An Old School Playlist to Keep You Moving

As we start to do our spring cleaning, there is an item in your home that desperately needs a makeover, your music player! I’m not going to list the songs that you have been hearing on the radio all of the time, I’ll leave that to someone else. However, what I did want to do was give you some awesome old school songs that can liven up even the dullest of treadmill days! The first song that I think needs to be on your next workout playlist is the classic Dream On by Aerosmith. We can relate to having a dream and Steven Tyler sings like nothing I’ve ever heard. Fun fact: I didn’t know that Aerosmith was the artist behind this song until someone told me, who thought I was an idiot.

When you listen to the Aerosmith that I grew up with in the 90s, hearing that classic doesn’t quite have the same vocal style, until the very end. Keeping with the theme, the next song that you should be adding to your ipod would be London Calling by the Clash. I could recommend the entire album but we will just keep it to the title track. Even if the lyrics don’t directly speak to you, that drumbeat, like an army marching through enemy territory, will have you feeling unstoppable. I love being challenged by the cool readers to come up with styles of music, so let’s discuss more old school tracks for your new playlist.

Next, I’ve got to give a special nod to one of my favorite bands, AC/DC. With these influential rockers, I could list just about any of their songs and get worldwide approval but I want to only pick one song per band. By doing this, you can explore each bands catalog of tracks on your own and find your personal picks, not just ones that I pick out for you. For AC/DC, I’ve got to go with Back in Black, it could be their signature song but it has withstood the test of time beautifully. From the killer riff, down to the vocals proudly declaring they are back, AC/DC will definitely have you getting through your next workout easier.

Not just a club that you have to be a dude to be in, I would suggest that Pat Benetar has some of the most rockers, I think that love is a battlefield should have a special place on this playlist. These are only a few songs that you could put into rotation, although I do have a neat trick for adding more variety to your playlist. Before you go out to the gym, getting all ready to set new personal records, check out the different playlist features of the music app of your choice. For instance, both Amazon Prime and Spotify have got some awesome options for sorting playlists by how you feel. You know that you can’t find the same joy in your sad and lonely playlist when you know you’re going to need songs that have a bit more edge to them.

I hope that you found some new picks in this song list, I have to add, as an honorable mention that living on a prayer would need to also be on a workout playlist. I know that you have probably heard this song more times than you ever want to again but with headphones and that driving bass guitar, you know it flips a switch inside of you!

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