Don’t Be Lifting Like These Men and Women!

To be more on the lighthearted side today, I present a video collection that I’ve found, all about what not to do when you are working out. From the mildly amusing, to the downright dangerous, do not apply what you see in the video below to your workouts. To those that spend no time exercising, these clips won’t hit close to home. For the people among us that have tried what others in this video fail at, that pain becomes more personal. The squatting person at about 0:39 into the video had hit me the hardest. I don’t understand why you have to squat with wrists bent back so far. I would rather have shoulder and back pain, than to come close to breaking my wrists, by weight pushing them backwards. Also, I think a common pattern that I’m seeing throughout this compilation are egos that don’t know their real max weight.

There is a lesson to be learned by watching this video, it’s better to lift too little and move up weight than it is to lift too heavy and smack the gym floor! My advice to anyone that doesn’t want to end up the victim of one of these videos would be to tell your friends to leave their camera phones in the locker room. It’s depressing to see just how many gym patrons have no remote idea on how to use gym equipment. Perhaps, there should be more employees helping these misinformed individuals. I suppose that if there helpful workers ensuring that everyone knew how to do their exercises, we wouldn’t have any failure videos to watch. In all seriousness, every person in this video was very lucky to walk away relatively unscathed.

Before you start any new lift, use the day before your lifting to check your form. I know it is often harped on but form is the difference between success or failure, relating to getting the most out of your exercising endeavors. Also, make sure that who you bring to the workout center with you is a friend that coaches, not one who is standing there, waiting to film your next big goof.

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