How Can I Increase the Strength of My Wrists?

One thing that is important when exercising is that you have strong wrists. Your wrists are responsible for how long you are able to hold a weight. However, you’ll want to ensure that you have base strength for your wrists. You might be surprised at how your forearms are the cause of how strong your grip is. Unfortunately, there is no way to build muscle in your hands.

If you think about it, the strongest and weakest people basically have the same amount of hand muscle, which is none. However, as we go up the arm, the next thing we reach are the forearms. Having strong forearms isn’t just practical it looks really cool. You don’t want to over train your forearms where you look like Popeye but you get the idea. One exercise that I absolutely love for strengthening wrists is the wrist curl.

It is a simple exercise that doesn’t require much equipment and you don’t have to overload a barbell to do it effectively. To start a wrist curl, you’ll need to position your wrists over a surface like a weight bench. Next, grab a weight that is comfortable enough to move your wrist without it hurting. The key to this exercise is that it build strength deep within your forearms. In turn, this forearm strength leads to more grip strength. One easier way to improve your grip strength is with a grip trainer. There are a wide variety of trainers out there. I was actually looking them up on Amazon and was amazed at the different levels. Apparently, the reviews are no joke and you need to start with a level that you are good with. If you buy a grip trainer that is too advanced, it is likely that you won’t even be able to make it budge.

However, if you prefer to use weights and don’t want to buy extra equipment, I’d recommend the wrist curls. I started doing wrist curls when I was about 22. I promise within a couple of months, you could tell a noticeable difference. I start receiving kind words about my new forearms and I’ve loved the exercise ever since. You can also use a piece of weight and a thick rope to roll the weight.

This is an exercise that is tough to complete many repetitions of. This rolling of weights is mostly done once or twice, as it can take a while to complete one full rep. To begin this exercise you will have a weight on the floor that is tied to a rope. Next, you will begin to hold a piece of wood or something similar and start doing a revving motion. In turn, the repeated effort exerted will begin to move the weight up. The exercise ends once you have brought the weight up as high as it will go. Of course, if you feel any pain and can’t complete the exercise it is perfectly okay to set the weight down.

There you have it, multiple methods to improve the way you grip. You might find that you want to employ a mixture of techniques into your training which is fine. The main thing to remember is that wrist development takes time. Rushing into training your wrists could potentially injure your forearms. Remember, there are many small bones in our hands and feet. When training your wrists, you want to be mindful of those sensitive smaller bones in the hand.

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