Information about Methylstenbolone: My Personal Take

I wanted to go over another type of prohormone, in order to better educate my valued readers. Methylstenbolone was, at first, disguised as a safer way to use prohormones. What made this kind of prohormone different from the other formations was that it knocked out any kind of estrogen builders. Not touching the receptor responsible for increased production of estrogen, anything with methylstenbolone in it was seen as a smarter choice. One big negative about using this type of supplement was that it was very tough on your organs. Namely known for its destruction of the liver, it was almost mandatory that you take another product with this, in order to lessen the bad side effects.

There were just way too many bad effects, associated with this prohormone, that had to have a safety measure put in place for it. Those of us who didn’t like maintaining longer cycles found a friend with methylstenbolone, however there would be negative repercussions from such a short cycle life. Only lasting about a month, the cycles that were ran of this supplement were shorter in length, only because the potency of this prohormone made it unsafe to use for a longer period of time. Before it was removed worldwide, I would run about five milligrams of methylstenbolone, at around two to three servings per day.

There is room for changing your required amount of methylstenbolone, I would just always take it at a lower dosage. I do not recommend that anyone try to do this for themselves, remember that I was taking this before all of the information about how dangerous this stuff was had been made public. Now that I know all of the hidden dangers, I wouldn’t touch a supplement like this one with a ten-foot stick! I would advise anyone taking methylstenbolone to watch out for any signs that you are experiencing side effects. The most common one is going to be changes in the way that you feel, with most of those changes being mental ones. You could feel like your mood is swinging, in many different directions.

Physical symptoms will vary but there is one that you should take immediate care of. Namely, pain in your sides, of which can occur at any time. If you are feeling this pain, grab up water and drink up! I would usually take an old milk carton (washed out, of course) and fill it up with ice cold water, keeping it in the fridge. I would go through a full two-gallon size container of water in about two days. I know that if you don’t like water, there are ways that you can add some flavor into this drink. If you decide to add a sweetener or one of those flavor packet things, will be up to you and how you feel about additional chemicals in your drink.

I, myself, love using the flavor packets, as it is the only way I will ingest water, most of the time. I have always had a tough time with drinking all of the water, in one day, that is recommended to drink. As with any prohormones, the usual side effect suspects can occur with methylstenbolone, even though it was originally thought to be so much safer than anything else. Even though molecules were moved around to change the formation of this supplement from a known danger to a questionable safer choice, methylstenbolone is not very well-known today.

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