The Fall and Rise of Musclepharm

You might have noticed that my title looks backwards but it is not. I found myself sucked into the hype of the recent Jones and Corimer fight that was recently broadcasted. I marveled at two amazing warriors giving it all they had, until my ADD set in. It was during the end of round, that stage where coaches tell their fighters how to prepare for what lies ahead, that I noticed something odd. I’ll probably show how much I’ve missed out on in the world of MMA but I noticed that there was no longer a Musclepharm symbol inside of the octagon.

After the amazing fight, I decided to find out what had happened to Musclepharm. I knew that the company was obviously still around because I’ve seen their supplements nearly everywhere. I mentioned that the title had the words fall and rise which sounds backwards until you know the story of the company. I don’t want to write a full length book here so I will make the beginning fairly short and sweet. Musclepharm was once one of the largest supplement companies in existence. I’m not going to delve into specifics of what happened but let’s just say a few bad decisions were made.

I’m not here to attack Musclepharm, quite the contrary. In my opinion, a few people made mistakes that anyone could make while being in charge of a company. Not everyone in the world has the business expertise that allows them to do everything perfectly. I am one of the people pulling for this company to take over the supplement world once again.

The Rewards of Never Giving Up

From what I’ve read, the company really seems to be heading a great new direction. They’ve cut ties with some of the athletic partnerships, in an effort to reduce spending which I support. Musclepharm is a company that can rely on their awesome supplements to increase their revenue, not another cheesy athlete deal. Musclepharm is aware of what originally took their company to such huge heights, the quality of their products. I remember some my best workouts were completed after downing a huge cup of blue raspberry Assault. I also love their protein powder, especially the chocolate flavor.

I’ve used Musclepharm supplements in the past and regularly follow the company. On one Halloween, I actually dressed up in Musclepharm gear and tweeted out a photo to the CEO. I was really worried, about a year ago, that Musclepharm may not be able to recover from a rough year. Just like the motivational phrases I love to read, this company took the bad with the good and rebuilt themselves. You can learn a lot about how to never give up from Musclepharm. This company could have easily retreated and admitted defeat. However, they all keep their heads up, made a few much needed changes, and came to back to fight and win.

A supplement company doesn’t need to sign athletes and be featured on giant billboards. If you make great supplements, people will know about it. You don’t need to look far to see how people feel about Musclepharm. Check out all of the top rated reviews that their supplements have on just about any workout website. I, for one, am really excited to see what the future holds for this supplement company. You can be sure that I will continue to have great workouts with the help of Musclepharm Assault.

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