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Aimed for kids between 8 and 12, the service has just launched a smartphone with ThePhoneCloud baked in from the very beginning, which also lets mother and father filter apps, block access to sure websites and limit display screen time.

In Short Circuit: The Lifecycle of our Digital Gadgets and the True Cost to Earth – a 2013 report by The Gaia Foundation – we explore how our love affair with digital devices, and the industrial, revenue-driven agenda of the system that creates them, is stimulating unsustainable demand for metallic and mineral extraction and plundering the planet.

Ok so these aren’t electronics, however they’re actually cute and will come in useful for blowing off some steam when your electronics start pissing you off. With such a staggering number of electronics in our households, many of us are left with plenty of electronic waste once we`re completed with the gadgets.

In their newest 2018 models, not only have they make them smarter (with voice-assisted control), more discreet (with a close to-invisible cable) and extra vibrant ( due to the QLED technology), they have additionally included an ambient mode, which implies that when it’s switched off it might both blend into your surroundings or provide useful info like climate forecasts or headlines.