My Dianabol Review with Actual Results and Progress

Dianabol or D-Bal?

It’s understandable to feel confused between these two products. Dianabol is a steroid while D-bal is a steroid alternative. That being said, you’re only allowed to use d-bal as using dianabol can get you in a lot of trouble.

Dianabol is a popular steroid used by many people within the world of bodybuilding. One reason that dianabol reviews are so often seen is because this supplement is relatively easy to take. You’ll only need to take capsules. However, d-bal, the steroid alternative is much safer. In addition, this supplement is also in capsule form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using any needles which is a major plus.

If you want to have the best d-bal results, it’s best to combine taking this supplement with a workout program. On the other hand, dianabol results can be achieved by continuing to eat as well as lifting a lot of weight. That being said, you don’t want to overdo it and wind up injuring yourself.

Considering that, it’s best to begin working out with d-bal after a few days of using this supplement. This allows you to see if you enjoy using this product. After a few days, you can begin a weight training program. If you don’t currently lift weights it’s best to start slow, even while taking dianabol.

Overexerting yourself is going to lead to a lot of soreness that could have otherwise been avoided. Also, it’s wise to consider working out with a friend. In many cases, having someone to go to the gym with helps to ensure that you continue your weightlifting program.

D-Bal is a Great Supplement

If you want to avoid any risks, it’s best to avoid dianabol. Instead, choose to gain strength and endurance with an awesome supplement known as d-bal. This product will help ensure that you’re able to transform your physique into something that is much stronger than ever before.

Bioarmor Epic is Loaded with Powerful Ingredients

Taking it back to where we started, let’s learn about Epic, a newer prohormone made in England. If you do not live epistane suppwhere any prohormones are for sale, leave them alone. Trust me, you don’t want to wind up in a troublesome situation because you couldn’t follow the rules. I briefly went to school over in England, catching up with old pals when I go back and they were all too eager to tell me about Epic. What caught my eye was how cool the bottle that one of them had looked. I love the black and yellow color mixture with the red coloring that looks like blood around the title really makes it stand out. If you’re needing to know which steroid Epic is made to replicate, that would be Epistane. Primarily targeted to beginners, or those who don’t want the hassle of an advanced hormone, Epistane was brought to the world year ago but it hasn’t showed signs of losing its hold on those wanting to get massive. I have been looking to build up my chest, as it has started to take on a slightly caved-in appearance.

I knew that I wouldn’t risk as much with using a form of Epistane while away, I would have with something harsher. Speaking of being less-harsh, you can double up and pick up a PCT if you want to be completely sure no harm will come to you. For what I ate while taking Epic, it was a basic bodybuilding meal plan. I would cook up some egg whites with toast on most mornings. I would mix up my lunches, as this is always that time of day where I need a good meal to get me through the halfway point of a typical day.

I’ve been making big improvements to my meals, in terms of sticking to what I should eat, not what I WANT to eat. Due to a recent scary experiencing with racking a barbell, I’ve been sticking to machines, mostly. It does take a toll on short-term gains but nagging pains have made this equipment more optimal for me. I would usually be able to safely move about 100 lbs on my lat pulldowns, within three weeks, I was starting to get used to moving 140 lbs. I’ve been concentrating on lifting to failure, to really know that I gave it all I had. If you weren’t aware, training to failure means that you are lifting weights until your muscles fail you, by not being able to keep going through the motions, literally.

I wouldn’t want to try it for every single movement that I would do, but if you can go until muscles are failing, more power to you. I will save the failure lifts for the final stretch because this is when I will do the lightest lifting, saving all my power to complete the bigger ones, early on. Be prepared, though, as lifting until you are stopped can leave you setup to be very sore the next day. Getting back to Epic, if you are able to have this where you live, it is a great prohormone for someone who wants to gain decent size, without being at the mercy of a hundred different side effects! I really didn’t have difficulty with using Epic and found it to be, overall, as pleasant as it could get when talking about a prohormone.

Information about Methylstenbolone: My Personal Take

I wanted to go over another type of prohormone, in order to better educate my valued readers. Methylstenbolone was, at first, disguised as a safer way to use prohormones. What made this kind of prohormone different from the other formations was that it knocked out any kind of estrogen builders. Not touching the receptor responsible for increased production of estrogen, anything with methylstenbolone in it was seen as a smarter choice. One big negative about using this type of supplement was that it was very tough on your organs. Namely known for its destruction of the liver, it was almost mandatory that you take another product with this, in order to lessen the bad side effects.

There were just way too many bad effects, associated with this prohormone, that had to have a safety measure put in place for it. Those of us who didn’t like maintaining longer cycles found a friend with methylstenbolone, however there would be negative repercussions from such a short cycle life. Only lasting about a month, the cycles that were ran of this supplement were shorter in length, only because the potency of this prohormone made it unsafe to use for a longer period of time. Before it was removed worldwide, I would run about five milligrams of methylstenbolone, at around two to three servings per day.

There is room for changing your required amount of methylstenbolone, I would just always take it at a lower dosage. I do not recommend that anyone try to do this for themselves, remember that I was taking this before all of the information about how dangerous this stuff was had been made public. Now that I know all of the hidden dangers, I wouldn’t touch a supplement like this one with a ten-foot stick! I would advise anyone taking methylstenbolone to watch out for any signs that you are experiencing side effects. The most common one is going to be changes in the way that you feel, with most of those changes being mental ones. You could feel like your mood is swinging, in many different directions.

Physical symptoms will vary but there is one that you should take immediate care of. Namely, pain in your sides, of which can occur at any time. If you are feeling this pain, grab up water and drink up! I would usually take an old milk carton (washed out, of course) and fill it up with ice cold water, keeping it in the fridge. I would go through a full two-gallon size container of water in about two days. I know that if you don’t like water, there are ways that you can add some flavor into this drink. If you decide to add a sweetener or one of those flavor packet things, will be up to you and how you feel about additional chemicals in your drink.

I, myself, love using the flavor packets, as it is the only way I will ingest water, most of the time. I have always had a tough time with drinking all of the water, in one day, that is recommended to drink. As with any prohormones, the usual side effect suspects can occur with methylstenbolone, even though it was originally thought to be so much safer than anything else. Even though molecules were moved around to change the formation of this supplement from a known danger to a questionable safer choice, methylstenbolone is not very well-known today.

Is Non-Methylated Any Less Risky?

After the ban on most of the prohormones that were so regularly used, we found out that many of the capsules we were using were methylated. I didn’t even know what that meant for a while, until I began hearing others talk about them. When methylation occurs in the body, it is a big word for a very simple process. Having a methylated supplement, means that it will change over to methanol, once in your system. To the untrained, that last sentence doesn’t really raise a lot of eyebrows, one cause of how prohormone companies could get away with selling these supplements, for a short time. What methylation did, when used in a prohormone, was damaging to the body and it wreaked havoc on the liver. The methylation process was a big factor in many hospitalizations, requiring that an unlucky few having to get a whole new liver.  There is even a train of thought that suggest anything that cause methylation to be re-considered as a steroid, something far stronger than your average prohormone. No one ever said that the world of prohormones wouldn’t be a confusing one sometimes.

As time went on, non-methylated prohormones were still being sold, although they were better at misleading the public, than anything else. The more informed among us knew that even though they might have prohormones on the label, we were getting kind of tricked. There were some cases where some prohormones were being really crafty with how they worded what their products contained and what those ingredients could do for you. What was happening was some manufacturers were throwing different ingredients and packing them into a capsule, hoping to swindle a few people. Currently, there are a handful of supplements out there that, I think, are able to be closer to an actual prohormone. However, the few that can really get you nice and built up are few and far between right now.

Don’t believe every little thing that you hear, as far as I am concerned the non-methylated prohormones that might be lurking around are ones that you really need to fact check. Take close looks at the label and mull over all of the details and ingredients, it will only take a couple of minutes. Best of all, you will be saving yourself the hassle of any potential health problems. I hate taking home a supplement that I get from the store, only to find out weeks late that it has done nothing to help me, in my quest to grow! I feel furious, but know that I will only have myself to thank for the bad buying decision.

You should pat yourself on the back for avoid taking anything that is methylated, I feel that is a fast road to causing your body some serious pain. Nearly all workout supplements on the market are non-methylated, as this basically became a commandment. You need not worry that you are going to have any methylation occur in your body. If you are taking anything at the moment that has the word methylated on the label, I would suggest that you get rid of it. I hope that this helped to lessen the confusion between non-methylated and methylated prohormones. Choosing a supplement of the non-methylated variety will always be the smarter choice, just make sure that you getting the ingredients that you need.

The Half-Truths of Myths from Your Gym Buddies

Just as urban legends spread around the world, working out isn’t a topic that is safe from those same crazy half-truths, or total lies. I wanted to help you sift through all of the useless information that isn’t true. One of the first myths that I hear is how you should do squats before a workout, to help increase testosterone. Now, the science behind this tale is quite gross, so I will spare you the details. I have to say that this first myth wasn’t what I thought to be true for a long time. As it turns out, there is some truth to squatting before a workout and how it can help you add some strength to the rest of said workout. Where the falseness of this myth creeps in, is when you hear someone tell you that it will change your life forever or something exaggerated like that. You will indeed notice that you will be able to lift a little harder but it won’t be anything so drastic that it has a huge effect on your total workout, sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, if you are working out many times a week, squatting before every single workout day is going to mess you up aaaasflkjwhen you actually have squats to do on leg day! The second myth that I usually hear about is how you need to do (insert name of workout here) or you aren’t going to have much, in the way of results. First off, there are many different exercises that you can do and most of them will be beneficial to you. Don’t ever let someone get in your head about exactly how to train, unless you know that they know what they are talking about. Just because your buddy Jeff heard that you should only do ten sets of bench pressing to get a big chest, don’t listen to him. Read up on what exercises are going to be the best for what your training goals are and work from there. This next one is weird but I had to mention it, just in case I wasn’t alone in seeing this in gyms. Picture this: you are lifting some weight and drinking water, or whatever sports drink you have on hand, when you see someone drinking soda during a workout. As odd as it is to think of this, I had many instances where I would see someone downing a cola in the middle of their big lifting day, why? I will probably never end up cutting my sodas out of my diet, I am too far gone, at this point. That being said, I couldn’t even imagine trying to down a sugar-filled cola drink while I was working out.

Who Drinks Soda While They Workout?

The thought of the syrup and sugar in my system while I am needing water is enough to make me feel a little sick to my stomach. Besides being really bad for your endurance, as these drinks will slow you down, rushing that much sugar into your bloodstream when you don’t need it, is never a good idea. If you drink pop that is perfectly fine, you should just wait until after a workout to enjoy an ice cold soda, your muscle will thank you in the long run. Also, don’t even think about reaching for a soda pop when you are jogging or running, it is easy for that carbonation to jostle up your stomach and you end up throwing up, not a good way to spend a day on the track.

Supplements Work With You, Not For You

You know that from reading this website, we often mention the big prohormone ban that occurred in 2014. However, if you have searched around, you will see that store still offer prohormones, how can they do that? It isn’t what you think, they aren’t quite prohormones but rather the closest thing to them, now that fewer options are available. With looking at these products, you are going to need to mix it up and some will be hit or miss. Supplements are a growing industry, that has been reported by many big news sources. The secret is out, more people are believing in the supplements they take, but how much will they believe. If you saw the supplement featured in the video down there, would you get it?

Where Do I Stand on Supplements?


I find myself on the fence, I think that some replacements are good, I think of it as getting the generic brand of groceries. I admit that I am a cheap person who will often fill my cart with the generic items that cost less, there really isn’t much of a difference that I noticed. With supplements, you have to be careful of how generic you are going. Using them daily and under not as much scrutiny, you have to play it safe. Hoping to outshine the others, you can also get more supplements at a cheaper rate, if you buy more. Be careful that you check what companies will do this, you don’t want to assume that you are getting a bulk discount, only to be fooled once you hit that checkout button.

Many will waste both their time and money getting supplements and just thinking that they can do nothing and expect a change in their structure. Sadly, this will never happen because to have to put in work to see these supplements really start to pay off. Think of it as getting prize money for winning a race but you would never see a dime of that money if you didn’t start the race, eventually getting to the finish line. Supplements help you close the gap and get to that checkered flag much sooner!

Zimmerman Denies Delta-2 Any Usage

For Ryan Zimmerman, his days will consist of doing everything that a professional baseball player does. From running bases to batting practice, it is plain to see that he has a lot on his plate. One event that he didn’t expect was to be the target of a scandalous documentary that is making some big claims about him. He denies that he has used any kind of wrongdoing is being done and that he uses nothing that violates any rules. It is sad that one video can come out and have the ability to call in to questions decades of hard work. It has to feel like you are on a racetrack, going as fast as you can and getting derailed before you get to the end of the race.

I know that this guy already has so much stress to deal with, being in the profession that he is in. For a man to have to defend himself to all of the press is a big task to undertake. Could you think of what it would feel like to wake up one day and, all of the sudden, you become a national news story. Even worse, his name being brought up in these stories is for something that no sports player wants to talk about. From the 90’s on, it was like there was a new story about a St Louis baseball player, in a home run race that took the country by storm.

Since that fateful trial that was on every sports channel, accusations will always get tossed around. Delta-2 is more of a prohormone, than anything else. Being that it is harder to detect, other athletes have thought they could have a shot at sneaking usage of this under the radar. While it might have been undetected in the early stages, developments were made in testing, in order to better track any Delta-2 in an athlete’s system. One way to trap some under the net of foul play is by the length of the cycle at which Delta is to be ran on. It is advised to run this for at least four weeks but no longer than a period of six weeks.

The Aftermath of Rumors Regarding Hormone Supplements

Due to how long it can be detected in the body, this left many worried that random testing could leave them in a world of embarrassment. I fully believe that Zimmerman did no wrongdoing and is innocent of taking anything more than what is allowed in his sport. This was not the only seemingly baseless accusation that was made throughout the course of this documentary. Mudslinging was thrown at a couple of other big names in their field and a backlash happened because of it. As of now, the name calling and lies have slowed down and are now screeching to a halt. Widely brought to the attention of many important groups, usage of Delta has now been all but wiped out across the land. As to whether or not there are few who are still trying to track this down, I have no idea. The way that things are panning out, it appears that Zimmerman can now start to go back to his normal life. Hopefully, out on a baseball field, there is a man who defended his name and can now rest easy knowing that all has been resolved.

Will Pro-Anabol Reclaim the Throne Left Out?

pro anabol pic2Combating all of the side effects that are common with prohormones usage, ALR Industries wants to put a permanent stop to that with Pro-Anabol. The tough part about being such a fan of prohormones of the past was still keeping that attitude, as all of the bad reports came pouring in. It’s hard to still want to take something when all you hear is the damage that it is causing other people. We aren’t talking about pulled muscles and sprained ankles here, what happened to some was far more serious that any of those conditions. Anyways, Pro-Anabol looks to be virtually free of any side effects, does that mean that it will still be potent enough to deliver? There are two main compounds to attribute why Pro-Anabol is a safer choice, when compared to other competitors, Macabol and Mdhr (Methyl-Dihydrorubrosterone).

If you are plunking down some hard earned money for a supplement, you don’t want to get smaller, do you? Of course not, that is why you need something to keep you anabolic, which is a muscle building state. Catabolism is what occurs when your body uses your own muscle as energy to burn. When people are not eating enough, to make up for what they are burning off, this is when catabolism rears its ugly head. Most do not know, the amount of food you must eat to get the most out of a prohormone. While I used this, I had to eat large meals that I wasn’t used to. At first, taking in so much food almost made me wanted to puke. Set a gameplan for how much you are able to eat and then take one more bite. By gradually increasing your calories little by little, you won’t have such a hard time adjusting to eating like a weightlifter often does. Another tip that helped me to adjust to this new way of eating was to space everything into smaller meals. Don’t worry about thinking that you will always be hungry, you won’t.

It might take some good old fashioned trial and error to find your sweet spot, in terms of calories per meal. Once you do find that zone, throw a small extra amount of sweet potatoes. I have seen others trying to adjust to needing to eat more by gorging themselves right away. Not only being sick, you also give yourself no real foundation, in which to build on. I liken this to trying to get all of your exercising done for the week in one day. If you wouldn’t exercise that way, why would you eat that way? As for what you will want to do in the gym while using Pro-Anabol, I would recommend hitting as many muscle groups as possible.

As for the ladies out there, I am sorry but this supplement is not made for females to use. Relax, as there are plenty of other good products out there for the females that are wanting to get quicker results from the effort that they put in. Pro-Anabol won’t be for everyone, the lazy lifters need not apply to running this, only the dedicated will have the ability to stick with the regimen needed to complete this challenge. Only the strong survive, as they say, will you be one of the chosen few that reclaims your physique with Pro-Anabol.

Walking on The Razor’s Edge for Cutting Weight

It looks like I the colder weather has caused me to hibernate a bit and store some food. To put it bluntly, I recently noticed that I was getting heavier. I usually like to carry weight at around the 200lb level. As I stepped onto the scale this very morning, after not checking for a while, I was astounded to see my weight had climbed to 220! I have heard from others that gain weight that they do not see it coming. It will take someone else pointing it out to them or them seeing it in a picture that brings them full circle. For me, it was an eventful walk to the bathroom to weigh myself. When it comes to needing something to accelerate losing fat, there is an endless amount of product out there to do just that.

One of our readers had written me and told me to check out Razor’s Edge, a supplement that is a bit different from the razors edgethe rest. When I read what was on the label, I felt like I had no idea what I was about to get myself into, but you have to risk it to get that biscuit! The biscuit, in this instance, was losing the weight from everything that I had been eating, which is kind of ironic. Phenylpiracetam is a less strong version of a substance made to help your brain perform at a higher level. I wish I had known about this one when I was spending nights and days cramming for those big college exams. I may have ended up with somewhat of a better grade point average, for sure.

Something that you can take so easily to help you focus more is great enough, what about if we think of the longer term? After all, all of that focus is no good without the ability to be able to retain information? This is where the next ingredient, CDP Choline comes into play. Made to assist the memory system in your body and to better your dopamine levels, you can see that Blackstone has done their research. Speaking of what Razor’s Edge was able to do for me, let me start by saying that I am about as scatter brained as a person could be. From forgetting my cell phone at home to missing a turn and running late, I am the king of forgetfulness. I had always attributed it to something hereditary, since I grew up with a dad who would repeat the same set of stories to me throughout my life, in a funny and harmless way.

Before too long, I was starting to knock out my daily list of chores like it was nothing. I found that both my long and short-term memory were much better than they had been in a long time. People that knew me were shocked at how much better my ability to recall things had been. I had never been diagnosed with a memory problem of any kind but it was kind of a running joke in my family that I was the one who had trouble remembering important dates. I guess you would have to understand the dynamic of my family, as that sounds so much harsher when I read it in front of my face. If you find yourself in a slump of just not being able to fully give the tasks in your life the attention that they demand, grab a bottle of the Razor’s Edge and see what it does for you. As always, make sure to check if you are healthy enough to use this supplement before you do anything else.

Great Information for Anyone Wondering Where to Start

Here is some awesome info that covers some basic information about prohormones. This is something that is great for anyone who might be new to them and wants some basic information. There is so much confusion between prohormones and steroids, this infographic aims to clear up the misconceptions between the two. There is some great info concerning the Steroid Control Act of 1990, something that brought an end to steroids being able to be used by just anyone.

One big thing that sets these supplements apart from the others, was that they were always seen as a safer choice. Luckily, you will only have your own hormones amplified, nothing will add actual hormones to your body, that is a whole other thing. Although this is great as a basic read, if you are looking to get the Alpha Drol 1000 or the Msten Extreme Mass Builder, sadly, they are no longer available. While the Steroid Act of 1990 effectively put an end to most people being able to obtain any kind of steroidal items, all was not over. This was not the last time that we would see another act like this one end up being passed. In 2004, another act was created and was aimed more for prohormones, this time around.

While this Act was able to remove a large percentage of the supplements they wanted gone, this has only lead to companies becoming more and more creative. This Act even caused new kinds of prohormones to be made, in order to slide under the radar. This infographic even talks about the whole baseball home run race. As you probably remember, if you were old enough when it happened, Mark McGwire was one of the first baseball players to get busted for using performance enhancers. I want to give you all a chance to look through this awesome infographic, as there is a ton of useful information here. I want to give full credit to Black Diamond Supplements, who made this awesome thing. This is required reading for those of you who want to learn more about what you are taking. Here is the awesome infographic below, loaded with information, be sure to give it a look!