Can A Prohormone Affect Hair Growth?

Out of some of the oddest questions I’ve heard, it is rare that one will surprise me so much. Recently, a big fan of the site had been noticing that he was starting to grow hair faster than normal. I had told him that he might be imaging this and should measure results over the course of a few months, to really get a better grasp on what was going on. I had thought that this question could be a troll and wasn’t so quick to think that I would be getting an actual follow up, down the road. What I read, in his rushed response had me laughing and ready to help him figure out what was going on. The guy had spoken out about the times that he was needing to shave and get a haircut.

He mentioned that he could usually wait three days before he would need to shave his face and now it seemed like it had to be done every day. When he talked, so far back then, he had told me that he starting using something called a prohormone and was sure that this was what was causing him to turn into a person growing hair like a werewolf. I had asked the man if any other changes had happened in his life, especially regarding his diet and he assured me that all that was different was the prohormones he bought.

I kept in contact with the person that I’m talking about for the next few months and he noticed that his hair was still growing at a faster rate but here is the catch, he had stopped all prohormone use months before that. I wanted to be a somewhat good source of advice to a loyal reader but I was really starting to get stumped. After I told him to send me his nutrition regimen, along with any changes that happen during the week, I finally felt like I might have cracked the case and discovered a truth about myself in the process. What I had found out was the person was growing hair at a quicker rate, not because of a prohormone, but because he was consuming larger quantities of protein.

As you know, when we consume a high level of protein throughout our day, it does cause both hair and fingernails at a quicker rate. He had thanked me for being to solve his problem and I noticed something strange, I was being affected by the very same curious situation. As it turned out, I was getting haircuts like clockwork but I remembered that I had been seeing that staff far too often. When I had reduced how much meat was eating, partly to a change in diet, I found that my hair would be growing slowly. Who knew that an essential part of the food we consume can cause such an odd change to occur. To anyone who could be in a similar predicament, don’t worry, a prohormone can’t cause such a dramatic alteration to your hair.

Worse comes to worse, you could notice that your hair color may darken a bit but this is usually an exception and not a rule. It is always important to be sure that you are checking what you eat, just as much as any kind of supplement that you are using. Protein comes in powder form and in the food that we eat so you have to keep track of just how much of this important ingredient you are getting. If you don’t actively monitor your calories, you could wind up with long hair and fingernails without knowing what is causing it to happen!

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