What You Get is Always What You Put In

This is not just a nifty title but also something that I learned in many important ways throughout my life. This is common core philosophy and something that I always remember when it is time for me to accomplish something. I wanted to share something with all of you about this lesson has never proved to me more true than when a friend told me about his recent New Year’s Resolution gone awry! My pal is quite a lucky guy, he has a great family and an awesome job. Even though my buddy has been blessed in many different ways, he wasn’t always the brightest bulb, if you catch my drift. So, my buddy decides that he wants to cheat the game that him and his wife came up with. They had a challenge to see who could reach their goal weight the fastest. Things were beginning to get pretty serious (they are both very competitive) so I knew that, as their friend, the games were really about to begin. Well, the man in that relationship was actually my co-worker, so I knew that I was going to know more about what he would do to win this challenge.

As it turns out, the madontskipliftsn had done quite a bit. With his awesome paychecks that I grew to be so jealous of, he went out at lunchtime and stocked up on nearly every good supplement that he could find. I mean he had a giant bag filled to the brim with anything you could imagine. After being in disbelief that some store would actually sell one person that much, I asked him what the goal of all of this madness actually was. His plan was to take all of the stuff to avoid going to the gym to actually put in any work. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this. I legitimately wondered how this person was able to get up and go to their job in the morning.

I had to tell him the error of his ways before he seriously put himself in jeopardy. We made a trip after we left work to go and return what we could. I made a plan for him and his wife with ingredients that they each preferred in order to better help them. To the wives credit, she was much more agreeable about the thought of having a meal plan than the husband was. I congratulated them, as the time of final results approached, and as they weighed in, seeing the happiness on their faces was a great reward for my time spent working with them.

I had to sit down with them and speak with them about the lesson that I had grown up with as a child. It has always been a universal truth that has stood the test of time for me. If you plan on reaching your goals, you are going to have to put in the work to get there. You might not always have the finish line in full view but as you keep working, you will see there. Once you cross that finish line (accomplishing your goal), you will feel one of the best feelings in the world, victory! Keep your head up and plow through whatever is stopping you from having that goal right at this very moment.

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