Is Non-Methylated Any Less Risky?

After the ban on most of the prohormones that were so regularly used, we found out that many of the capsules we were using were methylated. I didn’t even know what that meant for a while, until I began hearing others talk about them. When methylation occurs in the body, it is a big word for a very simple process. Having a methylated supplement, means that it will change over to methanol, once in your system. To the untrained, that last sentence doesn’t really raise a lot of eyebrows, one cause of how prohormone companies could get away with selling these supplements, for a short time. What methylation did, when used in a prohormone, was damaging to the body and it wreaked havoc on the liver. The methylation process was a big factor in many hospitalizations, requiring that an unlucky few having to get a whole new liver.  There is even a train of thought that suggest anything that cause methylation to be re-considered as a steroid, something far stronger than your average prohormone. No one ever said that the world of prohormones wouldn’t be a confusing one sometimes.

As time went on, non-methylated prohormones were still being sold, although they were better at misleading the public, than anything else. The more informed among us knew that even though they might have prohormones on the label, we were getting kind of tricked. There were some cases where some prohormones were being really crafty with how they worded what their products contained and what those ingredients could do for you. What was happening was some manufacturers were throwing different ingredients and packing them into a capsule, hoping to swindle a few people. Currently, there are a handful of supplements out there that, I think, are able to be closer to an actual prohormone. However, the few that can really get you nice and built up are few and far between right now.

Don’t believe every little thing that you hear, as far as I am concerned the non-methylated prohormones that might be lurking around are ones that you really need to fact check. Take close looks at the label and mull over all of the details and ingredients, it will only take a couple of minutes. Best of all, you will be saving yourself the hassle of any potential health problems. I hate taking home a supplement that I get from the store, only to find out weeks late that it has done nothing to help me, in my quest to grow! I feel furious, but know that I will only have myself to thank for the bad buying decision.

You should pat yourself on the back for avoid taking anything that is methylated, I feel that is a fast road to causing your body some serious pain. Nearly all workout supplements on the market are non-methylated, as this basically became a commandment. You need not worry that you are going to have any methylation occur in your body. If you are taking anything at the moment that has the word methylated on the label, I would suggest that you get rid of it. I hope that this helped to lessen the confusion between non-methylated and methylated prohormones. Choosing a supplement of the non-methylated variety will always be the smarter choice, just make sure that you getting the ingredients that you need.

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