Great Information for Anyone Wondering Where to Start

Here is some awesome info that covers some basic information about prohormones. This is something that is great for anyone who might be new to them and wants some basic information. There is so much confusion between prohormones and steroids, this infographic aims to clear up the misconceptions between the two. There is some great info concerning the Steroid Control Act of 1990, something that brought an end to steroids being able to be used by just anyone.

One big thing that sets these supplements apart from the others, was that they were always seen as a safer choice. Luckily, you will only have your own hormones amplified, nothing will add actual hormones to your body, that is a whole other thing. Although this is great as a basic read, if you are looking to get the Alpha Drol 1000 or the Msten Extreme Mass Builder, sadly, they are no longer available. While the Steroid Act of 1990 effectively put an end to most people being able to obtain any kind of steroidal items, all was not over. This was not the last time that we would see another act like this one end up being passed. In 2004, another act was created and was aimed more for prohormones, this time around.

While this Act was able to remove a large percentage of the supplements they wanted gone, this has only lead to companies becoming more and more creative. This Act even caused new kinds of prohormones to be made, in order to slide under the radar. This infographic even talks about the whole baseball home run race. As you probably remember, if you were old enough when it happened, Mark McGwire was one of the first baseball players to get busted for using performance enhancers. I want to give you all a chance to look through this awesome infographic, as there is a ton of useful information here. I want to give full credit to Black Diamond Supplements, who made this awesome thing. This is required reading for those of you who want to learn more about what you are taking. Here is the awesome infographic below, loaded with information, be sure to give it a look!


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