Product Information and the Differences Made

If you have been hearing about prohormones for a while, you will have heard of Super DMZ. This supplement is one that is thought of as one of the more stronger supplements out there, and with good reason. However, as great as this product was, it was not without its own issues and problems that came up over time. It was starting to be reported, by users and through tests, that Super DMZ was causing issues with ones body. Namely, liver damage was something that was tested and reported, which brought this supplement nothing but bad press.

super dmz

Super DMZ, as we would know it in its original form, was shortly banned from shelves. I was for sure that would probably be the last I would ever hear about Super DMZ. However, that was all about to change with the release of Super DMZ 2.0. This supplement was set to be different from the original formula. At first, things were going pretty well for this new supplement as it was actually quite a bit different from the first run of this product. This new version was aptly named because it contains two different kind of steroids in one supplement. I am sure that this would give people some crazy good results in the gym, but it can also carry twice the risk and soon this is exactly what would happen. But first, everyone really seemed to love how well this new version worked when compared to the old one.

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However, when it began to look good for this supplement, history had repeated itself. Shockwaves ran through the supplement community when reports came out of this newer alternative causing liver damage. The crazy thing to be is that now, as of writing this, there is actually a version 4 of this supplement. I guess that people will continue to use it over time, so I can’t really blame anyone there but it is shocking. I mean, to think that this supplement has been through that many revisions over time is just astounding to me. Nevertheless, as time goes on, we will see more and more supplement companies ready to change what they are doing at the drop of a hat. When new information comes to light regarding just what these products can do to people, it can really change a strategy of what someone will do the next time they see that company label in their local store. This is not just something that Super DMZ is doing right now, you can really start to see it happening everyone, especially with regards to anything having to do with sports nutrition.

After the first version, I have not really had much more experience with the new versions of this product. At least, I never got to try them because they seemed to be pulled off of the shelves after a certain amount of time. I have heard some really good things about the newest version 4.0 of this stuff, so I might have to try and get it. It seems like things are really turning around with this company, so that is always good to hear. With all that is going on, it could be off the shelves by the time I go to order it, but we will see!

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