Why Green Tea is A Great Muscle Builder

I have been an avid tea drinker for quite some time. In the past, I was unaware of all of the awesome benefits that this super drink can really provide someone who lifts weights. I had seen a couple of supplement companies that I follow releasing some green tea products a while back, and I wasn’t sure how to process this. I mean, I love green tea as much as anybody but I wasn’t sure what the connection was between bodybuilding and drinking green tea.

To me, it seemed like it would be equal to someone selling water and talking about all of the ways that it can help you in the gym. Beyond hydration, my mind was drawing a blank. It was only until recently that I began to look into this issue. Since so many of the products that revolve around our lifestyle were removed in 2014, we must all try to find replacements. I wanted to know more about just how green tea was able to be so good for all of you gym rats out there.

green teaandprohormoens

One huge perk that comes with drinking green tea is that it really does help your immune system. If there is one thing that you do not want to happen when using the more expensive pro-hormones out there, is that you get sick. This can completely derail a good streak of working out. I have had it happen to me before and, honestly, it was devastating. Mentally, you want to say that you can get up and get in a big lifting session but your sick and tired body just will not let you!

While green tea can help you avoid getting sick, it also has benefits that can stretch into the long-term. Drinking this product can also help you greatly reduce your cholesterol levels. Lowering these levels is a big part of keeping you healthy. Considering that most people looking to get buff are going to be putting away all kinds of protein (depending on how clean they decide to do it) will all definitely benefit from having those cholesterol levels drop away.

By drinking green tea regularly, you will also end up having stronger bones, studies show. When putting your body until all of that physical stress, it is good to know that green tea could be in your corner. For anyone who has ever suffered a broken bone, you know that it is not a fun experience. I remember when mine happened years and years after it had. I was walking outside of my house during a snowy day and I fell suddenly. Next, I heard a snap and thought that something might have been broken. After getting it looked at, it was revealed that, when I had fallen, I ended up breaking my wrist.

If you think that dealing with working out and still being sick is bad, you should think about how bad it would be when dealing with a broken wrist. I was forbidden from going to the gym for many months and that was another time that I lost a lot of progress. Sure, green tea is not going to pack on muscle to your frame overnight but it is one of the best preventative measures out there. Even better, it is so much safer and well-known than a lot of the other stuff that would offer you the same benefits. So, head to whenever you can get it from and grab some green tea. Not only does it tastes great, but for all of you extreme weightlifters out there, it just might save you from an injury or two and keep you feeling healthy!

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