Disadvantages of Making Use of Robots in Our Lives

Robots are smart and have more capabilities at doing a lot of our daily chores. However, this should not be replaced by the essence that human beings bring to the workplace and in our general lives. Robots are machines that ought to be programmed to operate.

This means that they cannot solely operate without the presence of human beings. Just like computers or cars, they also need to be serviced and maintained to bring out good results. It is human beings that put in their skills and energy to service and maintain them.

3 Disadvantages of Making Use of Robots in Our Lives

Robots do have disadvantages that may end up bringing in disappointments in our lives and workplaces. This article will highlight three disadvantages of making use of robots in our lives.


Robots are machines and many machines require power which is majorly sourced from electricity. The source of power is a bill in itself let alone purchasing of the robot.

One of the disadvantages that come with making use of packaging robots in our lives is the requirement for power. This is because power is a bill that always needs to be paid. These electricity bills are charged according to one’s consumption.

For instance, most industries make use of robots in daily operations and hence power has to continually be used. This is as opposed to having an industry with human beings as their employees. These manual laborers would hardly need the power to produce the industry’s … Read More

Three areas where AI is succeeding in digital marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions that abound regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as a synthetic or fabricated consciousness developed by humans for use in space exploration and robotic automation. 

However, these are mostly generated by story plots from sci-fi books or movies which gave it a sinister reputation.

But in reality, AI is basically a system that helps perform tasks that usually require human intelligence such as diagnosing diseases, solving problems, and recognizing emotions.

Today, AI has a promising role in digital marketing and any SEO consultant Sydney would not give it a second thought about the concept of using the technology to benefit the marketing industry.

In marketing, AI has the capability to help improve the customer journey and even enhance the return on investment of marketing campaigns by streamlining the processes. 

Basically, this involves the use of machine learning, big data analytics, and several other processes to help gain insights regarding the target audience and market. These insights help create more effective customer touch points and create an opportunity for SEO services Sydney to provide better digital marketing strategies that deliver better campaign results.

AI in digital marketing

Another area that AI has shown much promise is in automating processes that were once wholly dependent on humans. Digital marketing has a lot to benefit from it, since it has already seen its capabilities in content generation, pay per click (PPC) ads, and web design. 

This has become one of the major selling points of any SEO consultant … Read More

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Gadgets According to Funds and Needs

1. Buy a qualified smartphone if you depend on the application!

You may now have a smartphone in your hand. But, you want to replace it with the latest smartphone because what you are now using is considered outdated or slow for mercy.
A tip from me is that you immediately buy a smartphone. It doesn’t need to be expensive like the Galaxy S5 or its class.
The smartphone is quite capable if you are a person who often uses many applications. You social media workers, bloggers, or travelers, choosing a smartphone can be your first need before you buy another gadget.
That means, for those of you who like to chat, love to make concise videos, like food photos, or people who often share, then the smartphone with the specifications is quite a must have.

2 Buy a Tablet If You Present Often!

You must do the priority to buy a tablet when the situation is indeed you often come out. You often present with clients. You are a marketing employee. Or whoever you are, you really need this device for various purposes.
For those of you who like to play games with a wider screen, of course the tablet is the choice. It’s just to keep in mind, the tablet is not very suitable for you who like to take pictures remembering generally tablets are rarely equipped with a capable camera.

3. Buy a Laptop If You Are Happy to Work Anywhere!

If you still have Smarpone which Read More

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