Clearer Warnings Coming to A Supplement Near You

It is happening, something that I’ve wanted to for a while and we are starting to see it get rolled out, which would be stricter warning for supplement labels. Right now, all of the attention is homeopathic supplements. The new labels will basically say that there no scientific evidence that these products can cure any disease. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the new words are there to promote consumer safety, allowing them to know more of what they are about to get into before they buy said item. I had not known that much about what homeopathy even was, until I read the story about these new label warnings for that category of supplements. The study of homeopathy definitely has many who feel that this type of medicine is nothing but hogwash.


Could this mean that more labeling will be coming to other kinds of supplements, as well? Yes, as it turns out, we are seeing that there are new warnings being made for anyone who is using some of the more potent testosterone supplements available. I have always been under the impression that having too much information is greater than not having enough, especially when talking about trying out a new supplement for the first time. It looks like some great changes are being made to how informed the public will be, going forward. I don’t think that the homeopathic supplements will be the last stop of these new labels getting made and I don’t believe anyone is upset about that. The supplement manufacturers might be shaking in their boots, at least the shadier ones will be but I think that this is a great sign that the supplement industry is really moving forward. Likening it to the old days of UFC where there hardly any rules, with the addition of some rules and regulations that we would see in the following years, look at how far the sport has come! Of course, you can’t talk about supplements being regulated without mentioning the grand rise and fall of prohormones.

Being something that is slowly becoming a bygone era, we now have supplements that are becoming closer to full-fledged safety and quality, across the board. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that we all start getting into fitness to improve our health, not to risk it on using supplements that could endanger our very safety. There isn’t anything the matter if you decide that you want to take something that will give you faster results, as long as you know what you are getting into. Rest assured that there, nowadays, are far more supplements that are perfectly acceptable to take, without any major side effects. As for that other small but dangerous group that has actually ended up hurting people, it looks like we’ve got a great organization that is setting out to make sure we don’t hear from those dangerous products again. At the very least, we will know by looking at a label the real truth behind what a supplement can and can not do. For those that weren’t aware, homeopathy is an idea that adding smaller doses of what would produce said illness in a person, to be used by someone suffering from that illness, much of the so-called science has been torn apart and had its effectiveness strongly doubted.

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