What to Look for in A Mass Gainer

I hope that everyone is having an awesome year, so far, I know that mine has been staying busy. When I find that I am in a super busy time of my life, my nutrition takes a backseat. I know that I should implement some sort of system to make sure I am eating when I need to be but that is easier said than done. When I am pressed for time, I will usually reach for a mass gaining supplement as all I have to do is mix them up with some milk and I am good to go. Plus, it beats having to put together an actual meal, my laziness wins sometimes, I don’t what else to say. Being that there are many different mass gaining supplements out there, you want to ensure that you know what you’re looking for. Without further adieu, I present the three criteria that I always look for when picking out a new mass gainer.

The first component of what makes a mass gainer a good one is the taste, hands down. I will pay a slightly larger price for a supplement, if I know that it tastes good. I don’t know if some of the companies making our workout aids have tasted some of the flavors they make before but wow, some really miss their mark. Once you do find a mass gainer with a flavor that is preferable to you, it is like having your own little supplement secret that no one else knows about. I would say that a handful of the mass gaining supplements that I have tasted would meet the criteria of having really good taste. If you’re going to be drinking this powdery mix, multiple times a week, wouldn’t you want to have something that you enjoy drinking?

When discussing mass gainers, the next criteria that needs to be in good standing with me would be the price per a thicker youserving. One sneaky thing that can happen with mass gainers is not paying enough attention to how many servings are in each container. As is common with powders that help you to gain mass, the container looks full to the brim and like you will be all set for months, until you start reading labels and seeing that you only have five servings in that container that you just spent fifty bucks on. Resist your impulses and, before you take that container of mass gainer 5000 to the front counter, flip it around and see how much full sized shakes you get, per container. I don’t want to make it seem like the makers of these mass gainers are out to get you, they aren’t, you will just need a lot of powder to gain weight in such an easy way.

Finally, ingredients are essential to how well a mass gainer does for you. If you are fueling up with a mass gaining shake that is loaded up with filler ingredients and sugar, you won’t be gaining much besides fat. When deciding on a mass gaining shake to try, check the amounts of protein and where all of those calories come from. Of course, you will need carbohydrates and fat wouldn’t much hurt someone needing to gain weight but just be sure that you are getting everything in moderation, you don’t want to depend only on shakes for nutrition.

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