Your Sign Could Lead to Better Fitness Knowledge

Don’t we all wish that we could be more in tune with what we really want? I find that my sense of what I want to doscorpion bounces from place to place more times in one single day than I know what to do with. Sure, you can spend time finding out what kinds of exercise you will like and the ones you want to pass on but there could be an easier way, if we just look up to the sky. No, I haven’t become some crazy poet that is trying to use buzzwords to confuse you, it all comes down to understanding a horoscope, bear with me. A horoscope could be a part of the newspaper that you usually thumb through but I guarantee that you’ve never looked at those predictions the same again.

I can do my best to explain how this process works but instead of that I will walk you through an example of how your horoscope can help your fitness life by using my birth month for this example, which is November. I am a proud Scorpio, having that astrological sign, let’s see what it says about my preferred workout style and if I find that this prediction has any accuracy to it. What I was able to find out is that a Scorpio can have the mindset that causes them to become obsessed with an activity. I can tell you, right off the bat, the horoscope that I am reading about matches up with my personality closely.

I will have to rule out any team forms of exercising, which leaves me out of all of those fitness classes I read about. While I do prefer to be by myself when training, it was mentioned that I could enjoy trying out boxing, which I have always wanted to do. Oddly enough, I have been a big supporter of boxing, trying my best to catch a good fight once a week. With the tendency that a Scorpio has for obsessions, it was also advised that I have one or two cheat days, so that I can help to teach myself that it is fine if I don’t follow my new food list every single day of the week. Can you now see how understanding your sign of the stars can give you that newfound sense of discovery?

At first, I had laughed off thinking that a horoscope could give me any real answers that would have to do with my working out style. As you’ve no doubt seen, the horoscope and how it spoke about my personality was enough to freak me out. It only took a couple of sentences of reading about what a Scorpio is like and what kind of workouts should be catered to them before I knew that this was like someone knew all of my secrets!

I will really have to consider making new choices with the new year around the corner that better aligns with my personality. It may take some lying to yourself, until you are aware that these new fitness activities could end up being suitable to your needs. It does make sense that people are looking to horoscopes for guidance about what style they should choose to get more physically fit. The next time that you are looking to change up your old routine, check the newspaper for what the stars are telling you to do.

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