Don’t Underestimate the Use of Internal Laptop Fan Cooler

Maybe not many of you understand that using a laptop fan is very important, especially the internal laptop fan. When the laptop fan turns fast and starts beeping, this is a sign that the fan needs to be clean. But if it hasn’t improved yet, maybe you need to use an external fan or a laptop cooling fan which can make the laptop’s performance more optimal even though it doesn’t affect the engine temperature.

There are many factors that make a laptop need to use an external fan, such as a very large room temperature to the table material that does not absorb heat. Instead of having a problem with your laptop, it’s better to consider using this external laptop fan. Here are the benefits that you will get when using an external laptop fan.


When the internal laptop fan is damaged, the external fan can take over its position or at least support its performance

Continue to be frequent and continue to be used for a long time, laptop performance will experience a decrease. One part that could be vulnerable to damage is the internal fan. Usually, this failure is signaled by a laptop fan beeping loudly and the rotation is irregular. If this is the case, the laptop automatically needs a new cooler so it doesn’t overheat.

The easiest solution is to use an external fan. Even though its shape is less concise, at least using this fan can make the laptop’s temperature more normal even though its internal performance is experiencing a decrease.


Using Asus laptop fans or other brands can prevent the laptop from experiencing overheating

Using a laptop for a very long time can make it hot quickly until it overheats. Especially if the laptop is plac on a base that doesn’t quite fit, on a bed for example. Because the air circulation is stagnant, the laptop will experience an increase in temperature, the result is that its performance will decrease and become not optimal. For that, you need a laptop cooling fan so that the air circulation can return to normal and the laptop can work more optimally.


By using the best laptop fan, you will almost never encounter the problem of a slow or slow laptop

When a laptop experiences an increase in temperature, usually its performance will also slow down. As a result, the laptop cannot be use to open many applications at once. So, use an Acer laptop fan, a Lenovo laptop fan, or another good brand that can actually speed up your laptop’s performance. Make sure you choose a quality laptop fan so that the clock speed on the processor does not decrease and cause overheating.


Another use for an external laptop fan is to avoid the possibility of the laptop turning off suddenly

Usually if the internal laptop fan turns off, the laptop also often turns off suddenly. Now, instead of getting angry because work doesn’t end. It’s better to use an external fan to minimize this possibility. If you hit a terrible processor, lo! The service fee can be half of the price of the laptop itself, isn’t it a shame?


External fans can reduce the noise from inside the machine due to its internal destruction

When the laptop fan is loud, minimize the sound by using an external fan as a substitute for the damaged internal fan. While it’s not uncommon for an external fan to sound too. At least it’s more acceptable than a noisy Asus laptop fan. After all, nowadays there are also brands of external fans that don’t make any noise at all. But cost some getting use to.


An external laptop fan can also be used to make a more comfortable and comfortable mat

Try to check where is the ventilation hole of your laptop? If it turns out it’s at the bottom, that means you need a laptop fan. Especially if you often have your laptop on your lap. By using a laptop fan, you will no longer have to complain about the hot air near your legs, which are your laps. Even though the shape is not slim, at least this item can make you safer and free from complaints.


Thanks to its various designs and models, an external laptop fan can be used as a bonus accessory to make your laptop look beautiful

If in the past external laptop fans were always thick. Elongated and took up spacenow there are several laptop fan brands that offer compact designs so that they are easy to carry everywhere. Well, the new external fan model is being hunt by its users because it can make the appearance of the laptop beautiful. Not only for other important purposes.


By using an external fan, the life of the laptop will be longer

Before the laptop fan squeaks from the internal, it’s better to use an external fan as soon as possible. The reason is, when the internal fan starts to sound. It’s a sign that the laptop has overheat and the temperature must be quickly stabil again. Because if not, this very large temperature can interfere with the laptop processor. From here, it is indirectly tested that an external fan can extend the life of the laptop.