Remembering Mutated Muscle: A Forgotten Powerhouse

Definitely one of the grossed named products that I had tried in my past, Mutated Muscle by Anabolic Androgenic Research, does stand out. Now banned, there was a brief time where some thought that this one supplement would take over the prohormone world. If you look at the ingredient label, it is easy to see why. I remember that there sixty capsules in a bottle of this product, which had a serving size of one capsule and it was packed with all kinds of muscle builders. Many of these ingredients made to be build muscle would what be what did Mutated Muscle in, as it was one thing that popped for having banned substances.

  • Mentabolan – Animal testing, which I am mega against, had this compound ready to be put in the hands of avid bodybuilders. Seen as more of a designer prohormone, it was recommended that no more of 30 mg was used, throughout the course of a single day.
  • Cynostane – This was first created, as an alteration to a bigger steroid. This seemingly new prohormone did have lower instances of side effects, which made it super popular. However, being that it was usually jammed into a supplement with other, more dangerous ingredients, didn’t really help to make this one stick around for long.
  • Trenavar – I am pretty sure that I found what could have ended up getting this one banned. While being great for building larger muscles, there were so many bad aspects of what could happen to you by using anything with Trenavar in it, it was never really worth the risk.

This supplement even had what was known as a complex, set out to control estrogen levels. Usually, this is a benefit that is exclusive to supplements that you take AFTER something like this, cool to see it being used early on. I have always felt that the earlier you battle estrogen spikes, the better! There are much better alternatives to be used, when your primary goal is to lower estrogen levels. One positive about much of these supplements getting banned, is that we can have safer options for estrogen control. Even better, there isn’t so much out there right now that will even mess with your estrogen levels, which is great!

The Weak Need Not Apply

One thing that had always stood out about this prohormone, over some of the others, was that it was never seen as a supplement that just anyone could try. I had even heard from most who had used it to at least have used prohormones a few times before even starting to use Mutated Muscle. I remember one big plus of this product was how effectively it reduced my waiting time, for my muscles to actually feel healed up and ready to rock again. I’m not saying that I would use it again, knowing what I do now, but that was a fond memory of never really getting that sore. However, I would trade those tiresome bouts of aching and keep my health, thank you very much!

As hindsight would have it, I don’t know how I didn’t see how hard this supplement would be pushing my body. I don’t miss using prohormones like this after putting all of the pieces together and seeing how much harm I was doing to myself. All we can do is learn from out past, no matter how hard that lesson might be to take.

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