Should You Try an Estrogen Blocker?

For people that are starting, or have used prohormones in the past, they might have some experience with using estrogen blockers. These kinds of products are seen as something that can be very useful when combining them with a run of your prohormone supplement. Why is blocking estrogen such a big deal for your body? I will do my best to give you the information as to why this has grown in popularity. One reason that you want to make sure that your estrogen levels are in check, is because this is a hormone that is primarily found in women.

When men use these prohormones, there is a chance that you might end up producing higher levels of estrogen. If you are working out, the last that you will want will be more estrogen. You see, this hormone, something that is found in women, will wreak havoc on the progress that you have made during your cycle. If this happens, there are going to be some signs that you will want to look out for.

The first sign will be in how your body looks. You will notice that where there used to be harder muscles, this tissue will start to end up getting softer and will look more like fat than anything else. You will want to do everything that you can possibly can, in order to help your body avoid triggers to produce more estrogen. An easy way to stop any problems that would require using an estrogen blocker will be stopped, if you do your best to keep your diet in check. Making sure that you are getting enough servings of vegetables and avoiding alcohol are two great ways to keep the body from storing an excess of estrogen.

I might also recommend, if you don’t want to get a specific estrogen blocker, that you look into getting a grape seed supplement. These are a bit easier on the wallet and can be found in most of the big stores. Another tip is that you can also find enough of this ingredient in certain supplements that you take before a workout. Just be sure to avoid picking this up, if you are already getting enough in your intake with other supplements.

I would definitely suggest that you look into getting one of these before taking any kinds of prohormones, if possible. The reason that I say this, is if you notice the signs of higher estrogen production, it might be too late to stop it right away. This happens because the anti-estrogen product will need a couple of weeks to be in your system before it is able to work to its full effect. If you notice that you might be behaving a bit differently, this is often a telltale sign that you might be suffering from an estrogen imbalance.

There are different ways that you can raise your testosterone, and when you do this, there will always be an increased risk of your body reacting badly. In the mind of your body, it increases the production of estrogen. This increased production is used to combat the major increase in testosterone. So, really, the body is only trying to help you by adding estrogen into your body, but we know that this actually ends up hurting your results. The body can sometimes be a funny thing!

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