I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks, you want your body to be flushing out toxins as harshly as possible.


In summary, while not the biggest player on the block, this stack still can deliver with the best of them. You won’t want to run these two supplements at the same time, preferably a month apart for the best results to be expected. Get ready for you new favorite easy to use and safer stack with the Colossus, provided that you do some legwork. Stick with your usual routine and watch and how much quicker you’re ready to move to the next level. Known for taking intermediate lifters to joining that elusive club of the big three lifts with high numbers, you’ll get that much closer with the colossus stack.

Andro the Giant Overview and Details

Throughout my sorted history with prohormones, I used quite a few different compounds. Some of these supplements were bad and harmful, while others I still miss a lot. Andro the Giant would fall into the latter category, truly a great product for bulking up. The main ingredient that was responsible for the gains that you could have with this prohormone was 4-Androsterone, a known bulking agent. Although this compound is found naturally in humans, some manufacturers were able to make it into a different form, adding extra muscle to the body of almost anyone who took it. What seemed to propel this ingredient into the mainstream was, ironically, the same popularity that would seal its fate.

A Supplement that Was Great, In Small Amounts

andro supplement

Getting back to Andro the Giant, I remember trying this during the summer months and I got a lot of attention after using it. Of course, it is now long gone from being able to have but I will always have those memories. A reader had told me that they have seen this supplement still being available but after finding out the details behind what a prohormone really does to you, I think I’ll pass. If you had used this supplement in the past, you know that the dosing directions are to be followed very closely. Due to its high potency, there is a high volume of this 4-Androsterone. While this sound all well and good for gaining, the fat could be what you get the most of, if you are not careful. When you have such a large amount of powerful building blocks for your muscles. It is said to use three capsules of Andro the Giant daily. You will want to not take all of the capsules in one sitting, I suggest spacing them out to one every 4-6 hours. You are going to need to take food with these capsules, in order to protect your stomach lining, nothing an easy on-the-go snack can’t fix.

This was one of the superior prohormones that was available, not so long ago. I have to say that I enjoyed the gains that I got from this supplement, as they were much better than others I have tried in the past. Although it is possible to stack this supplement with other ones, I would not do it myself. In my opinion, when having more power comes down to possibly jeopardizing my well-being, I don’t want to mess with it. You could end up making some quicker progress but your body will be under additional stress, which is an easy way to end up with some not so fun side effects. One problem with some of these potent ingredients was that they would get broken down into weaker dosages before they would get to your muscles. Andro the Giant was actually formulated in a way where it stood less of a risk of being broken down but how good can that be on your liver? I wish I had looked back on that information before I tried this supplement but hindsight will get you every time. As far as side effects go, there are some major ones with taking Andro the Giant, so be on the lookout. You may also bloat while using this product, due to its powerful ability to make you retain extra water. All in all, if you had ever wanted to get gigantic, Andro the Giant was a great prohormone to take.

Remembering Mutated Muscle: A Forgotten Powerhouse

Definitely one of the grossed named products that I had tried in my past, Mutated Muscle by Anabolic Androgenic Research, does stand out. Now banned, there was a brief time where some thought that this one supplement would take over the prohormone world. If you look at the ingredient label, it is easy to see why. I remember that there sixty capsules in a bottle of this product, which had a serving size of one capsule and it was packed with all kinds of muscle builders. Many of these ingredients made to be build muscle would what be what did Mutated Muscle in, as it was one thing that popped for having banned substances.

  • Mentabolan – Animal testing, which I am mega against, had this compound ready to be put in the hands of avid bodybuilders. Seen as more of a designer prohormone, it was recommended that no more of 30 mg was used, throughout the course of a single day.
  • Cynostane – This was first created, as an alteration to a bigger steroid. This seemingly new prohormone did have lower instances of side effects, which made it super popular. However, being that it was usually jammed into a supplement with other, more dangerous ingredients, didn’t really help to make this one stick around for long.
  • Trenavar – I am pretty sure that I found what could have ended up getting this one banned. While being great for building larger muscles, there were so many bad aspects of what could happen to you by using anything with Trenavar in it, it was never really worth the risk.

This supplement even had what was known as a complex, set out to control estrogen levels. Usually, this is a benefit that is exclusive to supplements that you take AFTER something like this, cool to see it being used early on. I have always felt that the earlier you battle estrogen spikes, the better! There are much better alternatives to be used, when your primary goal is to lower estrogen levels. One positive about much of these supplements getting banned, is that we can have safer options for estrogen control. Even better, there isn’t so much out there right now that will even mess with your estrogen levels, which is great!

The Weak Need Not Apply

One thing that had always stood out about this prohormone, over some of the others, was that it was never seen as a supplement that just anyone could try. I had even heard from most who had used it to at least have used prohormones a few times before even starting to use Mutated Muscle. I remember one big plus of this product was how effectively it reduced my waiting time, for my muscles to actually feel healed up and ready to rock again. I’m not saying that I would use it again, knowing what I do now, but that was a fond memory of never really getting that sore. However, I would trade those tiresome bouts of aching and keep my health, thank you very much!

As hindsight would have it, I don’t know how I didn’t see how hard this supplement would be pushing my body. I don’t miss using prohormones like this after putting all of the pieces together and seeing how much harm I was doing to myself. All we can do is learn from out past, no matter how hard that lesson might be to take.

My Own Personal Experience with 11-Oxoderm

A while back, before this one was taken away from shelves everywhere, I did have a chance to try it. I have to admit, that I was impressed with it and became sad to see it go. There are a couple of new things out right now that I have heard come close, but I will still be stuck on that one for a while. The best part about it was how easy it used to be to get. With the price that I could get the 11-oxoderm for, I would always make it a point to stock up whenever the need arose. I learned from the beginning that this supplement was not to be taken lightly. The way that it was created, it was actually a lot more powerful than some of the competition. However, due to the fact that it really looked like all of the other prohormones out there, some weren’t ready for just how much this did for them. 11-Oxoderm is not just some random name for this one, it is named that because it is eleven times stronger than most other prohormones.


11-Oxoderm came in, what I consider to be, a pretty standard bottle. I was actually dusting off some of the old ones that I had laying around today. Seeing the bottle again made me yearn for the past, but it’s just not worth all of the risks, so I tossed them all out. You might be wondering why I love and miss Oxoderm as much as I do, it was because of what it did for me when I used it. My strength had gone up so much for those first two weeks that I felt like a whole new man. I did have more body hair than I wanted, which made shaving almost a weekly thing. Even though I had to do a little extra work by keeping myself nice and presentable, I really didn’t mind. The staggering increases in how much I was starting to be able to lift, all on my own, was just too cool to let anything ruin.

I was starting to freak out my friends with how strong I was getting. They all made jokes, like friends do, but I knew that I was starting to see the same thing happening. Besides growing hair at a faster rate and getting an extra haircut, I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a bad experience using 11-Oxoderm. As of now, much like with many others, this one is no longer available. Yes, the big ban has taken another one but it is ok. I was bummed out when I first heard that Oxoderm, in this form, had been found to be something that was not going to be allowed to use anymore. One thing I have learned from working out, is that there will always be a supplement replacement just around the corner.

So, that is the tale of how this prohormone came into and quickly exited my life. Although I still had a couple of bottles of it laying around, hearing all of the potential what ifs that could arise if I kept using this, I had to throw it all out. If any of you want to go down memory lane with me and you have tried this one, head over to our social pages to let us know what you thought of it.

Product Information and the Differences Made

If you have been hearing about prohormones for a while, you will have heard of Super DMZ. This supplement is one that is thought of as one of the more stronger supplements out there, and with good reason. However, as great as this product was, it was not without its own issues and problems that came up over time. It was starting to be reported, by users and through tests, that Super DMZ was causing issues with ones body. Namely, liver damage was something that was tested and reported, which brought this supplement nothing but bad press.

super dmz

Super DMZ, as we would know it in its original form, was shortly banned from shelves. I was for sure that would probably be the last I would ever hear about Super DMZ. However, that was all about to change with the release of Super DMZ 2.0. This supplement was set to be different from the original formula. At first, things were going pretty well for this new supplement as it was actually quite a bit different from the first run of this product. This new version was aptly named because it contains two different kind of steroids in one supplement. I am sure that this would give people some crazy good results in the gym, but it can also carry twice the risk and soon this is exactly what would happen. But first, everyone really seemed to love how well this new version worked when compared to the old one.

new version

However, when it began to look good for this supplement, history had repeated itself. Shockwaves ran through the supplement community when reports came out of this newer alternative causing liver damage. The crazy thing to be is that now, as of writing this, there is actually a version 4 of this supplement. I guess that people will continue to use it over time, so I can’t really blame anyone there but it is shocking. I mean, to think that this supplement has been through that many revisions over time is just astounding to me. Nevertheless, as time goes on, we will see more and more supplement companies ready to change what they are doing at the drop of a hat. When new information comes to light regarding just what these products can do to people, it can really change a strategy of what someone will do the next time they see that company label in their local store. This is not just something that Super DMZ is doing right now, you can really start to see it happening everyone, especially with regards to anything having to do with sports nutrition.

After the first version, I have not really had much more experience with the new versions of this product. At least, I never got to try them because they seemed to be pulled off of the shelves after a certain amount of time. I have heard some really good things about the newest version 4.0 of this stuff, so I might have to try and get it. It seems like things are really turning around with this company, so that is always good to hear. With all that is going on, it could be off the shelves by the time I go to order it, but we will see!