What A Bad Experience with Prohormones Can Do

not feeling wellIf you have an adverse reaction, you could end up feeling like you got sick. I had actually confused what a prohormone had caused, when I noticed that I was not feeling right. I had to get up about four times in one night because I could not stop vomiting. I had cold chills and swore that I felt like I had a temperature, however, a thermometer proved to me that I did not. Along with those horrible feelings, came a loss of appetite. All of these crummy things were taking place all at once, leading me to be sure that I was sick. I was beginning to go from eating nearly everything in sight to barely being able to finish some scraps on a plate. I was mad that what I had used to rule the weights was causing me to not even get out of bed! It was when I thought that I might need to get some medicine, the symptoms began to finally go away.

I had thought that no one else had experienced this before and that I was some kind of rarity. I should have known better as I hunted down different stories describing what I had just gone through. From what I had gathered, there were two main causes for why this random sickness took me down for the count. One option, that I fear to consider, is that I had been duped into getting a counterfeit supplement. The thought of someone being able to do this to another human being turns my stomach. After I recovered from being so ill, I discarded the rest of that supplement (that isn’t around anymore), so I will never know if it was fake or not, I just wanted it gone.

The second option could have been that I just had a bad reaction to what I was using. I am sure that almost all of you have taken a product that everyone else swears by, only to find you have a bad reaction to it. The more potent that a supplement is, usually means that the side effects are going to be more serious. If I had a bad experience with a fish oil supplement, I wouldn’t have had such a bad reaction but since we are talking about the power of a prohormone, I got stronger side effects. I was fortunate enough to have only had anything like this occur in my life once. I will never forget feeling as ill as I did and if I never saw that particular prohormone again, it would be too soon. No one should have to experience such a bad illness for just trying to stay strong.

That whole painful learning experience reminds me of when prohormones were first gaining their popularity. The first ways that folks were getting this kind of supplement was through, what seemed to be, capsules that had a homemade quality to them. I was not into that scene in those early stages and I am thankful for that after hearing how bad it used to be. The first capsules that were used were not properly measured out, meaning that you wouldn’t really know how much of said prohormone you were getting in each serving! It is a miracle that more people didn’t end up dropping like flies but thankfully, most of them made it out of this unscathed.

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