Super Mandro: Silly Name for A Great Alternative

Before I jump on the hype bandwagon, being that this is a popular alternative to prohormones, Super Mandro actually has some research behind it. There were a series of test performed in an actual university study that determined that this one will actually bulk you up, without making you fat. It was also shown that people who used this product, were able to really raise their old personal records. With all of that in mind, I got to give this bad boy a shot and was impressed. The name of this supplement is not something that I like that much, at first. However, I guess that I have grown used to it and actually think that it is kind of clever.


I do have to say that I love the packaging for Super Mandrol, it just hits you right in the face and looks super cool. There are some claims by the makers of this product, that you get over 300% more ingredients per serving than any other product like it, whether that is entirely true or not, they do make a strong case, due to just how effective Mandrol was. It has been a really long time since I was able to pack on more mass in just around thirty days. It honestly felt like when I first started picking up the weights. You know how great those newbie gains felt, but as you keep training, those big jumps in muscle become harder and harder to come by.

Even worse, some people assume, albeit incorrectly, that you can get big simply by eating more and training harder. That might make a great motivational poster to hang up in your room, but it doesn’t mean that it is entirely accurate. By following the previously mentioned diet and workout plan, you are only going to watch your pants fit tighter with that new gut that you develop. This is why dry gains hold such an importance over any kind of other ways to add more muscle onto your body. To simplify the somewhat odd phrase, gains that are dry mean that that is actual muscle that you are gaining, and not fat.

1-AD and Bergamottin are the two main players in why Super Mandrol is so effective at allowing you to build muscle at a much faster rate. Interestingly enough, Bergamottin is something that I had to read more about, as I had not seen it used in anything before. These two ingredients combine to provide you with, not only a better rate of absorption, but you will notice water retention not being a factor. If you have tried something before that made you appear chubby or you felt like you were bloated out, you might have been only adding on water weight. As weird as it sounds to someone inexperienced with what side effects come with bulking, this is one of them.

While not seen as something that would hinder the average user, people who are going to be onstage could be devastated by retaining more water than normal, it will actually work to hide the muscle over the extra water that is in the body. By not having to worry about the bad things that can occur when trying to gain weight, Super Mandrol is a big help in that process. You won’t be packing on a spare tire or feeling like the human equivalent of a waterbed, like other kinds of gainers would make you feel. If you don’t mind setting a somewhat strict schedule (this one should be taken three times a day), you will probably love the time that you spend with Super Mandrol bringing you what you want, mass gains all day!

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