Muscle Milk to Debut Plant Based Protein

If you have ever shopped for a ready to drink protein supplement, you’ve likely seen Muscle Milk containers around that aisle. However, it looks like even one of the biggest protein companies out there is changing their way. Okay, well maybe not changing their way. However, Muscle Milk is working to change their line of products by adding a new source of protein that many vegans are quite excited about.

This new line of protein from Muscle Milk will be known as the Evolve line. It looks this move to cater to those needing a different source of protein will be a good move. If we looked at the climate of protein products about ten years ago, Muscle Milk had a huge hold on the market. However, there have been plenty of new companies trying to take up valuable shelf space in a world that Muscle Milk once dominated with little competition to get in their way.

Muscle Milk is a company that always offer their customer many different options for flavors. Those who are awaiting the new Evolve line will be quite happy to know that there are three flavors of the Evolve product line which will be: vanilla, chocolate, and almond. I am wondering how the almond drink will taste, when compared to such classics as chocolate and vanilla.

I have always loved the Muscle Milk line of protein drinks. My personal favorites either the mocha or banana flavors, as they have always gotten me through some tough workouts. I was amazed to recently see just how well Muscle Milk has done to create their own niche of specialized protein products. I really enjoy using the coffee house line of protein drinks. If you haven’t checked out what Muscle Milk is doing to mix coffee flavors with protein power, I highly suggest that you check it out when you get some time.

Another wonderful addition to the Muscle Milk line has been their berry smoothies. Not everyone knows that protein doesn’t always have to come from those thick chocolate and vanilla protein shakes. Sometimes, you can get fruit and vegetables to bring you the protein and fiber you are in need of.

Evolve is another product that is continuing the need of companies to provide more options to a wider audience of customers. There was once a period of time where only the most dedicated gym rats would go to get supplements. You know, those bodybuilding types that looked like they never left a gym. However, today’s changing market now means that vitamin stores are becoming just as common as a main street bakery in some cities. People are ditching the fast food and looking instead for a healthy smoothie.

What is your favorite flavor of Muscle Milk? I’m sure that most of you readers have tried a drink from this company, in one form or another. You can always leave your answer in a comment below or you can hard over to our social media pages to leave a comment there. I can’t wait to try Evolve and although it hasn’t been released in my neck of the woods, I will be eagerly awaiting when it arrives. Furthermore, I think that large percentage of vegans in the world will be looking forward to getting to try a healthier version of protein, sourced completed from peas.

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