Scivation Unleashes New Quake Pre-Workout

Scivation Quake is a preworkout supplement that has just been released. If you follow supplements, you probably know quite a bit about Scivation already. However, for those unaware of this brand, let me tell you a little bit more about this company. The supplement that they are likely most known for would be Xtend, an intra-workout product. It looks like Scivation will be taking a leap into the preworkout category with Quake 10.0. This supplement comes in two delicious flavors watermelon bubblegum and lemon drop. There is also a caffeine free version of the lemon drop flavor that is available. The caffeine free pre-workout is made for those who can not have caffeine in their diet. One awesome thing that jumps out at me regarding this supplement is that it includes Xtend within it.

A lot of supplement companies can add a BCAA to their supplement. However, getting to have one of the best intra-quake overviewworkout products included within your product is a sign that you are on to something good with Quake 10.0. You can take either one to two scoops of Quake, although I recommend that you start at only one scoop to asses your tolerance. I was able try the watermelon bubblegum flavor of this product. I had almost picked up the lemon drop flavor but it was only available in the caffeine free product which doesn’t appeal to me.

Anyways, after mixing up the watermelon bubblegum powder, I was ready to give this supplement a taste. I have to say that this stuff tastes great, perfectly sweetened. Watermelon bubblegum isn’t a flavor that you hear of very often, so I was worried that this drink was going to end tasting really funky. Happily, the drink was delicious down to the last drop. After about 15 minutes, I felt the caffeine start to kick in. There is about 100 mg of caffeine in Quake 10.0 per serving, just a heads up. If you don’t know how Xtend is formulated, it has leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which all are ingredients that help promote muscle growth. I have been able to lift weights multiple days in a row with the help of Xtend, I could not be happier to finally see it within a preworkout. Where many preworkouts give you a quick burst of energy and nothing else, you won’t be having that experience with Quake 10.0.

As a matter of fact, I felt so good after taking this preworkout, I was getting excited at thinking about my next lifting session. I had an especially grueling chest and back training day ahead of me so I knew that I was going to need something to keep me going strong. I am so glad that I brought along Quake 10.0, wow! When I was reaching the final sets of bench pressing, I barely felt that fatigued at all. Naturally, your muscles will start to feel tired towards the end of any workout. However, while using Quake 10.0, I really never felt that worn down. It was almost as if I had unlocked some kind of new endurance within me, as weird as that sounds. I can’t wait until my store gets the caffeinated version of lemon drop in stock so that I can try it too! Quake 10.0 works so well I might even have to try out the non-caffeinated version, also!

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