How Rich Piana Has Educated a Generation

To those who are not in the know, the name of this bodybuilding legend will be lost on some. Like a true unsung hero, not everyone will know his name but most will know the leaps he has helped to bring about, in the world of prohormones. If size is any indicator of knowledge, this man is a genius. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this guy, just take a look at the picture below. He is probably one of the biggest humans that I have ever seen in my life. You might call a recent video, in which he challenged competitive YouTube eater Furious Pete, to an ice cream eating contest. It is cool to know that someone that size can eat Ben and Jerry’s and still look the way that he does, a true inspiration for anybody. I wanted to address some whispers that I have been hearing about. Whether this be nothing more than jealousy, I don’t know, but people are starting to comment on how Piana is looking recently. Taking the bait, I had to look for myself and I think that this is all getting blown out of proportion. The only real thing that was noticeable was that his hair had looked like it might be starting to go. This situation could have just been a new haircut, but once the thought is planted in someone’s mind, you know how people will start to speculate. Regardless of what is or is not going on in his personal life, that is definitely none of my business. What I do know about this man is that he has been one of the smartest dudes, as far as prohormones are concerned.

I remember learning some of the first information, when trying to put together my first stack, from Piana himself. I did not personally meet him or anything but the site that he was a part of was always a great source to get practical advice. I also liked that Piana but things into terms that I understood, from a person who you know has actually tried this stuff. Better than trying to get advice on supplements from a frail little nerd who has never picked up a plate in his life! The advice that I would read about from Piana led me to passing on a supplement that had ended up giving him nothing but problems. I take my hat off to this guy, who has been bending over backwards to let everyone know his own take on the world of supplements. I hope that nothing is wrong with the man and that he goes on to keep educating people in the way that he does. I have also loved that he is someone who advises against just following a training plan, without looking any further into it. I share this same view and have advised others to test more than one plan. If you don’t try any other kinds of lifts in your life, you will never know what you get the most growth with. I think that we all would love to enjoy a small piece of success that Piana has gotten throughout his lifetime.

pic of rich pianaSomething else to remember is where he started from and where he has gotten himself to. Rich Piana was facing a lifetime of hardships and took to working out, in order to help combat the demons that plagued his everyday life. I celebrate the great life that this man has had because of all of the valuable information that he has provided us with over the years.

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