The Half-Truths of Myths from Your Gym Buddies

Just as urban legends spread around the world, working out isn’t a topic that is safe from those same crazy half-truths, or total lies. I wanted to help you sift through all of the useless information that isn’t true. One of the first myths that I hear is how you should do squats before a workout, to help increase testosterone. Now, the science behind this tale is quite gross, so I will spare you the details. I have to say that this first myth wasn’t what I thought to be true for a long time. As it turns out, there is some truth to squatting before a workout and how it can help you add some strength to the rest of said workout. Where the falseness of this myth creeps in, is when you hear someone tell you that it will change your life forever or something exaggerated like that. You will indeed notice that you will be able to lift a little harder but it won’t be anything so drastic that it has a huge effect on your total workout, sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, if you are working out many times a week, squatting before every single workout day is going to mess you up aaaasflkjwhen you actually have squats to do on leg day! The second myth that I usually hear about is how you need to do (insert name of workout here) or you aren’t going to have much, in the way of results. First off, there are many different exercises that you can do and most of them will be beneficial to you. Don’t ever let someone get in your head about exactly how to train, unless you know that they know what they are talking about. Just because your buddy Jeff heard that you should only do ten sets of bench pressing to get a big chest, don’t listen to him. Read up on what exercises are going to be the best for what your training goals are and work from there. This next one is weird but I had to mention it, just in case I wasn’t alone in seeing this in gyms. Picture this: you are lifting some weight and drinking water, or whatever sports drink you have on hand, when you see someone drinking soda during a workout. As odd as it is to think of this, I had many instances where I would see someone downing a cola in the middle of their big lifting day, why? I will probably never end up cutting my sodas out of my diet, I am too far gone, at this point. That being said, I couldn’t even imagine trying to down a sugar-filled cola drink while I was working out.

Who Drinks Soda While They Workout?

The thought of the syrup and sugar in my system while I am needing water is enough to make me feel a little sick to my stomach. Besides being really bad for your endurance, as these drinks will slow you down, rushing that much sugar into your bloodstream when you don’t need it, is never a good idea. If you drink pop that is perfectly fine, you should just wait until after a workout to enjoy an ice cold soda, your muscle will thank you in the long run. Also, don’t even think about reaching for a soda pop when you are jogging or running, it is easy for that carbonation to jostle up your stomach and you end up throwing up, not a good way to spend a day on the track.

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