Why Green Tea is A Great Muscle Builder

I have been an avid tea drinker for quite some time. In the past, I was unaware of all of the awesome benefits that this super drink can really provide someone who lifts weights. I had seen a couple of supplement companies that I follow releasing some green tea products a while back, and I wasn’t sure how to process this. I mean, I love green tea as much as anybody but I wasn’t sure what the connection was between bodybuilding and drinking green tea.

To me, it seemed like it would be equal to someone selling water and talking about all of the ways that it can help you in the gym. Beyond hydration, my mind was drawing a blank. It was only until recently that I began to look into this issue. Since so many of the products that revolve around our lifestyle were removed in 2014, we must all try to find replacements. I wanted to know more about just how green tea was able to be so good for all of you gym rats out there.

green teaandprohormoens

One huge perk that comes with drinking green tea is that it really does help your immune system. If there is one thing that you do not want to happen when using the more expensive pro-hormones out there, is that you get sick. This can completely derail a good streak of working out. I have had it happen to me before and, honestly, it was devastating. Mentally, you want to say that you can get up and get in a big lifting session but your sick and tired body just will not let you!

While green tea can help you avoid getting sick, it also has benefits that can stretch into the long-term. Drinking this product can also help you greatly reduce your cholesterol levels. Lowering these levels is a big part of keeping you healthy. Considering that most people looking to get buff are going to be putting away all kinds of protein (depending on how clean they decide to do it) will all definitely benefit from having those cholesterol levels drop away.

By drinking green tea regularly, you will also end up having stronger bones, studies show. When putting your body until all of that physical stress, it is good to know that green tea could be in your corner. For anyone who has ever suffered a broken bone, you know that it is not a fun experience. I remember when mine happened years and years after it had. I was walking outside of my house during a snowy day and I fell suddenly. Next, I heard a snap and thought that something might have been broken. After getting it looked at, it was revealed that, when I had fallen, I ended up breaking my wrist.

If you think that dealing with working out and still being sick is bad, you should think about how bad it would be when dealing with a broken wrist. I was forbidden from going to the gym for many months and that was another time that I lost a lot of progress. Sure, green tea is not going to pack on muscle to your frame overnight but it is one of the best preventative measures out there. Even better, it is so much safer and well-known than a lot of the other stuff that would offer you the same benefits. So, head to whenever you can get it from and grab some green tea. Not only does it tastes great, but for all of you extreme weightlifters out there, it just might save you from an injury or two and keep you feeling healthy!

Avoid Taking the Supplement Called Mass Destruction

It is that time of year, the time where most of us are doing some cleaning around the house. For the people like me out there, you are probably going to be looking at your supplements and cleaning them out as well. I was actually going through mine and had reached the last couple of bottles when I saw something called Mass Destruction. It had long since expired but I had a complete bottle completely sealed left right there for me. Maybe I wasn’t thinking about it, but I decided to look and see what I could find out about this product. It was when doing that, that I read about some horrible reports concerning what this supplement has done and why it isn’t around anymore.

This horribly named product was made as a prohormone product designed to give the user more strength. UI am glad that I let this one sit back on the shelf, for whatever reason, after hearing about what it did to somebody. There was a man who took it who is around the same age as I am, when all of the sudden. things had started going badly. Within weeks, he had to be in the hospital and he actually had to have a liver transplant. Let me reiterate that point, this was only caused by taking this prohormone type product for a couple of weeks. That seems so crazy to me that such damage could occur so quickly. I am very thankful that I did not start taking this product when I first got it. Now, liver damage is something that can be commonly associated with prohormones and the usage of them over time. I have never seen something where that much damage occurs in three weeks.

I, of course, threw this product away after reading about all of this. Any slight temptation I had to use this stuff was immediately swept away after reading all of the bad press around it. It is so good to know that there is currently a new sort of department being made specifically for looking into dietary supplements. I cannot apply this decision and will be an avid supporter of it, as long as it continues to prevent things like this from occurring and such a widespread fashion. It turns out, that everything that had happened with Mass Destruction was not just an isolated incident. The more that I read up on the supplement and the results that came with people using this before, I was shocked. There were actually more people who had reported some minor discomfort, but still is that something that we want to have happen and be considered normal? I think with this new department in place, there will indeed be a new normal life for us.

So, just to reiterate my point, if you find that you might have this product called Mass Destruction lying around, please get rid of it, at all costs. You do not want to take the risks and end up in the hospital for a couple of weeks. If you were thinking about trying to find the supplement somewhere and stumbled onto this post, please look for another thing to try. There are way too many risks associate with this supplement, and, therefore, I cannot recommend this one to anybody.

Are Prohormones All-Natural? I’m Not so Sure!

Although this post may seem a bit rhetorical, as the prohormones supplements have all been banned, there was one thing I wanted to touch on before the ban occurred. I have seen a lot of prohormones claiming that they are all natural or contain only natural ingredients or anything like that. I want to be sure to nip this in the bud right away, in my opinion, pro hormones are not all natural. I will defend my supplements forever but I have to draw a line somewhere. The line is that any kind of prohormone is a natural supplement,  by its very definition, this supplement is something that is created.

I’m pretty sure that something that is created somewhere by people is not something that we could consider all natural. However, it is interesting to see, or I should say was interesting to see that a lot of supplements that were prohormones were claiming to be all natural before they were all banned. It is somewhat of a trick that we fall for when we see natural or all-natural in anything, not just pro hormones. To me, this is just another case of companies trying to get away with as much as they possibly can. We have all heard details of something you claiming to be something that it just is not.

Unfortunately, the world of supplements is no exception to this rule. Would I say that this is the main reason that these supplements were banned? No, I don’t think that this is the main reason. However, it could have been a supporting factor in the final decision. As time continues, we will see  more and more different variations of the whole “it’s not a prohormone but it is” with that whole category. I just hope that in the future the companies choose how to show off their product to us and do not use misleading claims or anything on the label that is not what it claims to be.

all natural for real

Yes, I know I am a bit of a dreamer and this one but one can always hope, right? Is this something that sounds familiar to you, have you been duped in the past by some product, no matter if it is a supplement or not, misleading you in some way? If so, be sure to head over to our social pages and let us know what old trick or gimmick you have fallen for in the past, I am sure that this one is going to get pretty interesting. To close up this post, no pro hormones are not all natural. Even if some of the best of the best contains natural ingredients they definitely were not made in a way that was all natural. It is so easy and today’s crazy and chaotic world that we live in, it’s not really check it out or do any research into what a supplement label says. However, I also think that maybe we shouldn’t have to feel the need to carry out research on our supplements. I think that we should have supplements that contain honest labels and are honest upfront about what is in their product.


As time goes on, we have already began to see a trend towards companies being more transparent with the consumers. As more and more things continue to happen with the current state of prohormones, maybe we will see something that is the closest to being all-natural as possible, I will remain optimistic.

My First Experience with Pro Hormones

What I’ve Learned and What You Can as Well with Pro Hormones

I remember when I took my first pro hormone. I was in my early 20s, now that I still think it’s too early to be doing it, and it was through peer pressure. It was actually an older group of friends who had begin working out shortly after I started. I remember noticing that they were pretty big for just starting out when I looked like I have a lot of catching up to do. They were pretty cool about it though and actually offered me some advice on what I can do after I had complemented them to be nice.

They had mentioned that there was a supplement, one that is now banned, that they were taking that was putting on this much muscle. The buddy said he would give me a bottle of it for 20 bucks, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. I kind of kept it a secret from my girlfriend at the time because I didn’t want her to freak out. I had read about the supplement and really wanted to get increased muscle so I threw caution to the wind.

bottle collection

One of the first things that I noticed was just how fast I was packing on weight. I was gaining around a pound a day. Yes that is right in about a week I had put on 7 pounds and had really like the feeling I had during my workouts. It was after that that I began to notice that I would have some pain in my side. At first, I thought it was something that I was doing during my workouts. Maybe I have pulled a muscle. But as the days went on and I still stayed with taking the supplement, it just became more and more prevalent that the supplement was doing it to me. This is not to say it is completely the supplements fault, I was not drinking enough water which is something that I should have been doing the whole time.

However, after about two weeks into taking the supplement, I realized that it was so tough for me to drink that much water in the day. I foolishly stop taking the supplement right away without any post cycle therapy. I was just so freaked out by my sides hurting that I wanted to just get the supplement out of my body as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to take the time to wait for a post cycle therapy product to show up.

It was a regrettable first experience but something that I am proud to have gone through because I learned just how serious it is to do your part when taking supplements. Just let my story be a guide to you, if you’re going to take this stuff, be serious with it. Take the supplements for what they are and that is serious. Don’t be foolish and think that you can skimp on certain things or not do certain things that are recommended by the makers of the supplements. These rules are here for a reason, to help you if you want the big results you are going to have to work for them.

Prohormones: Where Do We Stand with New Laws?

The Uncertainty of Prohormone Supplements

As you have no doubt heard, there was a recent huge ban on prohormones. Last I had heard, it was actually going to be all of the prohormones. This is something that has happened in the past with steroids but with prohormones being the safer and, at the time, legal alternative. Where do we all stand now with our “safer alternative” being banned? Well, luckily, there are some places out there that have found something that replicates those supplements that are now banned. So, if you need to find the greatest prohormones, you are in luck. There are supplements out now that actually give you the muscle building power of these supplements, but they aren’t banned. These supplements are not banned because they are not technically prohormones, but we will get back to that. Let’s talk about the reaction to this ban on the internet.

I have been checking in on the popular forums for this subject and opinions are mixed, to say the least. Some people really seem to think that everything will be banned and that there is no way that any supplement will come close now that the ban is final. Others will say that this is something that really can not be fully stopped but only delayed time and time again.

best prohormones on the market after the ban

I tend to agree that both sides are right in their own way. We had to look into this ourselves as we were on the verge of beginning this website and were worried about the current state of these kinds of supplements. Because of this, we looked into the issue and actually found that all hope was not lost. There were products that were known as perfectly safe alternatives to prohormones of any kind. Our too good to be true sirens went off at that point and we knew that we would have to dig a little further.

Well, luckily there are companies that have been making legal and safe (even now) alternatives to prohormones. Even better, there is more than one company so you have a lot of options, well at least a few, here’s more about that below.

The bad thing with us needing to look into a whole new area for safer alternatives that aren’t being banned is now a whole group of us is subject to being ripped off. So, we worked on bringing you the most trustworthy ones which are covered in this

To sum it up, you need to be careful because you need to watch out for the supplements that are new and not trusted. I would recommend that you stick with companies that have certifications and are popular among the public. Even though we are dealing with the after effects of a prohormone ban, there are better choices that you can make.  One example of a bad choice would be this recent news story about prohormones being used in sports. This is another example of the pressure that teens face when playing sports and that need to rise above the competition.