3 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The commercials are starting with those jingling bells and now I am well aware that the holidays are near. Soon, we will be opening gifts, surrounded by friends and family. As this important time in our lives draws near, there will be temptations coming from the kitchen that we have to come to grips with. I know that, in my family, we are all about the food presentations and the holidays are the time when everyone is wanting to wow the other family members with their signature dishes. You also put yourself in a bind when, if you’re like me, you don’t want to just not eat anything and hurt the feelings of your family members. Having been around for my fair share of holiday get together events, I wanted to bring to you my best three tips for getting through the holiday season without gaining twenty pounds.

Tip Number 1: Eat Before You Arrive

One of the biggest pitfalls that can be encountered during the holidays is the long waiting times between meals. I usually get up in the morning and have to get ready, only to start out on my trip to a relative’s home. From there, you have to find yourself waiting for everyone else to arrive or the food to finally be ready to get eaten. After around four to six hours with not a single snack, I start to get cranky and feel like I am getting dizzy. Waiting too long to eat can cause you to overeat when that food finally gets to your plate. When our brains go into hunger mode, we will usually overcompensate by stuffing our faces, well past the point of being full. Those odd spells of starving ourselves, combined with eating like there is food running out adds up to extra and unnecessary weight gaining.

Tip Number 2: Know Your Limits

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one but it still needs to be mentioned. It is human nature to want to eat more of food that we don’t get to have very often. We know that a special occasion is one that is to be enjoyed, when we know when to put the plate down we can easily take control back. When you are noticing that you are starting to feel full, that could be a time to strike up a conversation with a relative than it would be to start on round two of your eating binge.

Tip Number 3: Load Up on Fruits and Veggies

No holiday snack table won’t be without their own plates of healthier choices. When it comes times for you to load up your plate, you don’t have to look like a snob and only get one or two food choices. Better yet, you should be enjoying yourself this holiday season, just know the right kind of plates to make. By having a good portion of your nightly food intake destined to be consuming fruits and vegetables, your stomach will fill up with better caloric choices.

Getting through the holidays shouldn’t be a chore but rather yet, something that you can look forward to. Being around those special members of your family and sharing good memories is always something that everyone needs. Why waste that time obsessing about your diet when you can follow three easy tips and can look forward to those gifts waiting underneath the tree.

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