Buy Custom Standby Generators and Diesel Generators for Sale

Since we live in a world with pandemic shutdowns, outages, and other power issues that may cause severe discomfort, the best way to protect your appliances from surges is by finding a standby generator that will offer you peace of mind.

We recommend you check here to learn everything about standby generators you’re your household. Remember that a household standby is a perfect backup for your home, which will provide you with safety and self-reliance in case of man-made, natural events and power outage.

However, if you have never thought about getting a proper standby for your household, you should understand the relevant factors and info that will help you determine the best option available on the market.

Portable vs. Home Standby Generators

The biggest difference between a portable and a standby generator is straightforward. Portable counterparts are less efficient, meaning they cannot handle long-term outages. On the other hand, standby is hard-wired to your home, meaning it will turn on automatically in case of an outage.

You should understand the benefits of standby generators that you would get after purchasing:

  • Convenience – The best thing about them is that you will enjoy peace of mind, even when you are outside your household. Check out this guide: to learn how to connect a portable generator. Critical systems will fully restore power, such as the fridge, AC, water, or the entire household. It means you can continue with past actions without thinking about potential problems.
  • Safety – When using them, you can avoid messing with power cords and gasoline. As a result, you can prevent potential hazards such as CO poisoning, electrical shock, or fire.
  • Value – It is vital to remember that it is an investment that will pay for itself each time the power goes out. Therefore, you will boost the resale value of your household while you can enjoy the cleanest power, especially for sensitive electronics that can fail due to potential surges.

Tips for Choosing a Standby Generator

When choosing the best option, you should follow these tips to find the best one for your specific needs:

1.   Fuel Source

Generally, finding custom generators starts by determining the fuel type you wish to get. Therefore, you can choose diesel, liquid propane, or natural gas options, which are the most common.

Still, you should know that when getting a whole-house option, you will need more fuel than other options. Remember that both diesel and natural gas options require buying tanks that will allow you to run them without stopping.

In the same way, you can implement the correctly sized gas lines throughout the process. Before installation, you should find a contractor to determine the size you should get, which will help you throughout the process.

2.   Power Requirements

The next step is determining the power you need during an outage. It means you can purchase the whole system or just crucial appliances such as AC, refrigerators, and other specific things.

  • Power Ratings – It is vital to understand that home standby options come in the form of kilowatts, meaning you can measure the electrical power output. The easiest way to determine the home requirements is to determine whether you wish to power HVAC equipment during a blackout because this system comes with the most significant electricity requirement. During cold winter days and hot summer months, leaving your home without proper heating or cooling will not affect just comfort levels but the piping because they will be susceptible to bursting. Therefore, we recommend you back up the HVAC system.
  • Size – If you wish to learn everything about the generator you should get, the first thing to remember is to determine the AC unit BTU or tons. It means if you have a three-ton BTU AC unit, you will need at least an eleven kilowatts standby generator. You can find calculators available on the market, which will help you determine the demands of your appliances.

It is vital to enter here, which will help you understand everything about the different options you can find on the market.

3.   Transfer Switch

Similarly, as a light bulb requires a switching, it functions the same way. Still, you can take advantage of the automatic transfer switch feature, meaning it will automatically turn a few seconds after a power outage.

It will provide your home continuous utility power the moment it detects an outage. Therefore, the engine will automatically start, while it will energize your home’s panel by using a generator while disconnecting the power from the line.

Choosing the proper switch is essential for finding the generator for your needs because these two appliances are working together to restore power. If you wish to ensure that it will work for you, we recommend you check the amperage of the panel.

You can check it out by finding a main breaker in the panel. Another option is asking a contractor to provide you with the relevant information you can use for deciding the best option. In most cases, average-sized homes feature a two-hundred-amp main breaker, meaning the max power a household can consume at once is two hundred amps.