Your Sign Could Lead to Better Fitness Knowledge

Don’t we all wish that we could be more in tune with what we really want? I find that my sense of what I want to doscorpion bounces from place to place more times in one single day than I know what to do with. Sure, you can spend time finding out what kinds of exercise you will like and the ones you want to pass on but there could be an easier way, if we just look up to the sky. No, I haven’t become some crazy poet that is trying to use buzzwords to confuse you, it all comes down to understanding a horoscope, bear with me. A horoscope could be a part of the newspaper that you usually thumb through but I guarantee that you’ve never looked at those predictions the same again.

I can do my best to explain how this process works but instead of that I will walk you through an example of how your horoscope can help your fitness life by using my birth month for this example, which is November. I am a proud Scorpio, having that astrological sign, let’s see what it says about my preferred workout style and if I find that this prediction has any accuracy to it. What I was able to find out is that a Scorpio can have the mindset that causes them to become obsessed with an activity. I can tell you, right off the bat, the horoscope that I am reading about matches up with my personality closely.

I will have to rule out any team forms of exercising, which leaves me out of all of those fitness classes I read about. While I do prefer to be by myself when training, it was mentioned that I could enjoy trying out boxing, which I have always wanted to do. Oddly enough, I have been a big supporter of boxing, trying my best to catch a good fight once a week. With the tendency that a Scorpio has for obsessions, it was also advised that I have one or two cheat days, so that I can help to teach myself that it is fine if I don’t follow my new food list every single day of the week. Can you now see how understanding your sign of the stars can give you that newfound sense of discovery?

At first, I had laughed off thinking that a horoscope could give me any real answers that would have to do with my working out style. As you’ve no doubt seen, the horoscope and how it spoke about my personality was enough to freak me out. It only took a couple of sentences of reading about what a Scorpio is like and what kind of workouts should be catered to them before I knew that this was like someone knew all of my secrets!

I will really have to consider making new choices with the new year around the corner that better aligns with my personality. It may take some lying to yourself, until you are aware that these new fitness activities could end up being suitable to your needs. It does make sense that people are looking to horoscopes for guidance about what style they should choose to get more physically fit. The next time that you are looking to change up your old routine, check the newspaper for what the stars are telling you to do.

3 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The commercials are starting with those jingling bells and now I am well aware that the holidays are near. Soon, we will be opening gifts, surrounded by friends and family. As this important time in our lives draws near, there will be temptations coming from the kitchen that we have to come to grips with. I know that, in my family, we are all about the food presentations and the holidays are the time when everyone is wanting to wow the other family members with their signature dishes. You also put yourself in a bind when, if you’re like me, you don’t want to just not eat anything and hurt the feelings of your family members. Having been around for my fair share of holiday get together events, I wanted to bring to you my best three tips for getting through the holiday season without gaining twenty pounds.

Tip Number 1: Eat Before You Arrive

One of the biggest pitfalls that can be encountered during the holidays is the long waiting times between meals. I usually get up in the morning and have to get ready, only to start out on my trip to a relative’s home. From there, you have to find yourself waiting for everyone else to arrive or the food to finally be ready to get eaten. After around four to six hours with not a single snack, I start to get cranky and feel like I am getting dizzy. Waiting too long to eat can cause you to overeat when that food finally gets to your plate. When our brains go into hunger mode, we will usually overcompensate by stuffing our faces, well past the point of being full. Those odd spells of starving ourselves, combined with eating like there is food running out adds up to extra and unnecessary weight gaining.

Tip Number 2: Know Your Limits

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one but it still needs to be mentioned. It is human nature to want to eat more of food that we don’t get to have very often. We know that a special occasion is one that is to be enjoyed, when we know when to put the plate down we can easily take control back. When you are noticing that you are starting to feel full, that could be a time to strike up a conversation with a relative than it would be to start on round two of your eating binge.

Tip Number 3: Load Up on Fruits and Veggies

No holiday snack table won’t be without their own plates of healthier choices. When it comes times for you to load up your plate, you don’t have to look like a snob and only get one or two food choices. Better yet, you should be enjoying yourself this holiday season, just know the right kind of plates to make. By having a good portion of your nightly food intake destined to be consuming fruits and vegetables, your stomach will fill up with better caloric choices.

Getting through the holidays shouldn’t be a chore but rather yet, something that you can look forward to. Being around those special members of your family and sharing good memories is always something that everyone needs. Why waste that time obsessing about your diet when you can follow three easy tips and can look forward to those gifts waiting underneath the tree.

An Old School Playlist to Keep You Moving

As we start to do our spring cleaning, there is an item in your home that desperately needs a makeover, your music player! I’m not going to list the songs that you have been hearing on the radio all of the time, I’ll leave that to someone else. However, what I did want to do was give you some awesome old school songs that can liven up even the dullest of treadmill days! The first song that I think needs to be on your next workout playlist is the classic Dream On by Aerosmith. We can relate to having a dream and Steven Tyler sings like nothing I’ve ever heard. Fun fact: I didn’t know that Aerosmith was the artist behind this song until someone told me, who thought I was an idiot.

When you listen to the Aerosmith that I grew up with in the 90s, hearing that classic doesn’t quite have the same vocal style, until the very end. Keeping with the theme, the next song that you should be adding to your ipod would be London Calling by the Clash. I could recommend the entire album but we will just keep it to the title track. Even if the lyrics don’t directly speak to you, that drumbeat, like an army marching through enemy territory, will have you feeling unstoppable. I love being challenged by the cool readers to come up with styles of music, so let’s discuss more old school tracks for your new playlist.

Next, I’ve got to give a special nod to one of my favorite bands, AC/DC. With these influential rockers, I could list just about any of their songs and get worldwide approval but I want to only pick one song per band. By doing this, you can explore each bands catalog of tracks on your own and find your personal picks, not just ones that I pick out for you. For AC/DC, I’ve got to go with Back in Black, it could be their signature song but it has withstood the test of time beautifully. From the killer riff, down to the vocals proudly declaring they are back, AC/DC will definitely have you getting through your next workout easier.

Not just a club that you have to be a dude to be in, I would suggest that Pat Benetar has some of the most rockers, I think that love is a battlefield should have a special place on this playlist. These are only a few songs that you could put into rotation, although I do have a neat trick for adding more variety to your playlist. Before you go out to the gym, getting all ready to set new personal records, check out the different playlist features of the music app of your choice. For instance, both Amazon Prime and Spotify have got some awesome options for sorting playlists by how you feel. You know that you can’t find the same joy in your sad and lonely playlist when you know you’re going to need songs that have a bit more edge to them.

I hope that you found some new picks in this song list, I have to add, as an honorable mention that living on a prayer would need to also be on a workout playlist. I know that you have probably heard this song more times than you ever want to again but with headphones and that driving bass guitar, you know it flips a switch inside of you!

Don’t Be Lifting Like These Men and Women!

To be more on the lighthearted side today, I present a video collection that I’ve found, all about what not to do when you are working out. From the mildly amusing, to the downright dangerous, do not apply what you see in the video below to your workouts. To those that spend no time exercising, these clips won’t hit close to home. For the people among us that have tried what others in this video fail at, that pain becomes more personal. The squatting person at about 0:39 into the video had hit me the hardest. I don’t understand why you have to squat with wrists bent back so far. I would rather have shoulder and back pain, than to come close to breaking my wrists, by weight pushing them backwards. Also, I think a common pattern that I’m seeing throughout this compilation are egos that don’t know their real max weight.

There is a lesson to be learned by watching this video, it’s better to lift too little and move up weight than it is to lift too heavy and smack the gym floor! My advice to anyone that doesn’t want to end up the victim of one of these videos would be to tell your friends to leave their camera phones in the locker room. It’s depressing to see just how many gym patrons have no remote idea on how to use gym equipment. Perhaps, there should be more employees helping these misinformed individuals. I suppose that if there helpful workers ensuring that everyone knew how to do their exercises, we wouldn’t have any failure videos to watch. In all seriousness, every person in this video was very lucky to walk away relatively unscathed.

Before you start any new lift, use the day before your lifting to check your form. I know it is often harped on but form is the difference between success or failure, relating to getting the most out of your exercising endeavors. Also, make sure that who you bring to the workout center with you is a friend that coaches, not one who is standing there, waiting to film your next big goof.

Stacking Pure Lean Mass like the Spartans

I’m thrilled to be covering one of the coolest stacks, I’ve seen in years. You know that the big ban has taken away, basically all the prohormones. At first, we were all upset but understood that these supplement needed to be removed. For a while, it looked like anything that even resembled a prohormone was going to be getting the ax but things have lightened up a bit, forcing manufacturers to clean up their act. Spartan Nutrition have kept their head above water and have what is called a Spartan Mass Ultimate Cycle that is awesome.

With each supplement having a sole purpose, we have the Mass, Shield, and PCT. The supplement for mass has piperine and DHEA within it, making it a potent contender for mass gainer of the year. I would love to know the graphic artist behind making this line of packaging, they deserve a raise. With a nod to the 300 film, you can see where inspiration was garnered from but Spartan Nutrition adds a visual flair that can’t be missed. For those who have used a similar supplement, you know that while exercising, you’re going to put on rapid lean weight. Next up, is the Spartan Shield, the piece to this stack that is responsible for keeping the body cleansing itself of any leftover elements of the Mass supplement.

One cool aspect that only raises the importance of Spartan Shield is that it can reduce blood pressure, which is a danger of the diet, usually rich in red meat, most of us are currently on. Spartan Shield is comprised of an extended release capsule, not allowing to fully dissolve until it reaches the bottom of the stomach. There would be no point to a supplement that is supposed to defend internally, if it is dissolved by the time it reaches the stomach so I like that Spartan made enhanced this formulation. This stack has been the culprit of why I have never seen such huge lifts in my future, I never thought it would be possible.

Whereas other manufacturers will put out any stack, not always determined for it to be in the best interest of the customer, Spartan has your safety in mind. It is like a miracle has happened, that we can finally get the muscle now that we only thought we could in 2014, before all of the banning happened. I’m also proud to say that Spartan Nutrition is not making prohormones, especially nothing like the dreaded ones we were using a long time ago. Safety, now more than ever, is the biggest concern of supplement makers and Spartan is doing a great job of ensuring all customers are safe.

Be warned, I did feel a bit angrier than usual, with a few moments where I had to realize how I was acting and calm down. I could attribute the attitude changes to a stressful week, not one hundred percent sure it was the stack that was the cause. Doing anything that would have ready for a nap didn’t wear me down, like it would use to. I also had some amazing sleep throughout using these three supplements, upwards of nine plus hours a night. My brain seemed like it was sharper and I was suddenly able to recall names and places a little faster. If you have been wanting to dip your feet in the water of a stack, the temperature is great, dive in!

Will Androgen Make Me Grow More Hair?

Both genders have asked about the rate at which hair growth will occur, if you were to use the Andro type of prohormone. Women will want to not take certain prohormones, due to the fact that they will add more hair onto their face. I’m not a woman but I would be embarrassed to walk around town, sporting a newly grown in mustache, or even worse, a beard! Where hair will grow, will depend on how much of the Andro is taken and the duration of use. Men have mixed feelings about the hair growth that can occur as a side effect of Andro use. Males who can’t grow dark or thick facial hair may like the newfound full follicles, associated with prohormones.

Men like me, who were sporting goatees before they could drive, hate having to shave off more hair than we already have. This isn’t a farming game, where you can choose where the crops come into grow, expect patches. When I had ran Andro, one dumb time in my life, I was busting out my electric razor shortly thereafter, because my chest hair had gotten thicker, at least that was how it felt against my shirt. I started becoming itchier and didn’t know if I was breaking out in a rash, or if my hair was becoming coarser. I had astronomical weight gaining properties with the Andro, I couldn’t keep enough shirts on handy that were loose fitting, which was what I liked to have when it came time to go asleep. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand trying to get rest, while wearing a shirt that is too tight. I feel like my circulation is being restricted as I close my eyes, it freaks me out.

After I got baggier clothes, I was still noticing that the patches of hair had become darker. I already am someone with olive skin, with a naturally darker hue to my hair, this was my boiling point. You can easily find horror stories of women, who were given the wrong advice and ended up using prohormones, mostly made for men. What these poor females were in for was a world of torment and changes that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. If it isn’t in too late of stages, women can get operations to have the more manly aspects of supplement use reversed. However, time is a great healer and will reverse most damaging side effects of prohormones. They say that blondes have more fun, they will also be the luckiest when it comes to supplements and additional growing of hair.

Due to the lighter shade, blonde hair is only visible under intense light. Brunettes have a disadvantage, due to their hair being darker. Any way you slice it, there are prohormones that can cause you to grow more hair. Always do extra checking up on any supplement you plan on using, those hours of research could mean the difference between growing muscle and only growing hair! Take this from someone who has suffered from fast-growing facial hair for years, just make it a part of your morning routine. Yes, it will add a bit of an effort to get the rest of your morning ritual done faster but you won’t be caught off-guard with too much scruff, ever again. Also, look into getting a type of topical lotion for an aftershave, they actually do help me to shave less during the week. Check what the product will smell like, if possible, before getting it. You don’t want to be stuck with a bad smelling aftershave that will leave folks running away from you.

New Rule: 1 Hour of Exercise for Every 8 Seated

I remember when I had a day job that had me sitting down for well over eight hours a day. At first, it sounds great, there are you are sitting, while others have to stand all day at their jobs. If you were imagining a life on easy street, where you drive home feeling rested and relaxed, you are in for a surprise. Within the first three months at this job, I had already gained about 15 pounds. The extra weight I was carrying on me wasn’t because I had taken on a new weightlifting plan, it was because I was getting fat. My wife had actually showed me some pictures from that time and I couldn’t believe I was looking at a picture of me. I hadn’t noticed it, but eventually, the fat started to creep in. I hadn’t changed what I was eating, which were sack lunches made with meals I prepared.

The usual lighter sets that I had been doing were not enough to stop me from being chubby. My stomach now pooched out farther than it used to and my clothes started fitting me awkwardly. I had assumed that the stress of a new job may have had me overeating but the portions had stayed the same. To make it worse, I started being more aware of my co-workers, most of whom were not in the greatest shape. Eventually, I got out of that place because it just wasn’t the right match for me. Wouldn’t you know it, within a month of leaving that job, I started to get my old figure back! Why you should change the viewpoint that you have about having to do that one hour of exercise is that it removes all the lazy stuff you do throughout the day. If you find yourself heading home, after a long of work, to sit in front of the tv, a simple hour of training will wash away all of that free time.

Our bodies are made to be active and to move, when we change what our body wants, it can develop some serious medical issues. If you still aren’t convinced, try exercising, at a time you prefer, for just a week. If you challenge yourself to follow through this week, without making any exceptions, you will have had a whole week of not worrying that your sedentary life is going to catch up to you. It appears as if those commercials about the stand-up desk were really onto something. I will absolutely be spending more of my day up and at them, instead of sitting and waiting for a blood clot, yikes! To everyone out there who has a day job that leaves them sitting idly by while the hours pass, put that pent up energy to good use and set aside just sixty minutes out of your day.

All of those stories you hear about sitting down all of the time being bad for you have a portion of truth to them! Sitting does feel great and has to happen through the workday, just don’t let it be the way that you spend the majority of your day. To help drive the point home, I had gotten a call from a former co-worker at that same job I talked about earlier. He had to go to the hospital, one weekend, because the doctor had even told him sitting down as much as he did, which was about eight hours a day, would start affecting his health.

Can Being All-Natural Bring You Muscle Gain?

Pat yourself on the back, if you are an all-natural bodybuilder. Cutting out the need to use any steroids or prohormones will keep you healthier. Also, you won’t spend any time worrying about feeling bad, since those harmful compounds won’t be in your system. Hearing many different messages, all speaking of how you can’t get big naturally started to get to me. It seems like there is so much negativity and the need to put others down for asking questions, that I had to take a stand. Don’t become cynical and believe that taking the natural approach means that you will never get big, that is not true. There are actually designated classes of bodybuilding competitions that are meant for those who are all-natural. After going to a few of these shows, these men and women certainly have no problem in looking like marble statues, without changing the way that their bodies behave.

Why are so many condemning a life lived without taking destructive substances? I can’t, for the life of me, see why we should all rally around and make fun of anyone, let alone those who carry the same goals that we do. It is almost as if we are going back to an older time in our lives, bullying those who don’t make the same choices as we do. Hopefully, you do decide to take a natural way of building your body. Not only is ditching prohormones a better choice to make but it will also be less expensive, in the long run.

Some have even developed quite a knack for picking out who is on juice and who isn’t. According to some of these geniuses, there are tell-tale indicators that a person is taking steroids, all having to do with physical signs of wear and tear. Needing recovery from the grating effects of prolonged prohormone use, the body of someone who maintains a natural approach to bodybuilding will not wear out so quickly. Organs can be easily damaged and overworked by supplements that are supposed to being helping you, it is just a hidden danger that isn’t widely spoken of.

In the natural vs not debate, almost every supplement you could talk about is a topic. If you make use of the normal products to aid in workout success that are widely available (not steroids), I would consider that to be a natural plan. The fact remains that if a bodybuilder in New York City can look like a pro by only eating vegetables, most everyone else could do the very same thing. What you choose to have up your sleeve, in order to achieve your personal goals is fine, as long as it won’t do you any harm.

My Personal Workout to Raise Your Endurance

Do you have an event that is around the corner that you are needing to prepare for? Lifting weights is great for looks but if you are needing some functional endurance, I’ve got just the program to try. Being strong is all well and good but not everyone requires solely strength. I don’t want it to seem like I am leaving out all of endurance athletes out there, with that in mind, I present to you all my own personal endurance workout. Of course, this is just a template that you can feel free to play around with and make your own. I always encourage you to change a workout to meet your specific needs, just don’t make too many changes, otherwise you might not get the desired results that you are wanting to obtain. For starters, you can’t have a really good endurance workout without some running. I know that, as you are starting this workout, you are doing it because you need more endurance. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to sprint for a long time. Take this workout as something that you will enjoy natural progression with over time. There is no shame in only being able to sprint for under thirty seconds. It is with the continual improvements that you keep making that will make you faster. For beginners, just start out running in place for one minute, this won’t be a full speed run, so take it easy. As a side note, always be sure to keep a good amount of water with you while you finish this workout. Being hydrated is a big key in completing an endurance workout, if you aren’t keeping enough fluids in your body, you will tire out at a much faster rate.


For the second part of this test of endurance, we have got to be doing burpees. Although it isn’t everybody’s favorite exercise (I personally hate them) but who said anything worth having would be easy? You are going to want to keep up with rest periods, as well. Even though the main aim of this workout is to keep you from gassing out, you have to the approaches one step at a time. Also, don’t expect instant increases in your endurance right away. I recommend that you finish up the workout with your standard push-ups and some light jogging. The main goal of this entire workout program is to begin at full speed and with each remaining exercise, you slow down the rate and speed that you are pushing yourself. Finally, walk it off, you have done enough if you have finished the workout methods entailed here. Even though the exercises that you have been seeing might not look like they are super impressive, the key isn’t wearing yourself out on the first go. If this set of exercises was a massive challenge the first time you did it, you would likely not be back to try them again the second time. After the first week or two, you should notice that you are able to have more breath in your body because of the way that you are training.

You always want to push yourself a bit harder, just not so hard that you can’t finish all of the exercises. Aim for a 30 second sprint, 5-10 sets of burpees, 3 minutes of jogging, and a nice ten-minute walk. As I previously mentioned, you are more than welcome to tailor this entire exercise routine to better suit your needs.

What You Should Know About Epicat Max

You won’t need to think about needing any kind of supplements when you get done using Epicat Max. That was a big relief and a weight off of my shoulders, not needing to buy another product for any safety reasons. The makeup of this supplement is completely natural, without the addition of man-made ingredients, it really does give you peace of mind. Not having to obsess over Epicat Max appearing on some list, placing in a class with a bad name is a welcome feeling that put me at ease.

If you are wanting to gain a ton of mass, you might not find that here. Being that this supplement is all-natural isn’t a bad thing but this supplement wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. When you eat, you know that you get energy from what you consume. There is an old saying that talks about you getting out, what you put in. The previous saying can hold true for supplements as well. With Epicat Max, it helps to load up the food that you eat the right way.

With so much being said about what is safe and what isn’t, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you are using Epicat Max. I have to applaud the maker of this supplement for going through the motions to get such awesome ingredients put into this product. Arimistane is in this supplement, which is a must-have if you are concerned about not having an estrogen buildup once you finishing running something as powerful as this prohormone.

This supplement retails for about fifty dollars, which I believe is a fair price for the safety, alone. In the current time that we are in, it is getting tougher to find something that can really replace prohormones. The more that I think about how well Epicat Max adds to your endurance and power, the more that I am convinced this could be the future of prohormone supplementation. With Epicat, I noticed that you get the good muscle strengthening components, without having to have all of the negatives that old prohormones would give you.