Kings Guard is an Awesome PCT

From the makers of some heavy duty supplements, Olympus Labs, we have a product that is made for support. This kind of support won’t be that it will build more muscle or give you additional energy, this is much more important. We’re talking all about liver support, a issue that is too often ignored by members of the weightlifting community. To put it simply, if you want to achieve the most muscle gains possible, you have to keep your internal system working well. Considering the lives that we lead, often using supplements, keeping your liver clean is a smart way to live. The ingredients in Kings Guard are absolutely stellar. Let’s get into just what makes Kings Guard stand at attention.

The first ingredient that you’ll see on this supplement is milk thistle. Like it’s hunger-inducing cousin blessed thistle, this variant is great to help protect your organs from wear and tear. With the added stress that comes with a regular weightlifting regimen, you’ll need something to help with blood pressure. In addition to lifting weights, you are likely eating a diet that is high in protein, further adding to blood pressure concerns. After spending a few months suffering with a bad diet, I decided to try Kings Guard. One slight drawback is that you’ll need to use six capsules as a suggested serving. However, there is still 30 days worth of product within the container, so I can’t really complain. As someone who has used his fair share of supplements over the years, swallowing a large number of capsules doesn’t freak me out anymore. Garlic bulb is another ingredient featured in this supplement. I like being able to get my requirement of garlic in a capsule form, as I normally can’t stand eating the stuff. Best of all, you won’t have any nasty garlic burps that can be especially off-putting to everyone around you.

Another burden that can derail your weightlifting is getting sick. We don’t like to get sick but it is usually something that we can’t control. Taking multivitamins work well for strengthening your immune system but sometimes that won’t cut it. MaitakeGold is in Kings Guard (at 15mg) and is a great way to add more strength to any immune system. I was never sick in the entire duration that I took this supplement, which was about two months. Some may find it not to be that cool but I really liked the way that each capsule looked. Not just to better distinguish it from the others but I felt that the neat design on each capsule looked awesome. The bottle itself that hold the Kings Guard also has that alpha male look to it that will draw attention from your gym buddies. Overall, I couldn’t have been more impressed with Kings Guard. Sure, it doesn’t boost your strength or give you enough energy to bounce off the walls but that isn’t what this supplement is about. Rather than worry about gains, get yourself a good PCT like Kings Guard and protect your liver. If you are currently feeling like you need to do something to take your weightlifting to the next level, it could very well be that your post cycle nutrition is suffering. Our bodies undergo some amazing wear and tear, isn’t it time to help better protect yourself against any damage?

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