How To Safely Get a Mobile Phone Online

The days of dashing from store to store to look for a particular item, be it an electronic device, game, or clothing are long gone.

In this day and time, you could buy a whole set of home decor, just right at the comfort of your home.

However, with the advancement of e-commerce, many loops holes and malicious tactics have been identified by criminals and scammers.

Not all items are as good as they have been presented to be or they do not exist.

Let us take a look at a few tips and tricks you could take good advantage of while shopping for electronic devices such as smartphones.

App Download.

Be careful with the shopping apps you install on your devices.

Make sure you install the applications from trusted mobile applications vendors such as Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for Apple devices.

Take a good look at other people’s reviews and ratings on those shopping applications before you download them.

Chances are if someone was scammed or had an awful experience with the shopping app in question, then they would have already left a review or rating.

Be very keen on what shopping application you install before you use it.

Confirm the URL.

Before entering any personal details into a shopping website, always check the URL and confirm that its beginning starts with HTTPS.

Meaning there is an “s” in the HTTPS. This shows that the site uses a secure code in its operations.

This is often overlooked by mobile phone users due to their small screen, making them more prone to malicious activities online.

Websites that do not contain the s in HTTPS means that the site is not at all secured meaning the site might be hacked and any personal details including; passwords, credit card numbers, and usernames could be stolen and used in other illegal activities.

So make sure before entering your billing information on a shopping site, check the beginning of the URL.

Careful with links.

Make sure you confirm that every link you click on matches the address of the website the link claims to be from.

Some links can direct you to insecure sites that might trick you to do certain activities that might be illegal.

If the link claims to have a coupon offer that seems too good to be true, then be very cautious.

Use Secure Wi-Fi.

While shopping for mobile phones online, attempt to make purchases using a secure internet connection.

Public internet such as free wi-fi in coffee shops, malls, and even airports can sometimes be full of snoopers and interceptors who can steal your data over the internet.

So be sure to get access to a secure internet before making any purchases.

Check Mobile Phone Details.

While looking at the mobile phone description on a shopping site, be keen on the phone’s description.

Be keen on words such as “ used”, “look-alike”, “clone” or “recon”. If you see either of these words in the description, avoid that seller.

Make sure you review the ratings of the seller. Poor ratings and negative comments are a bad sign and most like;y means that the seller is more prone to deliver poor quality products.

Also, be on the lookout for suspicious 5-star ratings that have a similar posting date. They most probably might be a lie.

If the price of the mobile phone is too good to be true, the chances of it being a knock off are very high.

When you’re getting a new phone number it is also important to check the contact number to avoid getting ported numbers.

With that said, you should also be cautious not to buy scammed or overpriced phone numbers. I, therefore, suggest that you have a look at affordable Mobile contact numbers.

Check if the seller has a 1year warranty on the product but some other sellers can fake a warranty stamp.

Bonus Tips.

Take a screenshot of the mobile phone’s description before you place your order since untruthful sellers might change their description after you place your order.

Before you open your package, make sure to record the unpackaging as proof instead of taking pictures.


Online shopping, in general, is a very tedious process that you need to be keen on while taking part in it. Use already known shopping sites like amazon to avoid scammers and fake products.

Be sure to utilize all the tips we have covered above before buying your new cell phone.

If you are uncertain what online store to buy your new mobile phone, check out Electronic Shop reviews and read through people’s reviews, and determine which store is the most trusted.