Most Expensive Computers So Far

The commodities have been experiencing a change in prices from time to time. Especially electronic gadgets. The prices of computers have to be considered to know the most expensive computers among others.

By the time the first computers were made ready for purchase over 25 years ago, they were hefty machines that cost thousands of dollars. As time went on, computer manufacturing became more streamlined, technology improved, and purchasing a computer became much more affordable.

Make sure you read some to see electronic products brands reviews. During these days, you can buy a new laptop for less than €40 with all accessories functioning well. Similarly, there are still some types that cost a ton of money either because they contain high standard technology features.

You might have asked what is the most expensive computer system? Below are some of the most expensive computers.

1989 Macintosh Portable – $18,900

The laptops that started appearing in the 80s aren’t the sleek, speedy, and power-packed machines that they are today, but the 1989 Macintosh Portable was still novel for its time. It had a 16MHz Motorola CPU, 1 MB.

24k Gold MacBook Pro – $30,000

A MacBook Pro by itself is awesome, but this one has an exterior covered in 24-carat gold. To top off the extravagant piece made by Computer Choppers, a bespoke high-tech gadget company, the laptop also has an Apple logo encrusted with diamonds in multiple colors.

1975 IBM Portable Computer – $19,975

If you’re looking at the price and wondering what type of incredible technology existed back in the mid-70s to warrant such an expensive price tag, know that the 1975 IBM Portable Computer cost what it did because it was the first “mini computer”. It wasn’t as portable as notebooks are today.

1983 Apple Lisa – $9,995

Lisa is a 1983 relic from Apple that was significant at the time, and not simply because it was named after Steve Jobs’s daughter. It was the first PC with a mouse that was meant to be marketed to the masses, and as far as old-school computers went it was super user-friendly. It had a 12-inch monochrome display, 1 MB of RAM, 5MHz Motorola CPU, and buyers had the option to get a 5 MB external hard drive.

1979 Cromemco System Three -can $12,495

One of the key innovators in the computer world during the 70s and 80s was Cromemco, which was founded by two doctoral students at Stanford. They not only made strides in developing peripherals and graphic cards but cameras and joysticks as well. The Cromemco System Three was released in 1979 and was a multi-user computer with one to six terminals and a printer attached to its central chassis.

Otazu Ego Diamond – $350,000

Ego is the most expensive laptop to date, is shaped like a designer handbag, available in many luxe finishes, and starts at $5,000. If you want to get super fancy, go for the top-of-the-line Otazu Ego Diamond, which contains 470 diamonds and Otazu motifs.

Yoyotech XDNA Aurum 24K – $13,000

 matter what gaming systems come out purporting to be the latest and the greatest, PC gaming is still widely popular. 3D games have changed the way that computer manufacturers develop their products, and in 2013 Yoyotech unveiled a PC capable of playing any 3D game at 4K: the DNA Aurum 24K. For the price, you get a system with amazing graphic capabilities, and it also has a sophisticated cooling system to keep everything running smoothly. This PC was meant for serious gamers willing to shell out thirteen grand rather than casual players.

There are still numerous models but few to mention. To purchase a high functioning computer this time you need to spend more. Check out the most expensive laptops in the world.