Is Hypnosis Good for More Mass?

People have turned to all sorts of strategies throughout time to get big, it’s no secret. Over time, those of us have wondered about a certain way of thinking and tying it to getting better looking muscles. For a while, I had heard of hypnosis as a way to get the body to do some amazing things but it never occurred to me that I could possibly attain strength, through thinking. Sounding impossible, you have to alter the way that you look at hypnosis to understand this. Not the kinds of scenes that you are picturing of having a pocket watch waved in your face, this more has to do with the way you think. With attracting the thoughts or feelings that you tie to your weightlifting, it stands to reason that you will get what you give. Have you noticed that those guys with negative attitudes never really get too far with weightlifting.

I mean, you have got to be motivated to workout, you can’t just phone it in every single time, it would be impossible. There has to be within, some fire to keep you returning to your grind every single week. It’s not like a job, ninety-nine percent of us aren’t getting paid a single cent to go and workout so there has be inner motivation to get that done. I have heard many say that self-hypnosis does wonders on all many bad habits we all have, I’ve also heard it is amazing for weight loss, meaning that you can sometimes think yourself thin, I suppose.

positivityWhat doesn’t ring a bell to me is anyone trying it for more strength, I had to see if it would cause much of a change. I began my weightlifting my focusing on my thoughts, about ten minutes before a workout. I read that some would spend twenty or thirty minutes thinking but that caused me to end up taking an afternoon nap and missing out on my whole day, no thanks! I would rather just take a little time and during those moments I would remain focused on nothing but attaining new levels of being stronger than I ever have before. Wouldn’t you know it, within about a week or so, I was able to start lifting a new record for a couple of my more compound lifts. Shrugging this off as beginner’s luck, I continued to focus all of my thoughts for a brief moment in time to just getting stronger, picturing myself bigger than I have ever been. It might seem silly to you but I really love learning and applying the power that my mind truly has to all aspects of my life.

What is really weird was how often I enjoyed doing these pre-game mental warm ups. At first, I didn’t think that I would get far thinking myself to become a stronger person and that was the exact attitude that got me nothing, at first. After so many days spent spending thinking, you almost become smarter at focusing your thoughts, that is where the magic happens. Give it a try, no matter how cynical you might be, you would be astounded at what change a couple of minutes can make. Take it from a skeptic, there is a possibility that your mind can help you attain more strength, way better than most of the tired stuff out there.

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