My Own Personal Experience with 11-Oxoderm

A while back, before this one was taken away from shelves everywhere, I did have a chance to try it. I have to admit, that I was impressed with it and became sad to see it go. There are a couple of new things out right now that I have heard come close, but I will still be stuck on that one for a while. The best part about it was how easy it used to be to get. With the price that I could get the 11-oxoderm for, I would always make it a point to stock up whenever the need arose. I learned from the beginning that this supplement was not to be taken lightly. The way that it was created, it was actually a lot more powerful than some of the competition. However, due to the fact that it really looked like all of the other prohormones out there, some weren’t ready for just how much this did for them. 11-Oxoderm is not just some random name for this one, it is named that because it is eleven times stronger than most other prohormones.


11-Oxoderm came in, what I consider to be, a pretty standard bottle. I was actually dusting off some of the old ones that I had laying around today. Seeing the bottle again made me yearn for the past, but it’s just not worth all of the risks, so I tossed them all out. You might be wondering why I love and miss Oxoderm as much as I do, it was because of what it did for me when I used it. My strength had gone up so much for those first two weeks that I felt like a whole new man. I did have more body hair than I wanted, which made shaving almost a weekly thing. Even though I had to do a little extra work by keeping myself nice and presentable, I really didn’t mind. The staggering increases in how much I was starting to be able to lift, all on my own, was just too cool to let anything ruin.

I was starting to freak out my friends with how strong I was getting. They all made jokes, like friends do, but I knew that I was starting to see the same thing happening. Besides growing hair at a faster rate and getting an extra haircut, I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a bad experience using 11-Oxoderm. As of now, much like with many others, this one is no longer available. Yes, the big ban has taken another one but it is ok. I was bummed out when I first heard that Oxoderm, in this form, had been found to be something that was not going to be allowed to use anymore. One thing I have learned from working out, is that there will always be a supplement replacement just around the corner.

So, that is the tale of how this prohormone came into and quickly exited my life. Although I still had a couple of bottles of it laying around, hearing all of the potential what ifs that could arise if I kept using this, I had to throw it all out. If any of you want to go down memory lane with me and you have tried this one, head over to our social pages to let us know what you thought of it.

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