Prohormones: Where Do We Stand with New Laws?

The Uncertainty of Prohormone Supplements

As you have no doubt heard, there was a recent huge ban on prohormones. Last I had heard, it was actually going to be all of the prohormones. This is something that has happened in the past with steroids but with prohormones being the safer and, at the time, legal alternative. Where do we all stand now with our “safer alternative” being banned? Well, luckily, there are some places out there that have found something that replicates those supplements that are now banned. So, if you need to find the greatest prohormones, you are in luck. There are supplements out now that actually give you the muscle building power of these supplements, but they aren’t banned. These supplements are not banned because they are not technically prohormones, but we will get back to that. Let’s talk about the reaction to this ban on the internet.

I have been checking in on the popular forums for this subject and opinions are mixed, to say the least. Some people really seem to think that everything will be banned and that there is no way that any supplement will come close now that the ban is final. Others will say that this is something that really can not be fully stopped but only delayed time and time again.

best prohormones on the market after the ban

I tend to agree that both sides are right in their own way. We had to look into this ourselves as we were on the verge of beginning this website and were worried about the current state of these kinds of supplements. Because of this, we looked into the issue and actually found that all hope was not lost. There were products that were known as perfectly safe alternatives to prohormones of any kind. Our too good to be true sirens went off at that point and we knew that we would have to dig a little further.

Well, luckily there are companies that have been making legal and safe (even now) alternatives to prohormones. Even better, there is more than one company so you have a lot of options, well at least a few, here’s more about that below.

The bad thing with us needing to look into a whole new area for safer alternatives that aren’t being banned is now a whole group of us is subject to being ripped off. So, we worked on bringing you the most trustworthy ones which are covered in this

To sum it up, you need to be careful because you need to watch out for the supplements that are new and not trusted. I would recommend that you stick with companies that have certifications and are popular among the public. Even though we are dealing with the after effects of a prohormone ban, there are better choices that you can make.  One example of a bad choice would be this recent news story about prohormones being used in sports. This is another example of the pressure that teens face when playing sports and that need to rise above the competition.

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