Alpha Brain Now in RTD Form

I am an avid listener of the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, let me start with that. If you don’t know this national treasure, he is a former professional wrestler. During the boom of the late 90’s, when you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone in a wrestling tee, this was when Stone Cold took over the world. As a matter of fact, if any of you were one of the many people who found themselves glued to their television every Monday, you know exactly who I am talking about. Since his retirement from in-ring competition, Steve Austin has taken to the airwaves with one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever heard. Take that glowing praise from someone who usually can’t stand to listening to people talk on the radio, usually I am all about my music. With tales of his old matches, current commentary, and anything else you can think of, the Stone Cold podcast has it all. Why I mentioned Steve Austin and his podcast, was because that was where I first heard about the Onnit line of supplements. To be more particular, the Alpha Brain product was one that I really had my eye on. I sometimes have those days where it feels like I can not escape the mental fog that surrounds my brain. You’ve all been there, you can’t remember a name or another important piece of information and you feel completely stupid. Call it just my luck but I also notice that those moments of forgetfulness often happen in the most crucial times in my life.

I’ve since tried Alpha Brain and was blown away by it, now I’ve found out that they are releasing this supplement in a RTD. Also, known as a ready to drink supplement, the new Alpha Brain is something that you can drink while you are on the way to wherever you need to go. Currently, there is one flavor available in the Alpha Brain drinks, a peach flavor. If you recall from a long time ago, there a peach flavored pre-workout that the world couldn’t get enough of. I was so sad when I heard that the old peach flavored pre workout was going to be discontinued that I still have some hidden away, although it has most likely long since expired. If you are under the impression that the Alpha Brain RTD is going to be another gross mini-drink that you have to force yourself to down, I’ve got good news!

This new from of Alpha Brain is contained within mini pouches, just like the flavored water packets you see all over the store. One thing I didn’t count on was how popular that RTD was going to be, as it seems to be sold out everywhere I look. If the out of stock messages I’m seeing everywhere are any indication of the future of Alpha Brain, I would say that things are looking really good! Don’t feel the need to just stop at Alpha Brain, the Onnit company does makes plenty of other great products that can help just about anyone. We all have those moments where it feels like we are forgetting things that we should remember, why not have something have in your corner to bring that memory back to where it used to be?

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