Will Androgen Make Me Grow More Hair?

Both genders have asked about the rate at which hair growth will occur, if you were to use the Andro type of prohormone. Women will want to not take certain prohormones, due to the fact that they will add more hair onto their face. I’m not a woman but I would be embarrassed to walk around town, sporting a newly grown in mustache, or even worse, a beard! Where hair will grow, will depend on how much of the Andro is taken and the duration of use. Men have mixed feelings about the hair growth that can occur as a side effect of Andro use. Males who can’t grow dark or thick facial hair may like the newfound full follicles, associated with prohormones.

Men like me, who were sporting goatees before they could drive, hate having to shave off more hair than we already have. This isn’t a farming game, where you can choose where the crops come into grow, expect patches. When I had ran Andro, one dumb time in my life, I was busting out my electric razor shortly thereafter, because my chest hair had gotten thicker, at least that was how it felt against my shirt. I started becoming itchier and didn’t know if I was breaking out in a rash, or if my hair was becoming coarser. I had astronomical weight gaining properties with the Andro, I couldn’t keep enough shirts on handy that were loose fitting, which was what I liked to have when it came time to go asleep. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand trying to get rest, while wearing a shirt that is too tight. I feel like my circulation is being restricted as I close my eyes, it freaks me out.

After I got baggier clothes, I was still noticing that the patches of hair had become darker. I already am someone with olive skin, with a naturally darker hue to my hair, this was my boiling point. You can easily find horror stories of women, who were given the wrong advice and ended up using prohormones, mostly made for men. What these poor females were in for was a world of torment and changes that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. If it isn’t in too late of stages, women can get operations to have the more manly aspects of supplement use reversed. However, time is a great healer and will reverse most damaging side effects of prohormones. They say that blondes have more fun, they will also be the luckiest when it comes to supplements and additional growing of hair.

Due to the lighter shade, blonde hair is only visible under intense light. Brunettes have a disadvantage, due to their hair being darker. Any way you slice it, there are prohormones that can cause you to grow more hair. Always do extra checking up on any supplement you plan on using, those hours of research could mean the difference between growing muscle and only growing hair! Take this from someone who has suffered from fast-growing facial hair for years, just make it a part of your morning routine. Yes, it will add a bit of an effort to get the rest of your morning ritual done faster but you won’t be caught off-guard with too much scruff, ever again. Also, look into getting a type of topical lotion for an aftershave, they actually do help me to shave less during the week. Check what the product will smell like, if possible, before getting it. You don’t want to be stuck with a bad smelling aftershave that will leave folks running away from you.

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