An In-Depth Look at the Colossus Stack

I’m back again and happy to talk about a magnificent stack composed of two powerful supplements. This stack is for those who want a safe ending to their cycle with the addition of Mutant Cycle Support 2000. How good is this stack, you could be wondering. I will now present my review of the Collosus Stack. Now, this is a stack that is not to be taken lightly. I ran this cucle for four weeks and knew an additional seven days would be biting off more than I could chew. If you are new to implementing supplements that are to be cycled., I’d skip out on the Collosus Stack. Diet and exercise will play heaily into your results while taking this stack. If you’re looking for a stack to do all the lifting for you, look elsewhere. Considering that Methyl Alpha is an ingredient in Collosus Maximum Ganz, hacing the Mutant Cyle Support is a much needed partnership.

I had been trying out some newer movements, in order to better support my core. I knew that I would be sore, nearing the end of this stack. For some odd reason, it seems that I haven’t always had a desired reaction to the Methyl Alpha, it’s likely that I won’t be using anything with this in it after the Collosus stack. That isn’t to take anything away from the ingredient, it just gets to a point where you realize you’re starting to grow up. I’ll still love the supplements that I do use but when you’ve been big for a long time, different things start to take on new importance.

Anyways, before I go and get too metaphorical, it’s time to see how this stack did after two months. I’m happy with the Mutant Cycle Support. Being easy enough on my system to where I barely remembered I had been using it, this was a really good post cycle cleaner that made me feel great. It can get to a point, when using something like a prohormone, where you can actually develop flu-like symptoms. Making it tough to even move, let alone have the urge to go and lift weights, many men stronger than me have been sidelined for a good week. I felt right as rain throughout the two months that I was taking the Colossus stack. I would not use this as a cutting type of prohormone, I noticed that I was retaining water fairly easily. That being said, the massive retaining of water that was happening to me could very well have been due to the large quantities of water I was drinking. Being prone to side pains, I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks, you want your body to be flushing out toxins as harshly as possible.


In summary, while not the biggest player on the block, this stack still can deliver with the best of them. You won’t want to run these two supplements at the same time, preferably a month apart for the best results to be expected. Get ready for you new favorite easy to use and safer stack with the Colossus, provided that you do some legwork. Stick with your usual routine and watch and how much quicker you’re ready to move to the next level. Known for taking intermediate lifters to joining that elusive club of the big three lifts with high numbers, you’ll get that much closer with the colossus stack.

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