Is Daily Amino Your New Favorite BCAA?

From the makers of one of my favorite pre-workout supplements, the Curse, Cobra Labs is back at it again with another awesome supplement that I wanted to tell you more about. Known as Daily Amino, this BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) supplement wants to be your go-to product to get your aminos from, but should it be? I went ahead and picked up the sample pack of the Daily Amino supplement, not only so I could accurately test all flavors but also because it was a really good price. Made in three different flavors, as of this writing, they are: green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch. While not the most imaginative choices, Cobra Labs has chosen three stand out flavors, in terms of popularity, so it’s hard to fault them for their decisions.

Each serving of the Daily Amino supplement only contains five calories per serving, making sure that this won’t be a product that messes up your calorie goals for the day. What I liked about this supplement was that it was another, in the recent history of BCAA supplement to include caffeine in it. The amount of caffeine in each serving is 110 milligrams, which is the near perfect amount for some of us. Personally, I am someone who is one the higher end of the caffeine tolerance, so it would take a little more than that to fully energize me. However, I did have one particularly crazy Holiday season this year, so I went ahead and drank my first flavor, green apple, like I would a morning cup of java!

Within about ten minutes, I already felt slightly more awake from the Daily Amino, than I would from my usual cup of coffee. Best of all, I didn’t have to worry about burning my tongue on a hot beverage, as I have barely slept the past two days! As anyone with a larger family can tell you, the holidays are always going to be one of the busiest times of the year. Whether it be the constant driving, or family nagging at you to show up on time, December is one of my most stressful and least energized months of the year, I am simply being pulled in far too many directions. The green apple Daily Amino flavor had a nice kick to it, with an emphasis on a slight sour flavor that was well represented in this beverage. Next up, would be the blue raspberry flavor, my own choice for favorite supplement flavor ever. I found that the blue raspberry was delicious in this BCAA supplement and it almost had me ready for a second serving but I didn’t want to overdo it. Finally, the last flavor was the fruit punch option and I found it to taste very well. If I had to pick my favorite between the three flavors, I’d probably have to choose the blue raspberry but I am a bit partial to that flavor and always have been. If you are tired of your old BCAA product that you have lying around, collecting dust, than it is highly likely that you might want to give Daily Amino a look. For only about 20 bucks for 30 servings, it has one of the better price points that I have seen for a BCAA supplement. Like they did with the Curse, Cobra Labs is here to make their mark on the supplement world and, so far, they have done a remarkable job.

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